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  Hints and Tips for: Hogwarts Legacy 
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 Hogwarts Legacy Cheats

Hogwarts Legacy

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

All Curses Guide (How to Get):
Written by Desmos

If you do not want to read spoilers, but enjoy the plot, but do 
not know where to find spells, I’ll just tell you in one sentence.
Complete all tasks from Sebastian Sallow. After completing all his
missions you will get all three Curses.

-=Avada Kedavra
I think most of the players just wanna kill someone and for that they 
need exactly this spell. However, if you want to unlock this you will 
need 28 level, so you will be able to do it only at the end or after 
the main story. You can unlock and get the Avada Kedavra by progressing 
through Sebastian’s Relationship questline, where you have to complete 
the “In the Shadow of the Relic” quest to get “Avada Kedavra”.

* You have to progress the quest and chase down Sebastian into the 
  Feldcroft region.
* Over there, interact and talk to Sebastian Sallow.
* While having the conversation, select the “Everyone should know the 
  curse” option.
* Then, select the “Yes, please” dialogue option to learn the killing curse.

This would conclude In the shadow of the Relic quest and reward you with 
the Avada Kedavra spell.

The first of the three Unforgivable Curses and that gives the spell-
caster total control over their subject. If you think that you can only 
“ask” enemy to walk as you want, you wrong. This is to useful curse in 
the battles, that i extremely advice to use. Enemies under this spell 
will have glowing white eyes and a green X-mark when targeted.. And as 
said Alastor Moody “You can ask him to drown if you want to”.

This spell is in the quest “In The Shadows Of Time”. You can get this 
quest by checking the Owl Post in your menu for a letter from Sebastian 
around Level 17.

* You have to progress the quest where you will come to Sebastian’s 
  childhood house.
* When you come there, enter the cave.
* Uncover the ancient relic.
* At the end of the mission Sebastian can teach you the curse.

Another Unforgivable Curse that is not allowed to use, but of course 
as you are a player you can do it without any restrictions. You have 
first to complete a series of quests in Sebastian’s quest line. This 
spell will damage the enemy during the whole battle. Also it is the 
first Unforgivable Curse that was used by Harry Potter in 5th book.
So to unlock it, you’ll be offered the quest “In The Shadows Of the 

* You have to progress the quest where you will enter the Slytherin’s 
  Scriptorium where you’ll find a door that requires the unforgivable 
  spell to be used.
* Over there, interact and talk to Sebastian Sallow.
* While having the conversation, select to perform the curse by yourself 
* After that you’ll be able to use the spell.

How to Equip Twitch Drops Items:
They are in your collection, even in your equipement inventory, but greyed 
out and you can’t equip anything. What to do?

Enter the "Warner Bros Games" website and log in with your account 
(you must have linked Twitch and the “WizardingWorld” website).

On the Warner website (entering the part of the game) at the top left it 
says Twitch drop and when you enter there you can claim it (follow the 
steps that are mentioned on the web).

List of All Spell:
Written by Psycho

This guide will list all 24 of the learnable spells in Hogwarts Legacy.

Spell Name           Spell Function
Reparo             - Fixes broken objects.
Protego            - Guards you against any damage.
Lumos              - Lightens your wand tip.
Stupefy            - Cast during a Protego cast to stun enemies.
Incendio           - Fire spell, which can cause torches to burn 
                     and destroy webs.
Levioso            - Levitation.
Accio              - Invoke an object for you.
Disillusionment    - Invisibility.
Expelliarmus       - Arm your opponent.
Revelio            - Uncovers hidden items or things of interest.
Evanesco           - Items can be made smaller or larger.
Diffindo           - Slashing attack.
Confringo          - Blasting fire attack.
Conjuring Spell    - Makes items.
Altering Spell     - Changes the look of items.
Wingardium Leviosa - Levitation with greater control than Levioso.
Flipendo           - Flips enemies or objects around.
Glacius            - Freezing spell, can be used to treat water and fire.
Aloh*m*ra          - Upgrades are possible for unlocked doors.
Arresto Momentum   - Slows down enemies, objects and other objects.
Descendo           - Your opponent is slammed to the ground.
Bombarda           - Damage from explosives and heavy explosions.
Petrificus Totalis - When using Disillusionment, can be a terrifying 
                     threat to enemies.
Transformation     - Changes target into a different form.

