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  Hints and Tips for: Half-Life - Counter-Strike - Condition Zero 
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 Half-Life - Counter-Strike - Condition Zero Cheats

Half-Life - Counter-Strike - Condition Zero

Cheat Codes:
Update by: Wayne Ho 
Submitted by: pedro

During gameplay, press ~ to drop the console menu. Type "sv_cheats 1"
and restart. Then enter the following cheats in the console:

Result                       Code
God Mode                    - god
Fly Mode                    - fly
No Clipping                 - noclip
Invisible to Enemies        - notarget
Get Weapons                 - impulse 101
Spawn Item                  - give
Map List                    - maps *
Kill Bots                   - bot_kill
Restart Map                 - restart
Change Map                  - changelevel
Restart Round               - sv_restartround 1
Complete all mission        - mition
Deleted scenes missions     - cl_levellocks 16382 	
Freeze all bots             - bot_stop 1 	
List available codes        - sv_ 	
Set gravity value           - sv_gravity [number]
Set starting money          - mp_startmoney [0-16000]
Spawn indicated item        - give [name]
15 health                   - give item_armor 1
15 health                   - give item_healthkit 1
Full ammo for all weapons   - give ammo_generic
Kill all bots               - bot_kill
Toggle blood thickening     - gl_spriteblend [0-1]
Unlimited spraying          - decalfrequency 0
Bullets pass through walls  - sv_clienttrace [number]
Toggle auto-team balance    - mp_autoteambalance [0 or 1]
Toggle right-handed player  - cl_righthand [0 or 1]
Refresh time on the console - timerefresh 

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Vikalp Gupta

1st of all type /"sv_cheats 1/"

If u r the server of the game u can remove people from the game. Press the
TAB key to bring up the console. Then type \"KICK\" then the name of the 
person, then \"OFF\" and press enter. e.g. /"kick tex/"

/"changelevel (levelname)/"

Find level name on custom cs.

sv_gravity (-999 to 999999) - change gravity
e.g. /"sv_gravity 900000/"

cl_forwardspeed 999 - go forward faster
cl_backspeed 999    - go back faster 
cl_sidespeed 999    - Sidesteps are faster

Select or hold the smoke grenade. Find another player (Preferably a team
mate or if you are courageous enough you can target an opponent) Position
yourself so that when he runs you are at the opposite direction running 
towards him. When the two of you collide, you will stop moving. At that 
precise moment throw the smoke grenade against him(between his face and 
torso)if you did it right the smoke grenade won\'t bounce off as usual, 
instead it will stick to him like glue. The target won\'t be able to move
for some time until the smoke grenade loses its function and disappears. 
If you experienced being stuck by this trick try jumping continuously and
shoot the smoke grenade by your gun or keep slashing it with your knife 
to set yourself free.

Select or hold the flash bang then go to a corner wall. Push or walk against
that corner until u can\'t go further then throw the Flash bang grenade. 
The Flash bang grenade won\'t bounce off, instead, the wall would magically
absorb the grenade. As the Flash bang explodes, the blindling light would 
affect anyone within 20-30 meters as if blinded point blank from the flash
bang explosion. No need to throw at doors or openings!

When on the map cs_assault when you are a terrorists lob loads of greandes
in the vent and some ct will either be scared off or they will be killed 
by your greandes.

Auto-reload enabled                   - +reload 
Auto-reload disabled                  - -reload 
Change crosshair color                - adjust crosshair 
Reveal how much time left on the map  - timeleft 
Disable the crosshair to enlarge when 
shooting                              - crosshair [1-5] 
Set maximum length in minutes a round 
can last, default is 5 [Note]         - mp_roundtime [3-15] 
Toggle friendly fire [Note]           - mp_friendlyfire [0 or 1] 
Toggle footsteps, default is 1 [Note] - mp_footsteps [0 or 1] 
Level select                          - changelevel [map name] 

Type bind backspace "impulse 102" at the console 
window, then press repeatedly press [Backspace] 
key and bones, tissue, and blood will scatter all 
over the place. 

