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  Hints and Tips for: Heads Will Roll: Reforged 
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 Heads Will Roll: Reforged Cheats

Heads Will Roll: Reforged

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Console Commands:
Here is a cheat guide by editing the save files

Note: To avoid problems, save the original parameters to yourself 
separately before changing files!

-=How to Enable Cheat=-
* Go to: "your game folder" -> renpy -> common.
* Open the file "00console.rpy" with any text editor.
* Find the line "config.console = False" and change "False" to "True" 
  ("True" should be capitalised), save the changes.
* Open "00keymap.rpy" in the same section with any text editor.
* Change the line "console = ...." to "console = ['`']" and save the changes 
  (the line "console = ...." is under the line "# Debug console.").
* Next, you can open the console in the game using the tilde ("~").
* Change the keyboard layout to English to start the console.

-=All Console Commands List=-
"player_strength=?"     - change strength.
"player_agility=?"      - change dexterity.
"player_endurance=?"    - change stamina.
"player_coordination=?" - change coordination.
"player_vitality=?"     - change vitality.
"player_health=?"       - change health.
"player_stamina=?"      - energy change.
"player_gold=?"         - changing the amount of gold.
"player_fatigue_pool=?" - change in fatigue.
"time_left=?"           - change the remaining time before the event.

*Instead of "?" specify a numeric parameter of your choice.
*To see all possible variables to edit enter: "long" and then "dir()".

Beginner Guide:
Written By Findrayl

At the beginning I would recommend re-rolling the dice until you have at 
least 7 points.

Those 7 points should be distributed between str, agi and melee weapons. 
(try to get a 3 or 4 in melee ).

-=Crafting: you have 3 options=- 
(if i am not wrong you should need a 3 to be abel to craft a canteen)
1.get lucky and obtain some crafting gloves (craft +3)
2.train 3 times (- those points in crafting you start with) 50 gold to buy the recipe, after talking to the physician

the canteen allows you to replenish stamina and more importantly your fatique.
( that means more training)

you can buy 7 leather and 5 cloth at the trader. 
(after the next story event the trader will have it again)

Now you should practice until str and agi are at 7, thats the max. 
(you can raise those stats again after the next story event and you should 
always try to max those 2 stats)

if you have some time left ....well its up to you^^ 
( but remember you enter the battle with your current fatique lvl)

Now get a shield^^ it gives you a greater chance to survive + you can shieldbash 
your oponents, remove some stamina, knock them down (remove all stamina) and 
(or) stun them as well.

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