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  Hints and Tips for: Half-Life 2 
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 Half-Life 2 Cheats

Half-Life 2

Cheat Codes:
Update by: angel_pt2003
Submitted by: conner54

Update by by Anthony

To enable the console add -console to your launch options in properties in steam play
In gameplay press the ` button (under the esc button) to bring up the console
To enable the cheats first you must enter sv_cheats 1 into the console
Enter these codes into the console in get desired effect:

Code                              Result
god                             - God mode (server side only)
give                            - Gives a weapon or an item (see the list below)
buddha                          - Reduces your health
hurtme #                        - Hurts the player (# is damage amount)
impulse 101                     - All weapons
impulse 82                      - Spawns a jeep
notarget                        - Player becomes hidden to NPCs
noclip                          - Walk through walls (server side only)
maps                            - Displays map list
map                             - Load a specified map (see the list below)
developer #                     - Sets developer mode to on/off/verbose 
                                  (0-off, 1-on, 2-verbose)
+mlook                          - Enables mouse look
hud_quickhelp/text? 1           - Shows crosshair
viewmodel_fov #                 - Sets the size of the weapon you're carrying 
                                  (54 is default)
exec                            - Execute a script file
cl_drawhud 1                    - Turns hud display on
cl_enablehud 1                  - Turns hud display on
cl_showfps 1                    - Shows frames per second in game
npc_create                      - Creates an NPC
                                  (works in worlds that have an NPC entity)
npc_create_aimed                - Creates an NPC aiming away from the player.
picker                          - Toggles 'picker' mode.
setpos                          - Move player to specified origin
                                  (must have sv_cheats 1 enabled).
setang                          - Snap player eyes to specified pitch yaw 
                                  (musthave sv_cheats).
sv_gravity #                    - Set gravity to #
sv_stopspeed #                  - Set minimum stopping speed when on ground to #
sv_friction #                   - Sets world friction to #
sv_bounce #                     - Sets bounce multiplier for physically simulated 
                                  objects collision.
sv_maxvelocity #                - Sets the maximum velocity of any moving object to #
sv_waterdist #                  - Sets vertical view fixup when eyes are near water 
                                  plane to #
air_density #                   - Changes the density of air to #
dsp_explosion_effect_duration # - Sets length of confusion/ear-ringing effect to #
prop_debug                      - Toggle bounding-boxes debug mode on/off 
                                  (red - ignore damage, white - respond to damage, 
                                  green - health)
sv_soundemitter_filecheck       - Toggle reporting missing .wav files for sounds
mat_numtextureunits #           - Limits the number of texture units to # 
                                  (0 - let the game decide 
                                  how many texture units to use)

Map Names:
d1_canals_01, d1_canals_02, d1_canals_end, d1_tempanals_02, d1_town_01, 
d1_town_02, d1_town_03, d1_town_04, d1_town_05, d1_trainstation_01, 
d1_trainstation_02, d1_trainstation_03, d1_trainstation_05, d1_under_01, 
d1_under_02, d1_under_03, d1_under_04, d2_coast_01, d2_coast_02, d2_coast_03, 
d2_coast_04, d2_coast_04_dx60, d2_coast_05, d2_coast_06, d2_coast_07, 
d2_coast_08, d2_prison_01, d2_prison_02, d2_prison_03, d2_prison_04, 
d2_prison_05, d3_c17_03, d3_c17_04, d3_c17_05, d3_c17_06a, d3_c17_06b, d3_c17_07

Weapon Names:
weapon_alyxgun, weapon_ar1, weapon_ar2, weapon_bugbait, weapon_cguard, 
weapon_crowbar, weapon_extinguisher, weapon_flaregun, weapon_frag, 
weapon_gauss, weapon_hopwire, weapon_iceaxe, weapon_physcannon, 
weapon_physgun, weapon_pistol, weapon_rpg, weapon_shotgun, weapon_smg1, 
weapon_smg2, weapon_stickylauncher, weapon_stunstick, weapon_thumper, 
weapon_sniperrifle, weapon_rollerwand, weapon_molotov, weapon_manhack, 
weapon_immolator, weapon_irifle, weapon_slam, weapon_hmg1, weapon_cubemap, 
weapon_binoculars, weapon_ml, weapon_brickbat

Item names:
item_box_buckshot, item_box_mrounds, item_box_sniper_rounds, 
item_box_srounds, item_healthkit, item_battery, item_suit, 
item_ml_grenade, item_ar2_grenade, item_healthvial 

