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  Hints and Tips for: Gunship 
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 Gunship Cheats


Terrain-masking and proper use of all available cover are 
critical to success in this game. Never fly higher than 
100 feet and be prepared to dive behind trees or buildings 
at a moment's notice. Exposure equals death here, so never 
let them see you coming. 

One handy way to stop quickly and drop behind cover is to 
jump immediately into the gunner's seat (F2 key) and press 
the H key (hover) and Minus key (lose altitude) in rapid 
succession. You'll find that the AI pilot can usually pull 
up and stop much more quickly than you can. 

If you find yourself getting blown to bits on a regular 
basis, you should turn on "invulnerability" through the 
Preferences menu and then run a few test missions to perfect 
your terrain-masking skills. 

When using your cannon against enemy infantry, switch off 
the TADS (Target Acquisition and Designation System) and use 
your Mark I eyeball instead. The computer always shoots low 
and will miss almost every time. If you're in the gunner's 
seat you should unlock the target (with the L key or joystick 
button 4) and shoot freehand. 

To keep your pilots alive forever make a copy of the
ROSTER.FIL file before going on a dangerous mission. If you
get killed you can copy the file back and your pilot is
resurrected as though he had never flown the fatal mission.
For example to copy the file type change to the Gunship
directory and type:


To resurrect a pilot change to the Gunship directory and
then type:


Make sure you copy the ROSTER.FIL file every time you
successfully complete a mission.

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