Access the console by pressing ` and then enter the following:

bot_kill - Kills all bots allowing you to win if the bomb is not planted 
restart  - to restart the map without losing any goals 

All Condition Zero: Deleted Scenes: 
Bring down the console by pressing ` and enter "cl_levellocks 16382" 

Unpatriotic Suicide:
In the Deleted Scenes level, "Alamo" shoot the U.S. flag that is on top 
of the emabassy and you will automatically die. 

Submitted by: GLUK

hit (~) in game and tipe cheats:
god - godmode
fly - flymode
noclip - 
impulse 101 - AK47
in (RUN) tipe ("C:\Games\Condition Zero\czero.exe" -toggleconsole)

Submitted by: Aabhas

This was the best cheat I could find, it works when you are playing alone or 
on lan.When we use this cheat all the computer operated players gel at their 
places whether it is your theam or the other team, only you and the hostages 
can roam about freely,i.e.,the people who are not the bots.
During gameplay, press ~ to drop the console menu. 
type bot_stop 1 and play as usual.
So, Enjoy the game.

Submitted by: Amit Kumar

This cheat best works when u are a sever and had died ie in observer mode.

Open up the console by pressing ~ key and write:
bind p "sv_gravity 100"
and then
bind v "sv_gravity 10000"

Now press 'p' to set gravity to 100 this cause all persons to jump very high. when 
they are in mid air press 'v' causing gravity to increase very much. so the people 
in mid air will have a crash.

be careful to not let ur own persons be caught in this act.

Player Custom Configuration:
Submitted by: Vikalp Gupta
1. Go to the MSDos prompt.
2. Type Edit then enter.
3. At the Edit program, make a new file.
4. Name the file with any name you like just make sure the 
   extension should be .cfg ( ex. MyConfig.cfg )
5. Now type any cheat you like:

Here is an example:
cl_backspeed 9999
cl_forwardspeed 9999
cl_sidespeed 9999
cl_yawspeed 9999
cl_pitchspeed 9999
sensitivity 5
crosshair 0
bind h con_color "000 000 00"
name Cheater
bind t "kill"

6. Then after you've finished typing, save the file at the 
   C:\sierra\counterstrike\cstrike folder.(where ever it is 
7. During play, enter console by pressing '
8. At the console type "exec MyConfig.cfg"
9. Then leave console and play.

All settings and binds will be executed in short time. No long 
boring typing of binds and cheats at the console.

noclip 0
[client player] if turned on, players can walk through walls - 
* 1 is 'on', 0 is 'off', and 'sv_cheats' must be set to 1

notarget 0 
[client player] makes players ignore you - * 'sv_cheats' must 
be set to 1

While playing counter-strike, press " ` " to enter console. 
For quick buy of a Mp5Navy, Primary ammo, secondary ammo, 
kevlar vest & helmet. Type the following:

Bind h "buy; menuselect 3; menuselect 1; buy; menuselect 6; 
menselect 8; menuselect 2;"

To quick buy other primary weapons just replace menuselect 3 
and menuselect 1 with the following:

Ak-47    = menuselect 4; menuselect 1;
Commando = menuselect 4; menuselect 2;
SteyrAug = menuselect 4; menuselect 4;
Carbine  = menuselect 4; menuselect 3;
Scout    = menuselect 4; menuselect 5;
Arctic   = menuselect 4; menuselect 6;

After binding the desired key, during gameplay at the 
beggining of the round press the binded key to instantly buy 
all items and make sure you cancel the buying mode after all 
the items are bought.

With this cheat you can position yourself ahead of the others 
in the game !

Tired of waiting for other players to finish themselves off? 
Here's a cheat that would really piss most of your enemies and 
loved by your team mates.