Stutter Fix Guide (Windows 10/11):
Written by Mkkt Bkkt

Here’s a small guide how to reduce or get rid of game stutters.

-=The Fix=-
* Find “Exploit protection” in search bar(can be found manually in Windows 
  Security app by selecting the shield icon in the task bar or searching 
  the start menu for “Windows Security” then Select the “App & browser” 
  control tile (or the app icon on the left menu bar) and then select 
  “Exploit protection”.
* Click the “Program settings” tab.
* Click the “Add program to customise”.
* Click the “Choose exact file path”.
* Navigate to the "HogwartsLegacy.exe" and select it 
  (likely in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Hogwarts Legacy).
* Scroll down to the “Control flow guard (CFG)”.
* Check the “Override system settings” and toggle the “On” to “Off”.
* Click “Apply”.
* Restart PC.

Money Cheat:
How to farm money early on in Hogwarts Legacy: You can money farm at a rate 
of 10.000 Gold per 10 minutes early on in the game.

Open Eye Chests (500 Gold per Chest) by casting the Disillusionment Charm 
(invisibility spell) on yourself out of sight of the Chest’s eye. Get this 
charm by completing the 10th main story mission titled “Secrets of the 
Restricted Section” after talking to and meeting with Sebastian in the Central 
Hall at night.

Then go open the 20+ Eye Chests found around Hogwarts & Hogsmeade (can be 
done in about 10 minutes) and beyond to easily farm more Gold, until you 
have so much money you can buy whatever your heart desires.

Some Tweaks You Might Want to Do:
Written by Oishi

First of all, I’m running with 12700 + 3080Ti at 4587×1920 (1.78x DLDSR) with 
no RT and DLSS set to Quality. With these tweaks, my stuttering is gone and 
some FPS boost.

Important note: First you’ll need to enable show hidden files.

* Once that is done head over to 
  C:\Users(yourname)\AppData\Local\Hogwarts Legacy\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor.
* Locate "GameUserSettings.ini"
* Find RecFogQuality, RecPostProcessQuality, sg.PostProcessQuality 
  (Ctrl + F to search)
* Change the number to -1 for those then save the file 
  (In this case, 0=Low, 1=Med, 2=High, 3=Ultra).
* Usually 0 means OFF but i did tried set it to 0 and those fog, PostFX are 
  still there so i set it to -1 and seems to work, did notice differences.
* Im not sure what exactly does those Rec line do, but i changed the numbers 
  as well.

Reminder: After its done, set GameUserSettings.ini to Read-Only.

Theres lot more settings you can tweak in the .ini file Volumetrics, Sky, etc.

Play around a bit if you would like to turn off something or push your gpu to 
its limit.

How to Boost FPS:
Written by Xerora

I want to start by thanking the other couple guides that recommend updating 
DLSS manually. That added onto the boost I’ve been trying to work on.

* You can grab the latest DLSS here:

* Copy & Replace that DLL to:
  \Hogwarts Legacy\Engine\Plugins\Runtime\Nvidia\DLSS\Binaries\ThirdParty\Win64

Now onto the Nvidia driver stuff
* Right click your desktop and open Nvidia Control Panel.
* Go to Manage 3D Settings.
* Click on the “Program Settings Tab”.

* Low Latency Mode > Ultra.
* Power Management Mode > Prefer Maximum Performance.
* Triple Buffering > On.
* Vsync > Fast.
* Save.

This game doesn’t have multiplayer and the AI appears to be tied to the render 
times, so Triple Buffering will still sync the AI to your latency.

-=.ini edit=-
The game is built on unreal engine, so any ini addition from other unreal 
engine 4 games will typically work with this game (and others).

* In your GameUserSettings.ini 
  (C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Hogwarts Legacy\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor) 
  you’re going to add a few lines.

* Open the ini and scroll to the bottom, and add:


Then look for the [SystemSettings] section just above where you added this 
new line.

Under [SystemSettings] add:

 r.MaxAnisotropy=set this to whatever you want; (x2, x4, x8, x16) max is 16

By default UE4 games have TextureStreaming enabled which causes hitching 
and stutters when you enter a new area, or re-enter old ones that force a 
reload (IE, re-entering Hogwarts after spending 10 minutes on a mission 
in Hogsmead.) Assuming you have 16GBs of ram and at least 6 to 8 GBs of 
VRAM on your GPU, this will help you keep a consistent FPS.

