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  Hints and Tips for: Halo Wars 2 
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 Halo Wars 2 Cheats

Halo Wars 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Leader Points and Leader Powers:
* You need Leader Points in order to get Leader Powers. With the sole exception 
  of Strongholds, you start every match with 1 Leader Point.
* As you continue to battle, research, build, and collect resources; you earn 
  more Leader Points. If used at the appropriate time, the Leader Powers can 
  quickly turn the odds in your favor even if you’re outmatched.
* There is a total of 5 tiers of Leader Powers which vary depending upon the 
  Halo Wars 2 Leaders. Within each of these tiers, you’ve both active and 
  passive abilities.
* Active Leader Abilities require resources upon every usage while Passive 
  Leader Abilities don’t require additional resources and affect all units 
  as mentioned earlier.

Phoenix log locations:
Search the indicated locations to find all 24 Phoenix logs. The Phoenix logs 
are text entries that are added to the "Campaign Logs" section. The logs 
reveal additional information about the events of Halo Wars 2 and its world.

01.The Healing Of Old Wounds I: In "The Signal" mission, it is found on the road 
   leading to Lightbridge.
02.The Healing Of Old Wounds II: In "The Signal" mission, it is found on the road 
   leading to Lightbridge.
03.The Healing Of Old Wounds III: In "The Signal" mission, it is found on the 
   road leading to Lightbridge.
04.A New Bridge To Cross I: In "The Signal" mission, it is found on the road 
   leading to Lightbridge.
05.A New Bridge To Cross II: In "The Signal" mission, it is found on the road 
   near the Pelican crash site.
06.A New Bridge To Cross III: In "The Signal" mission, it is found on the road 
   right next to the portal following the teleport from the upper platform.
07.Rise Of Atriox I: In the "A New Enemy" mission, it is found near the waterfall 
   following the initial encounter at the Banished Camp.
08.The Graveyard: In the "A New Enemy" mission, it is found near the front of 
   the main Banished base.
09.The Turn Of The Screw: In the "Ascension" mission, it is found around a metal 
   walkway on the far east side of the map.
10.Rise Of Atriox II: In the "Ascension" mission, it is found on a side path 
   shortly before you reach the Lightbridge.
11.Alice-130 Report #1: In the "One Three Zero" mission, it is found in the 
   forest glade area you come across, between a couple of prison camps.
12.The Blinded: In "The Cartographer" mission, it is found behind the first 
   conduit that you disable in the area on the far west side on the map.
13.The Telegony: In "The Cartographer" mission, it is found after destroying 
   both Banished minibases on the west and east sides in the central chamber, 
   before going to the top conduit.
14.A Split Heart Is Easily Conquered: In "Lights Out" mission, it is found after 
   destroying the Covenant base near the last portal, in the far north of the map.
15.Rise Of Atriox III: In the "Lights Out" mission, it is found inside the prison 
   camp in the center of the map.
16.A Warning: In the "From the Deep" mission, it is found near a stone arch in 
   the center-east of the map, where there is only one group of marines.
17.Chrysalis: In the "Hold the Line" mission, it is found on a cliff overlooking 
   the eastern entryway, near the enemy spawn point.
18.Rise Of Atriox IV: In the "Hold The Line" mission, it is found near the minibase 
   in the far southwest area of the map, leading away from the Particle Cannon base.
19.A Small Sacrifice: In the "Under The Dark" mission, it is found near the first 
   Brute Warlord in the far northeast area of the map. Proceed past the Kodiaks 
   and turn right to find an area with a small opening that contains the log.
20.Rise Of Atriox V: In the "Under The Dark" mission, it is found near the red 
   shield entrance after eliminating the third Brute Warlord.
21.Enduring Conviction Battle Reports: In "The Foundry" mission, it is found next 
   to the Scarab Repair Pit in the northern area of the map.
22.The Snake That Eats The Tail: In "The Foundry" mission, it is found after 
   destroying the minibase located below your base in the southern area of the map.
23.Rise Of Atriox VI: In "The Halo" mission, it is found at the very beginning of 
   the mission, on the south side of the UNSC's main base, next to two power silos.
24.Beyond The Edge: In the "Last Stand" mission, it is found after eliminating 
   the Brute Warlord on the southeast edge of the map.

Level up Blitz Cards:
In order to Level up Blitz Cards, all you have to do is to unlock the duplicates 
of the cards. The duplicate cards are found throughout the game, once you collect
them, they will be automatically transfused into your existing card. This is how 
you level up the cards. You won’t have any idea of which card, you will be getting 
in the game. If the card reaches level 7 then it is considered as “Tournament Ready”
and the additional stats with each level become minimal, less worthwhile to upgrade 
them. Card levels can cost different amounts and you need particular additional 
cards to reach Particular level. You need to collect 20 cards of the same unit to 
reach “Tournament Ready” status. Check out the list below to find out how many 
cards are needed to reach levels 1 to 6.

Level 1 - No duplicates cards.
Level 2 - 2 duplicate cards.
Level 3 - 3 duplicate cards.
Level 4 - 4 duplicate cards.
Level 5 - 5 duplicate cards.
Level 6 - 5 duplicate cards.

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