If you are a Terrorist use this:
1. Enter console by typing '
2. At console, type this: bind h "chooseteam; menuselect 6; 
menuselect 1; menuselect 5;"

If you are a Counter-terrorist, change 1 with 2.

3. Then press enter.
4. Leave console.
5. Resume Game.
6. If you get fragged wait for approximately 5 seconds before 
   you press the binded key. Or wait until your observer 
   crosshair appears.

Wallaah!!! Your alive again! But no money at hand.

The badside is... your frags will be reset to ZERO! Who cares 
you should be laughing at the person who earlier fragged you! 
Revenge !

Temporary SAS appearance as terrorist
Type bind "setinfo model sas" (for terrorist only). Your whole 
body will change into UK SAS suit. Keep pressing the key that 
was bound to that command.

Submitted by: niranjan
reload your weapon say cv47 & find a similar weapon throw your weapon & pick up the 
similar weapon throw it quickly & pick your earlier weapon u will find it is reloded

Submitted by: harshad bhatia

how to get rebirth when u die 
just type
bind l "chooseteam;menuselect 6;menuselct 2;menuselect 1;"
if u are a counter-terrorist if u are a terrorist replace 2 by 1
then after u die just after 2 or three seconds press l then zero(0) then five(5)
u get a rebirth and full money.enjoyyyyyy

Item names:
Submitted by: Arpit Singh

Use one of the following values with the "give [name]" code to spawn the 
indicated item:


Submitted by: Barada+++- - -Hotter

In the stage iceworld you can kill the opponent with a headshot 
remaining in the other side of the walls 
You have to do the following
when you have finished killing the opponent stand still catching 
a magnum and when you get birth just zoom it 2 times as quickly 
as possible and click the mouse if your opponent is in the same 
side you will see that he will get a headshot

Get Counter-Terrorist or Terrorist weapons:
If you do not have enough money to buy a good weapon, get some Kevlar and buy a pistol. 
Then, either kill a Counter Terrorist or Terrorist and pick up their primary weapon; 
scavenge one from their dead bodies; or just take it from one of your teammates when 
they die in a fire fight.

Secret War: D3/AU Semi Auto Sniper: 
To get the D3/AU semi auto sniper rifle in the Secret War mission, go inside after 
Uri blows the door. Wait until the commander asks you to go to the bunker room and 
turn on the generators for the building. Once he says that, go outside then instead 
of going to the bunker, go to the left when you leave. Go up the ramp and look around 
at the top of it for the sniper. Note: It is behind some of the boxes up there.

Submitted by: karthik ramakrishnan.

You may have to type "sv_cheats 1" in console first and tipe restart
and hit enter. The following commands are available in console:

god         - invincibility
Impluse 101 - Give D-Eagle, AVP, AK-47 and MP5..
Noclip      - No clip mode
fly         - fly mode

Access the console by pressing [`] and then enter the following:
bot_kill - kills all bots allowing you to win if the bomb is not planted
restart - to restart the map without losing any goals

All Condition Zero: Deleted Scenes
Bring down the console by pressing [`] and enter "cl_levellocks 16382"

Unpatriotic Suicide:
In the Deleted Scenes level, "Alamo" shoot the U.S. flag that is on
top of the emabassy and you will automatically die.

Submitted by: Harshal.J

go to console and type bot_stop 1
enemy can't move 

I have tried for condition zero (ultimate edition) enjoy!!!!

Creepy Bodies:
When your in the 2nd level in the Deleted Scenes Mode, "The Lost Cause" which is 
from the Philippines and when you go to the World Map You will see that the Shape
of the Philippines is not the same is wrong because that is where I live, on to 
the hint, when you are in the 3rd hut (or in tagalog Kubo), there will be an 
explosion when your up the 2nd floor, when you go down there is a hole below 
the crate and when you go in the hole you will see Bodies that are without sex

Unpatriotic Suicide:
In the Deleted Scenes level, ''Alamo,'' shoot the U.S. flag that is on top of
the emabassy and you will automatically die.