For AsyncCompute, i recommend only using this if you have at least a 30 
series Nvidia or at least a 6000 series AMD (or newer).

Afterwards, save the ini, and set it to Read Only (right click>properties).

-=And for the most important setting=-
* Turn off raytracing for the time being, unless you have a 4000 series RTX 
  Card, and can use Frame Generation.
* With these settings I’m able to run the game at 75 to 80 FPS on ultra 
  with a 3060ti, with 1% lows barely dropping to 60.

-=Other possible fixes=-
Exluding the game in Exploit protection

* Find “Exploit protection” in search bar(can be found manually in Windows 
  Security app by selecting the shield icon in the task bar or searching 
  the start menu for “Windows Security” then Select the “App & browser” 
  control tile (or the app icon on the left menu bar) and then select 
  “Exploit protection”.
* Click the “Program settings” tab.
* Click the “Add program to customise”.
* Click the “Choose exact file path”.
* Navigate to the HogwartsLegacy.exe and select it 
  (likely in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Hogwarts Legacy).
* Scroll down to the “Control flow guard (CFG)”.
* Check the “Override system settings” and toggle the “On” to “Off”.
* Click “Apply”.
* Restart PC.

How to Use Revelio:
Written by adnskrr

Quick informative guide on how to get the most out of your Hogwarts Legacy 

-=Revelio (RareSpell) Overpowered (Easyxp)=-
Press “R” on your keyboard. If you hear a little “ding” sound, that means 
that there is a discoverable Field Guide Page nearby and it will be somewhat 
visible for a short time. Follow the sound or look for the flicker of the 
page and press “R” (your Revelio spell) when next to it to summon the page 

-=Tips for Collecting Field Guide Pages=-
Do not press “F” to pick them up! Make sure you use your Accio spell to slap 
that bad boy right into your Field Guide Book.

-=Use Revelio on Your Broomstick=-
While flying on your broomstick, press “R” to use your Revelio spell. Not 
only will it highlight interactable objects, it will show you the icons of 
nearby locations such as merchants, merlin trials, dungeons, etc.

-=Why Is It Not Highlighting These ??? Ball Cuddling Monkeys?=-
I found that the Demiguise holding moons were only being shown to me through 
Revelio (Press “R” to use) when it was night time, which is the only time you 
can interact with it. So if you want to collect Demiguise Moons it would be 
best to make sure it is nighttime.

-=Tip for Getting to Nighttime=-
Open your map by pressing “M” and press “F” to wait for time to pass by 
accepting the prompt by pressing “Spacebar”. This lets you skip from daytime 
to nighttime or vice versa.

How to Make the Game Stable:
There are posts regarding the Exploit protection method that seem to be 
working for some but not others.

It didn’t work for me but what did work was adding the other exe in the folder 
as well as the suggested one online.

So, If you haven’t seen the guides out there on what to do I’ll explain it 
here too:

* Press the windows key and search for Exploit Protection.
* Click "Programme settings", click
* "Add programme to customise"
* Click “Choose exact file path”.
* Now go to:
  SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Hogwarts Legacy
* Add "HogwartsLegacy.exe" to exploit protection. 
* Scroll down until you see “Control flow guard (CFG)”. 
* Tick the box for “Override system settings”, set the toggle to "Off".

This alone didn’t do anything for my game but then I did the exact same thing to:

SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Hogwarts Legacy\Phoenix\Binaries\Win64\HogwartsLegacy.exe

Now my game is performing so much better It’s honestly night and day! 
Hope this helps someone else.

Beginner/Advanced Tips and Tricks:
Written by Athrek

This is a list of tips and tricks for players just starting out as well as those 
who have progressed further into the game.

This guide is a list of things that will hopefully help you on your journey through 
Hogwarts. I will do my best to be as spoiler-free as possible but as the game itself 
spoils things(such as listing every spell in the game within the menu’s) whether or 
not something is considered a spoiler isn’t entirely clear.

I guarantee not to spoil the story itself so no worries about that.

-=Beginner Tips=-
This section will be the most useful tips for beginners but will not be a how-to guide 
on what needs to be done where. This section also focuses on efficiency and may not 
necessarily be the most fun way to experience the game so some tips may not apply to 

* Choices Rarely Matter, So Don’t Stress – As far as has been discovered so far, only 
your choice of House and the ending actually do anything meaningful, as every other 
choice only effects dialogue. Your House will determine your dormitory as well as
 your House Quest and the design put on any “House Items” meant to show off your 
house such as robes, scarves, etc…. So don’t stress on your decisions so much and 
enjoy yourself.

