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  Hints and Tips for: H1Z1 
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 H1Z1 Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Chat commands:
Enter one of the following commands into the chat window. 

Effect                                          Code
Set away from keyboard status                 - /afk
List friend functions                         - /friend
Display coordinates of your current position  - /loc
Suicide                                       - /respawn
Send squad invitation                         - /squad invite [name]
Accept squad invitation                       - /squad accept

Tips and Tricks:
Written by Bxnes

Here are some simple to understand tips on progressing your skill in H1Z1!

1.Go to points of interest (POI) where lots of players drop.
This tip is essential to progressing. This simply forces you to be in more 
player populated areas so that it will help you in high-stress combat 
situations and general combat.

2.Don't hide from your enemy!
Hiding from your enemy will simply give your opponent an opportunity to 
get closer to you and possible use close quarter weapons on you. 
If you need to heal, simply duck behind your car and use a first-aid or b
andage then get back to fighting!

3.Aim to pop their helmet.
Why should you aim to pop their helmet off? Well, this basically gives you 
the advantage when in combat as your opponent is more vulnerable to a 
one-tap from your gun. Typically, you should try to pop the helmet off with 
the AR-15 but guns like the AK-47 work fine too.

4.Keep extra helmets.
Now, this is something I wish I knew when I first played H1Z1. 
It's so annoying having your helmet popped off then not have a spare one 
near. Make sure you have atleast 2 spare helmets in your inventory to keep 
with you in-case the one you have on is popped off.

5.Sort your inventory quickly!
Whether it be putting a helmet on, grabbing items or sorting your inventory 
to a recently killed opponent, YOU MUST BE QUICK! Spending to long in the 
open can leave you vulnerable to enemy fire.

6.Take your keys from the vehicle.
I didn't know this when first playing KOTK. To do this, simply press tab 
and on the right you should see the keys to the vehicle you're driving. 
However, this doesn't work with Quads. This will stop anyone from trying 
to steal your car while you're looting a place.

7.Aim for cars when dropping down.
This will save the time of running around a town trying to find a vehicle 
and getting stuck in the gas for the rest of the game. Typically, you want
to aim for a police car or Offroader but any other you can see that's 
close, GO FOR IT.

8.Shred clothes you find, salvage helmets and grab tape!
ALWAYS keep tape and other crafting materials in your inventory as you'll 
be able to make bandages and even make shift armour. Make sure you have 
makeshift armour if you don't have a laminated vest.

-=Last Tip=-
Practice your combat and aiming skills in 'Combat Practice'.

This helped me a lot with my aim and keeping my cool in high stress combat. 
Just try improve your aim each time you play combat practice and you'll 
see yourself slowly start to progress!

How to Auto Royale:
Written by Mister 1553

Want to know how to play Auto Royale? you have come to the right guide!

Welcome to Auto Royale, arguabily the best gamemode for H1Z1. Your reading 
this guide, so read it to the finish to learn all their is to know for you 
to be a pro in Auto Royale.

-=Driver Basics=-
Ok you are the driver, so you need to know basic commands and such. 

* Use Control + G to request seat switch (CTRL + G). 
* Use Shift + Click to split grab items. 
* Use Control + Click to grab items 1 at a time (CTRL + Click). 
* Use Control - U to flip car if flipped (CTRL + U) 
* Think about your passengers and their ability to fight, positioning, etc. 
* Never. Ever. Stop.

Aside from those very basic things there are some things that everybody forgets:

* Press tab to access trunk. 
* Press space for hand break.

Press space to hand break and let go of gas to sharp turn, or hold gas for 
less tight turns. (Drifting) 

Grab abilities from the trunk and use them (Repair, Boost, Jump, etc). 
But do not hog the items!

Grab a portion of items that are non driver only to allow your teammates to help.

But there are items that are driver only, which you can hog. The driver only 
items are boost and jump, so everything else can be used by all members of the 

* Use items.
* Share items unless they are driver only.
* Dont stop moving.

-=Driver Technique=-
Now these are advanced Driver tips, which can come in handy. Here are some 
techniques for the mode I have picked up, let me know If their are any more.

To be a good driver you need to avoid traps and gunfire, these techniques will 
help with that. But before we start you must remember: 
never follow cars directly behind them!

-=Manuveres while chasing=-
Following right / left side (alternating) 
Follow from a moderate distance and rotate left and right to avoid traps such as mines, 
nades, and gas. 

-=Boosting up and ramming=-
Good to finish other cars but beware as they can drop a trap and kill you so make sure 
you ram the side so traps don't fall on your vehicle. Also note ramming does little 
damage, but allows your team to incapacitate the enemy people or finish their car. 

-=Sniping from long distace=-
Only for pros, follow far behind and snipe with ar-15's for best accuracy and success 
with little resistance or risk to car. 

-=Manuveres while being chasing=-
Circling Enemy car 

For this move you are going to have to start drifting around the enemy car, and almost 
always the enemy car will enter a circular motion following you, allowing you to form a 
circle, or circle out and chase them instead. very powerful but hard.

-=Sudden breaking and turn=-
If you do this correctly you can turn the tide and start chasing the car that was chasing 
you if you drift fast and follow hard

-=Boosting away=-
Only good if enemy aim is ??? and you are low health, to med up to keep fighting.

-=Passenger Basics=-
You are a passenger, so your role is simpler than driver, but there are a few key 
commands and things to do.

* Use Control + G to request seat switch (CTRL + G). 
* Use Shift + Click to split grab items. 
* Use Control + Click to grab items 1 at a time (CTRL + Click). 
* Stop using smg asap, with the best loadout being ar-15 for medium - long range, shotgun 
  for close, and ak for close - medium range. 

Grab abilities from the trunk and use them (Repair, Ammo, Weapons, Armour, Car abilities, 
etc). But do not hog the items!

Remember to equip items and reload weapons.

* Use / take items. 
* Share items with other passengers (split). 
* Dont stop shooting when there are available targets. 
* Reload weapons. 
* Get AK / AR-15 / Shotgun loadout. 

-=Passenger Techniques=-
There is pretty much no techniques for passengers but just good general tips.

* Aim at targets.
* Shoot targets.
* Use rifle at medium / long range, use shotgun at close, stop using smg asap.

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