Unlimited LAWs:
When using a single use LAW, when you fire it quickly press Q to switch to your previous
weapon before see yourself drop it. When you switch back, it will say that you have 0 
ammunition remaining, but you will see yourself load it. After loading it you will be 
able to shoot it as if you had ammunition. Continue doing this for as many uses of a 
so called "Single - Use" LAW.

Submitted by: JANAK

First press ` button to open console in console type this cheats:-
1)bot_difficulty -999 (your game will become easier)
2)bot_defers_human 999 (bots will ignore you)
3)sv_aim 999 
4)bot_kill (all the bots in the game will die)

for this cheat you have to type "sv_cheat 0" without ""
5)impulse 101 (it will give you $16000)

Submitted by: Sushant
Email :

During the gameplay, hit the console key and type "give weapon_laws". 
You will get LAW(RPG). Also type "give weapon_m60". You will get M60. 
Any, queries, contact my email.

Submitted by: Vaibhav dohare

In hard missions level Militia,there is a challenge.'kill a flash bang blinded enemy 
and survive the round' To complete that challenge you should throw one flashbang in 
the frontdoor and kill enemy.if not successful throw another one in the kitchen and 
kill the enemy.this may prove successful.After doing that press ~ and type 
need to put fullstop.this will kill everybody who are alive except you.

Submitted by: Vaibhav dohare

First type ~ to drop console menu.then type bot_knives_only by this cheatcode enemies 
and your teamates can use knfe only except you.You can use any rifle or any weapon.

Counter Strike: Condition Zero Deleted Scenes:
Submitted by: xsErGiToX

Here i will put the name of all items:(including equipment,health,armor and ammo)

item_armor 1

With the laws rocket launcher is only a single use weapon but, whn u shoot it if you 
quickly press q to change to the last weapon quickly as you can you will be able to shoot 
it again (in the ammo gap will be 0 but you can shoot it, dont worry about it) ENJOY!

Best way to use Smoke grenade:
Submitted by: Priyam Mishra

Heya guyz.
For this cheat buy a smoke grenade with your guns etc.
GO to the place where your enemie spawn (CT spawn/T spawn) come from.
go fast and throw the smoke grenade just in front of you under 2Meters.
wait for sometimes you will see that your enemie spawn (CT spawn/T spawn).
without looking at you.BUT you can see them easily fire at them use silencers
or snipers they will only shoot at you when they would touch you or think that they have 
an obstacle in there way 
Try this.
Practise because practise makes a man person
All the best.

Kick And Ban:
Submitted by: Soban

If you are playing counter strike on lan and you have created the server then you can kick 
a player by typing "users" in the console,after this you will see a list of player in the 
console along with some numbers in front of their nick names so if you want to kick any one 
just copy the number in front of his/her name and type "kick #"in the console and paste 
the number without any spaces for example "kick #23" this method is easier than others and 
you can rapidly kick many players.

If you are playing counter strike on lan and you have created the server and any one is 
playing with cheat then you can ban him. After you ban some one he\her will not be able to 
see your server's name in "Find Server" option for the number of minutes you specified. 
For banning some one type "status" in the console,after this you will see the nick names of 
players along with their ip addresses in front of their names,then type 
"addip[space]minutes[space]ip address" you can use 0[zero] for a permanent ban. I hope 
these things will help you very much.

Jail in Downed Pilot:
When you woke up at the jail, broke a wall on your right to get a knife. then keep firing 
at the door until the guard open it. After he open it, stab him with your knife and kill 
the other guard, and pickup a bag of weapon on your left. 

Hiding in Building Recon:
This level requires patience and time. So find a place that you will not get caught by
the guards and use the spy thing to look around and if they gone quickly run to the other
side. Hanging around too long in your secret place will attract their attention.

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