More Cheats
Command-line parameters
Here's the list of other command-line parameters. 
Note that you can use any of the codes listed above as command-line parameter. 
just put " -" in front of it:

-r_anamorphic 0
-netgraph 3
-width 1024 -height 768
-heapsize 80000
-dxlevel 90
-shaderdll shader_nvfx_ps20.dll

Crazy Vortigaunt:
Submitted by: The_Big_V

Go to the console and type "map d1_eli_01" (no quotes. After it loads, find 
your way into the airlock, wait until the scanning finishes and exit it. 
There will be a door on the left. Let Dr. Mossman open it. Enter it and you 
will see a fence in front of you and beyound it a blue pick-up. Enable noclip 
and pass through the fence. Yo will se two characters. A man in blue with no 
eyes and a vortigaunt. Approach the vortigaunt and interact him (default "e") 
and listen to everything he has to say. You will realise that he is crazy.

How to spawn NPCs:
Submitted by: Ross

Accessthe console, type in "npc_create npc_[name]" and replace the [name] 
with one of these:

Cheat Effect
headcrab poison
headcrab black
headcrab fast
combine s
zombie torso

Destroying the hunter chopper:
Before reaching Eli's lab in the hydro plant, you must have to get past the hunter 
chopper that has been following you during most of the "Water Hazard" sequences. 
When you reach two large rocks with a branch lying over them, stop. You will see 
the chopper on its landing pad in the distance. Get out of the airboat, enable the 
impulse 101 code and take out the rocket launcher. Aim the laser pointer at the 
chopper and fire all the rockets at it. Keep the laser dot on the chopper; the 
missiles follow the laser. Repeat this six times. When the chopper has taken eighteen 
hits, get back into the airboat and go towards the chopper. It will take off, burning 
and critically damaged. One burst from the airboat gun will destroy it.

Faster reloads:
To reload faster with the shotgun, .357 magnum, or any other weapon with a slow reload 
time, tap Q (change to last weapon out) twice quickly. You should then have a full clip. 
Note: You must fire with your other weapon. You can then fire and reload at the same 

Lamar passes through crates:
When Barney turns on the lights to the room that your Hazard Suit is in at Dr. Kliener's 
lab, he finds Lamar (Dr. Kliener's pet Head Crab). She (Lamar) attacks Barney. Barney 
then throws her onto the floor and she slams into some crates. Notice that she passes 
through them. 

Fly very high:
At the train station level, go up on to the platform on the right side where the blue 
force field is located. When you come up to where the trains are, you can jump onto 
the train. Once on top of the train, wait for a train to come by. When it does, jump 
on to it, but make sure that you just barely make it. Once this is done, quickly turn 
backwards and press [Jump]. You will fly extremely high and can see the entire city 
from your height. Note: It is highly recommend that you enable the god code to avoid 
dying from the fall. Also try killing the combine soldiers while up in the air.

In the Chapter Anti-Citizen, Freman can reach the rooftop of the building blocked by 
some rocks on its stairs. After D.O.G. hops onto the dropship, crouch jump onto the 
sofa and Freman can jump past the rocks. Bring a box or similar object to act as a 
platform. It is barely possible to reach the roof of the building -- there's nothing
there, but it's a little hidden area.

Portal Gun Hack:
This process modifies your game files, so make back-ups of the proper files and 
directories before attempting this hack. You need both Portal and Half-life 2 for 
starters. Install or re-install both games now. 

Back up your Portal directory. Unless you changed the install path, the directory is 
in ...\Steam\steamapps\(your_username)\portal. If you make a mistake during this hack,
you may need to re-download Portal through Steam (or at worse, Half-life 2 through 

Download and install GCFScape if you do not have it already. This program allows you 
to access the cached game files for games using the Source engine. 

Head into the directory ...\Steam\steamapps\ for all the available GCF archives 
available. Open the file half-life 2 content.gcf via GCFScape. Click the hl2 folder
on the left pane of the GCFScape Explorer window. Right mouse click maps and select
the command Extract to place all the contents of the maps folder into the directory
...\Steam\steamapps\the_great_bundini\portal\portal. This merges Half-life 2 maps 
with the Portal map folder. 

Repeat the above step with the scenes folder via GCFScape. 

Boot up Steam to run Portal. Drop the developer console with ‘~’ (you may need to 
enable it under your keyboard options or enable it via the -console command switch
on the executable's shortcut). 