* Focus The Main Story First – The Main Story grants access to a very large variety 
of spells and quality of life improvements that make the game much more enjoyable. 
As much fun as exploring Hogwarts is, if you don’t have the ability to open locks 
or solve puzzles because you don’t have the spell yet, you will be re-exploring 
Hogwarts half a dozen times to find everything. If you focus on the Main Quest 
first, you will be able to do everything in 1 trip. My personal recommendation is 
to just follow the track line for the main quest and only do what’s necessary to 
keep progressing with no added exploration at the start.

* Sell All Old Gear – You will find lots of gear on your journey with unique looks 
and statistics but early on, only numbers matter so equip your best gear and sell 
the rest. The unique looks can be set on any piece of gear and you keep the 
appearance in your list of choices even after the item is sold.

* You cannot Respec Talents, So Choose Wisely – You Cap at 35 Talent Points and there 
is no current way to Respec your Talents, though I wouldn’t be surprised if a potion 
was added in the future it’s not available now. There are 48 total Talents and only 
35 points so while you can get most Talents, you can’t get everything. I’ll make a 
guide to Talents and Builds later that I’ll link here later.

* Count Using Zero Then One – You’ll understand why.

* The Dark Arts Aren’t Inherently Evil – There is no morality system in this game so 
nothing you do is inherently good or evil. The Dark Arts are simply one method to 
gain strong combat power. That said, you don’t need them to win fights so they 
aren’t necessary either so simply do as you like.

There are many approaches to combat so do what’s best for your playstyle.

* Change Dodge Key On Keyboard – Ctrl is an awful dodge key, pick something easy to 
click like V.

* Stealth Can Win a Fight Before It Starts Or Let You Escape – Turn invisible and 
use Petrificus Totalus along with it’s perk and you can one-shot most things and 
heavily damage anything else. Invisibility Potions can be used to make an escape 
if necessary

* Chain Spells for Massive Damage – Spells perform combos and when you add Talents 
they can devastate whole groups at once.
  - Levioso + Descendo will lift an enemy then slam then down.
  - Accio + Incendio will pull enemies in then burn them all.
  - Expelliarmus + Ancient Magick Throw Expertise will disarm an enemy and use their 
    weapon against them. 
  - Ultimate 1 Bar Combo = Levioso Mastery -> Accio Mastery -> Incendio Mastery -> 
    Descendo Mastery. This combo raises a group of enemies, pulls them to you, sets 
    them on fire then smashes them into the ground. This will require buying the   
    Talents for them.
  - Ultimate 2 Bar Combo = Ultimate 1 Bar Combo -> Depulso Mastery -> Transformation 
    Mastery -> Bombarda Mastery. This will create something that is unlikely to leave
    any group of enemies standing. This will require buying the Talents for them.

* Defense Before Offense – Dodging, Blocking and Countering is more important than 
attacking in this game because of how hard enemies hit and how much damage you can do 
just by countering. Always prioritize defending yourself.
Stupefy Is Stupefyingly Overpowered – Stupefy is both a counter and a stun BUT you 

can use it on enemies that didn’t do anything to you. You can counter another enemy 
by holding Protego when prompted but use the resulting 

* Stupefy on any enemy you want. Stupefy ignores enemy barriers, Stuns the enemy 
and can be improved with Talents to also deal damage and even curse the enemy, which 
I’ll explain shortly why that’s OP. So essentially, you can counter your way to 
victory in almost any fight in the game.

* Dark Arts = Easy Mode – Avada Kedavra Mastery not only kills any enemy but any
 cursed enemy. So the more enemies you curse, the more you can one shot. Imperio 
Mastery makes an enemy cursed and inflict curses when they attack. Crucio Mastery 
curses and enemy and spreads that curse to other enemies when you basic attack them. 
And finally Stunning Curse brings back how OP Stupefy is by cursing any enemy you 
Stupefy. If you act quickly, you can curse every enemy in a short time then kill 
them in a single attack which can make any hard battle easy as it ignores health 
and level entirely. Add in Curse Sapper and you get a free heal every kill as well.
 - Items Are Your Friends – From Plants to Potions, items make combat easy with stuns, 
   damage, defences and escapes. This can be abused to make yourself unkillable and 
   keep your enemies from ever being able to defend themselves. It just  costs money
   and/or time to make the items.
  - Endurus Potion Potency – Makes you invincible and auto-attacks enemies that use 
    ranged attacks.
  - Maxima Potion Potency – Increases damage a lot and breaks shields with basic attacks
  - Focus Potion Potency – Reduces cooldowns of spells and potion lasts longer the more 
    you use spells. Mix with Ultimate 1 Bar Combo listed above to make the potion last 
    all battle.
  - Venomous Tentacula + Noxious – Venomous Tentacula shoots acid at enemies from range 
    and Noxious increases its damage and causes it’s attacks to break shields.

