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  Hints and Tips for: Headquarters: World War II 
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 Headquarters: World War II Cheats

Headquarters: World War II

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

-=How to purchase additional units=-
You have a limited number of slots for Core units, though you can 
freely updrage them by, for example, replacing riflemen with snipers
or a QF 25-pounder. Best part is that they do keep their XP and you 
don’t lose prestige points by selling or buying, so the game doesn’t
punish you for experiments!

-=Bias setting in skirmish: how does it works=-
On the ride side of the screen, you have the Options column. In the 
upper half of the screen, you can choose the number of your party, 
which affects where you will appear on the map at the beginning of 
the Skirmish, a country for yourself and your enemies (or you can 
leave it random), a color of your units on the map, as well as your 
enemies, and last but not least – the Bias for each party.

Bias influences how much Prestige you can get each term. If you set 
a lower Bias, you will gain less Prestige per round. If you make it 
higher, it will be vice versa. By manipulating the difference between 
your Bias and that of the enemy, you can change the difficulty of the 
fight. If you have 30% Bias while the enemy has 130%, you will have a 
harder time fighting against the enemy, since you will have far less 
Prestige to buy new units.

-=Weapons and units
* All units use one type of weapons to make it more clear in terms 
  of range and damage, and other parameters.
* A few exceptions are things like AT grenades and Smoke grenades 
  that infantry carries, as they offer different types of attacks/
* Also, the units in the game are small in terms of men count. So, 
  you can just consider several teams – 1 with MG, 1 with Rifles, 
  and 1 with Mortars as a one larger unit.

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