On the developer console, type maps * to list all the available maps; this should 
inclde the Half-life 2 maps imported from the previous steps. Type map and then the
name of that map (i.e., map d1_canals_01). 

Once the map is loaded and you can play, drop the console and enable the cheats for
Portal by entering sv_cheats 1. Give yourself all weapons (including the Portal Gun)
by entering impulse 101. You may need to input upgrade_portalgun to enable you to 
fire both portals. 

Enjoy the havoc. Note that this hack also works with Episode 1 and Episode 2. You 
will notice that while NPCs from Half-life cannot pass through portals, all other 
inert objects (including yourself) and weapons fire will pass through with no 

Defend yourself:
Take something like a barrel, chair, or another object with the Zero-Point Energy
gun. Enemies cannot hurt you when they are shooting you. For better results, crouch
when you are defending yourself.

Bonus sequence:
After the credits, wait to see the headcrab, Lamar, being pursued by the scientist.
Then, watch him pounce on your head. After you complete the game, watch the credits.
Note: They cannot be skipped. When you reach the end of the credits, you will see 
Lamar jump onscreen. You will then hear Dr. Kliener say, "Lamar? Blast that little 
Where did she get to?" This is the same thing that he says when you first see him 
looking for her. Lamar will then lash out at you and supposedly "couple with your 

Lambda sign:
A good way to find extra health and ammo is to be on the look out for the Lambda
spraypaint symbol as it will quite often to lead you to small hidden areas where
you can restock.

Hidden items:
After climbing over the white cars and going through the window, you will go in to
a room that has two windows and a zombie in it. When you climb out the window, you
 will see the old man with a shotgun in a window. Proceed to your left on to a 
concrete ledge. You will see a flammable barrel behind a grate. Shoot at it and the
grate will blow out. Hidden back behind the grate is health and ammunition.

Crazy lab:
The "all-knowing-Vortiguant" can be found in another location. Enable the "map d1_eli_01"
code. After the map loads, find your way inside the airlock. After the scanning sequence 
finishes, you should see the right doors opening. Directly in front of you will be a fence,
and beyond it a blue pick-up. Ignore Dr. Mossman, who is talking to you, and enable the 
"noclip" code. Go through the truck and you will see a man in a blue shirt with no eyes.
Ignore him and go down the ramp down. On the left side of the large space will be a 
Vortigaunt. Disable the "noclip" code and talk to him as many times as you can to see 
that he is crazy.

Alyx's Picture:
This is a simple egg, but is quite humorous. In the mission "red letter day" when you 
reach Dr. Kliener's lab, go to the wall on the right with all the papers and schematics,
and if you inspect it closly, you should see a little crudely drawn picture of Dr. 
Kliener, with the words "Uncle Kliener" on the top.

We Don't Go To Ravenholm: Funny legs:
When you begin the Ravenholm sequence, kill all the zombies but try to leave the
explosive barrels intact. When that is done, do not go into the buildings but instead
look at the tree. There will be a pair of zombie legs dangling from a branch by a wire.
Enable the god code, take the Gravity Gun, pick up a barrel, and stand close to the 
legs. Fire the barrel at the legs, at point-blank range. You will hear a thudding noise.
Move back slightly and enable the flashlight (if it is not already on) to see the legs 
making erratic movements and even scribe full circles around the branch.

Killing Gman:
Submitted by: prototype98

First you need to find or create Gman.You can find him in much chapters.
Then enter in the console "sv_cheats 1" to don't be hurt.Then enter "notarget" in the 
console. To be more easy enter "bind [a key] "ent_create npc_rollermine"".
Note that the cheat for rollermine is "ent_create npc_rollermine".Go near your Gman 
and create much of the rollermines. Better create more for faster effect.
Watch the show. Await Gman's body stop staying. When the rollermines kill him they 
will send the body away,so watch carefully. You can also make his body a ragdoll or
something funny.

Dancing vortigaunt:
Submitted by: prototype98

Activate cheats (type in console "sv_cheats 1").
Type in the console "npc_create_equipment weapon_[choose weapon]".
Note:Do not choose grenade. Your game will have a hard bug. Do not try it on any npc. After 
that create your vortigaunt(npc_create npc_vortigaunt). Find or create an enemy of the 
vortigaunt. At first you can hear or even see how the vortigaunt shoots. Wait until the 
ammo of the weapon depletes.
Note: The vortigaunts can't reload. That means that your vortigaunt can't shoot or attack.
He will start dancing.

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