* Traits Make A Great Thing Better – There are various traits you can add later in the 
game that increase damage dealt and reduce damage received. Play around with the Traits
 to find what suits you best. For example, a Stealth build should focus on Ambush Traits 
while an Upfront Combat build should consider Concentration Traits.

There is lot to find in the game and many places to explore so this section will focus 
on making it as easy and efficient as possible.

* Wait To Actively Explore – If you try to explore before you’ve unlocked all your 
tools, you will end up wasting time on coming back to re-explore over and over. 
Passive exploration is fine and even helpful to increase your level but actively 
exploring too early will mostly just waste time finding things you can’t access.

* Actively Grab Floo Flames – Counter to what I just said, DO actively grab Floo 
Flames if you pass anywhere near them. They are your fast travel and can speed up 
exploring and questing considerably. Just grab them when it’s convenient. You won’t 
grab them all until you start actively exploring but that’s fine.

* Talents Are Very Convenient But Not Necessary – Revelio Mastery and the Spell 
Knowledge Talents make exploration go much more quickly, but they aren’t necessary. 
So don’t feel forced to use them, but use them if you have free points available.

* Listen For The Sound Or Use Accessibility Options – Immediately after casting 
Revelio, a sound tells you what direction and how far away Field Pages are from you. 
For those who can’t hear the sound for any reason, there is an option in the settings 
that adds a visual to your screen to show the direction for you. This also shows 
visuals for other sounds as well.

* Cast Revelio While Flying – If you cast Revelio while flying in the sky, you will 
reveal map locations instead of hidden objects.
Cast Revelio Often And Keep An Eye To The Sky – Hidden objects are all over and that 
includes flying above your head. The flying Field Pages are particularly troublesome 
because they may be there one moment and gone the next. So using Revelio often makes 
sure you won’t miss when it flies by.

* Think Hard And Use The Right Tools – Some puzzles aren’t readily apparent but all 
can be solved through a combination of memory, logical reasoning and trying different 
tools. Lumos brighten things up and attracts insects, Incendio burns and lights things, 
Accio pulls things to you or pulls you to other things, etc… So just think over each 
tool, what it does, what it might do and what you need to do to solve the problem.

How to Open Level 1 Locks:
Written by menTaz

You have to advance in the story to get the Alohomora spell.

Once obtained, we will be able to open level one locks, later we will be able to 
open level 2 locks, etc.

-=How to Unblock=-
It is really simple, but there are many people who do not know how to solve the 
puzzle because the game does not explain very well how to do it.

We have 2 color chips:
* One Green (The Outer One)
* One Red (The Inner One)

Put the green spark in the green circle and turn until this mechanism rolls the 
two gears on the right.

While holding down the green spark to keep it rolling, it’s your turn to move the 
red spark, this time direct it to the middle wheel (red wheel) and move it slowly 
until the gears in the middle turn.

Once this is done, wait a couple of seconds, and the door will open.

Keybinding Tips:
The default keybinding seems rather unintuitive to me so any tips are below.

-=On Foot=-
* Walk: (.)

Fly Down: (E)
Walk: (.)
Dismount: (Q)
Show Controls: (Backspace)

-=Spells and Actions=-
* Aim: (Ctrl)
* Protego: (Right Mouse)
* Dodge: (E)

Easy Spider killing challenge:
Written by ThineOtaku

Want to quickly finish your Spider killing challenge but find it tedious to go 
looking for more spiders all the time? Constantly losing your big combo because
enemies die to quick? Worry no longer because I have found a solution!

Firstly, this is (to my knowledge) only really available during the early game quest 
“Jackdaw’s Rest”. So, what you want to do is play the quest normally until you get 
to the last section where two matriarchs spawn just before the final “puzzle” for 
the bridge.

All you need to do is just keep inside the water near where you entered, and kill 
all spiders except for one matriarch. Then continue to kill the scurriour and the 
shooter that continuously spawn to the left and right. The remaining matriarch 
shouldn’t advance on you as long as you stay back in the water.

Once you have achieved what you wanted, just kill the last matriarch and proceed 
with the game.

All Door Puzzle Answers & Walkthrough:
written by Invader Tee

To solve the Hogwarts Legacy door puzzles, all you need to do is count to nine. 
Simple math is sufficient. While the strange dice mechanisms and creature drawings
may seem complex when you know the meaning behind the symbols, it’s as simple as 
adding some numbers to unlock the secrets!

-=Find the cipher page=-
You can visit the Divination Cla*sroom Flame from the Library Annex.

Reverse direction and continue walking along the wooden path.

If you get to a junction, take a right turn and go forward until you reach an 
una*suming landing with an chalkboard in front of an open doorway.

Go to the right of the chalkboard, and you’ll see a blue box. You’ll find the page 
cipher by searching for it.

-=Magical Beasts & Numerical Values=-
The cipher explains that each magical beast discovered outside the doors of the 
puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy are given the number Hogwarts Legacy.

Essentially you can count around the perimeter of the door but just be sure to 
start with zero.

0 = Demiguise
1 = Unicorn
2 = Dragon
3 = Runespoor
4 = Owl
5 = Quintaped
6 = Salamander
7 = Grindylow
8 = Acromantula (Spider)
9 = Hydra

Now just make the numbers at the edges of the triangle match the larger number 
in the center of the circle!

-=Library Annex=-
* Block = Owl
* Block = Runespoor

-=Arithmancy Classroom=-
The room has two doors.

For the door to the left
* Block = Owl
* Block = Quintaped

For the door on the right
* Block = Salamander
* Block = Unicorn
-=Central Hall=-
* Block = Acromantula (Spider)
* Block = Runespoor

-=Long Gallery=-
* Block = Dragon
* Block to Unicorn

-=Astronomy Wing/ Charms Classroom=-
* Block = Dragon
* Block = Grindylow

-=North Hall=-
* Block = Salamander
* Block = Runespoor
-=The Great Hall=-
* Block = Acromantula (Spider)
* Block = Runespoor

-=Grand Staircase=-
* Block = Salamander
* Block = Gindylow

-=Grand Staircase near the House Hourglasses=-
* Block = Demiguise
* Block = Quintaped

-=Ravenclaw Tower=-
* Block = Owl
* Block = Quintaped

-=Hospital Wing=-
Follow the main quest to reach this door. After completing the quest 
“The Caretakers’ Lunar Lament” You will be able to enter it.

* Block = Demiguise
* Block = Hydra

How to Pick Locks:
Written by cannyok

This guide was created for people like me who did not immediately u
nderstand how to pick a lock. Please like if I helped.

At the beginning of the Hogwarts Legacy game, players go through many 
locked doors in the open world of Harry Potter, but they cannot open 
them until they learn the Alohomora spell. Hogwarts Legacy has many of 
the spells found in the Harry Potter books and films, including Alohomor’s 
unlocking spell.

Unfortunately, in Hogwarts Legacy, there is no way to get Alohomora 
right away. Players will have to progress through the main story until 
they receive a quest called “The Caretaker’s Lunar Cry”. This quest, 
given by Hogwarts Legacy caretaker Gladwyn Moon, introduces players to 
Demiguise collectible figurines and also explains how Alohomora can be 
used to unlock doors. By completing this quest, Hogwarts Legacy players 
will not only learn what Alohomora is, but will also be able to start 
collecting Demiguiz figurines to complete Gladwyn Moon’s side quest.

Like many other action RPGs, Hogwarts Legacy has a mini-game that players 
must complete in order to get past the castles. The left stick controls 
the green light and the right stick controls the red. The green light 
rotates the outer rim of the locking mechanism and the red light controls 
the inner room. The goal is to rotate the outer rim to the right place 
so that the devices in the lower right corner of the lock begin to rotate. 

While holding the outer rim in place, repeat the process with the inner
 rim, only this time the goal is to find a point that will cause the gears 
in the center of the lock to rotate. If done correctly, the lock should 

-=How to upgrade Alohomora and open doors with level 2 and 3=-
In the same way that Hogwarts Legacy players can upgrade their broomstick, 
they can upgrade Alohomora as well. Hogwarts Legacy’s Hogwarts Legacy 
Alohomora upgrade consists of collecting statues of Demiguise and turning 
them into Gladwyn’s moon. Statues of Demiguise are located throughout 
Hogwarts Castle and in the open world in general, and the player character 
makes a comment when one is near. Once players find the Demiguise statue,
they need to wait until nightfall to claim it for their collection.

The Alohomora upgrade in Hogwarts Legacy allows players to unlock Tier 2 
and Tier 3 castles. For unlocking these doors, players are usually rewarded 
with valuable loot that allows them to get better gear in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to Enable Real Fullscreen Mode:
Written by FFox

Quick guide on how to enable (and force) real Fullscreen in Hogwarts Legacy.

A common mistake is to believe “Full Borderless Window” is actually Fullscreen, 
except it is not. The game by default lets us choose betwen 2 options, but none 
of them is real Fullscreen. Also keep in mind DX12 does not support Exclusive 
Fullscreen, however typical and regular mode can be done and forced manually 
editing one file.

1. Head to:
   AppData\Local\Hogwarts Legacy\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor
2. Locate the following file:
   "GameUserSettings.ini" and
   Open it with Notepad or any other simple editor like Notepad++. 
   Make a backup just in case.
3. Find and edit these values as they are shown here:



This is set for 1920×1080 resolution as a base, if you are on a different 
display with another resolution please change it to your correct native 
resolution values.

X is for Width and Y is for Height. Example X=1366 Y=768 etc.

-=Final Step=-
* Save and play the game.
* Fullscreen mode is now enabled. Little observation here: in the main menu, 
  especially if you look for display/window settings, you’ll see the display/
  window mode it is now blank, empty, with no text. This is normal and leave 
  it as it is. Do not change it. Otherwise the game will return back to just 
  a regular system-window state-like application.

How to do Depulso Puzzles Easily:
I found 2 cheese methods to these special depulso puzzles, one is basic knowledge, 
the other, well I tested it, and it’s hard to achieve but works just fine.

-=Basic Knowledge=-
You can jump an additional blocks length even diagonally, so you can solve puzzles 
quicker than intended this way.

-=Advanced Technique=-
You can actually ride a block while you’re on it, I was messing around a bit 
to see if I could hit it, from the rear when using Depulso, I’d assume using 
Accio could also work from the front, but you’d have to make sure there isn’t 
a ceiling/wall you can die to.

I tried hitting the block standing normally but the angle is too far out to hit, 
then I realized if you go invisible, your character will crouch, making your 
character able to hit the block, although inadequate, it takes several tries 
to maneuver without triggering the too close to ledge about to fall animation.

But when angled correctly and invisible/crouched, you can hit the sweet spot 
to trigger going forward riding the block in which ever way you prefer.

Guide to Unlocking All the Unforgivable Curses:
Written by serofixx
This walk though helps you unlock the unforgivable curses in Hogwarts Legacy.

Crucio is an Unforgivable Curse in Hogwarts Legacy. It causes enemies to get 
stunned and take damage over time. This guide explains how to unlock it. You 
get this curse as part of Sebastian’s Side-Questline by picking specific 

The first side quest “In the Shadow of the Bloodline” starts in The Great Hall 
of Hogwarts. It automatically gets added to your quest log after progressing the 
story far enough, after having completed Main Quest #29: Astronomy Class. 
You just complete the following Side Quests from Sebastian:

* In the Shadow of the Bloodline.
* In the Shadow of the Study –> Unforgivable Curse: Crucio.

During “In the Shadow of the Study”, after going through the dark dungeon and 
talking to Sebastian, you have to pick the following dialogue: “Teach me the 
Cruciatus Curse and I’ll cast it on you”.

Imperio is an Unforgivable Curse in Hogwarts Legacy. It temporarily forces 
enemies to fight for you. This guide explains how to unlock it. You get this 
curse as part of Sebastian’s Side-Questline by picking specific dialogues.

The first side quest “In the Shadow of the Bloodline” starts in The Great 
Hall of Hogwarts. It automatically gets added to your quest log after 
progressing the story far enough, after having completed Main Quest #29: 
Astronomy Class. 

You must complete the following Side Quests from Sebastian:

* In the Shadow of the Bloodline.
* In the Shadow of the Study –> Unforgivable Curse: Crucio.
* In the Shadow of Discovery.
* In the Shadow of Time –> Unforgivable Curse: Imperio.

During “In the Shadow of Time”, after opening the first Skeleton Door, you 
will talk to Sebastian and must pick the following Dialogue: “Yes, I’d like 
to learn the Imperius Curse”.

-=Avada Kedavra=-
Avada Kedavra is the last unforgivable curse that you’ll learn from Sebastian 
Sallows’ relationship quest line. You’ll learn Avada Kedavra during the quest 
“In the Shadow of the Relic” — Hogwarts Legacy suggests that you’re level 28 
before you start it.

To get “In the Shadow of the Relic,” you must have already completed:

* The relationship quest “In the Shadow of Hope”.
* The main story quest “Lodgok’s Loyalty”.

Towards the end of “In the Shadow of the Relic,” you’ll interact with 
Sebastian outside of the dungeon, and you’ll be given a prompt during your 
conversation where you can choose:

* No one should know that curse.
* Everyone should know that curse.
* Choose the second option, “Everyone should know that curse”.

How to Change Outfits and Keep the High Stats:
Written by StarStalker28

I spent hours thinking I was stuck with crappy outfits thrown together from the high 
stat gear I collected in game. Finally though I found the solution that lets you wear
whatever you want, without losing any of the high stats from good items! 

It’s so simple, but so many people overlook it:

* Go to your menu.
* Open the gear inventory.
* Hover over an item you are wearing.
* Press (F for keyboard, whatever hotkey or controller key it says to press for others) 
  It should say “Change Appearance”.
* Select an item skin you have already collected or unlocked and apply it.
* Enjoy the new Transmogrification look of your outfit!

Muggles’ Guide to the Wizarding World (Tips and Tricks):
Written by Milkman

Here I have a few recommendations and tips in your adventures in the weird and wondrous 
world that is this funky “magical community”. Take this a “try this” more then a rule book.

-=General Tips=-
* Do alot of the main line quest asap so you can have alot of the tools to do alot of 
  the side quest easily.
* Get a broom ASAP (See Broom tips for more)
* Ones you can get the ability to capture beast you can get all but 2 of the 13 beasts. 
  (See Beast tips for more)
* Upgrading clothing will make them worth more.
* Most items are over priced so buy the following.
* Enemy lose you instantly if you drink a Invisibility potion. They can still hit you.
* While flying spam REVELIO

-=What to Buy (Priority)=-
* Any Broom (600 at cheapest) [you need 1]
* Potting Table with Large Pot Spellcraft (1,000) [this can grow all sizes]
* All Seed Packet (200+350+350+450+600+800+1,050=3800)
* Phoenix feathers (700) and Graphorn Horn (700) [Untill you can farm them. 
  If you are going to upgrade your gear.]
* Dung Composter Spellcraft (1,000) [gives Fertiliser
  {make you get more out of your plants} every few mins]
* Chopping Station Spellcraft (1,500) [gives random plant every few mins]
* Hopping Pot Spellcraft (3,000) [gives random potion every few mins]
* Material Refiner Spellcraft (1,500) [gives moonstone every few mins]
* Whatever you want.

-=Brooms Tips=-
* Get a broom ASAP
* When getting a broom Spintwitches is the cheapest place to get one they all fly 
  the same. What changes them is the upgrades.
* Don’t worry about crashing on a broom you are glued to that stick.
* You have unlimited boost for your broom when close to the ground/”floor”
  (roofs count as floors tree tops count).
* You can mount your broom almost any time. This can stop fall damage.
* Ones you get the broom I recommend finding Irondale (south east-ish of Hogsworth) 
  and Pitt-Upon-Ford (North near that tower) you will buy need to buy Phoenix feathers 
  and Graphorn Horn because you can’t get them any where else for a while.
* Getting All the fast travel points asap help travel sooner then later.
* To get to the south most area you must go through a certain mine tunnel.

-=Beast Tips=-
* If you are going to upgrade you gear It’s best to get at minimum 1 of each beast
* You can breed 1 male and 1 female and then sell the offspring for 120 coin same 
  amount as capturing one.
* There is only one unicorn den.  
* There is only one Graphorn den and they do not spawn till later.
* Some beast come out only at night.
* You can move while capturing. Also you can spam the capture button with no down side.

-=Battle Tips=-
* Stupefy can break any shield. and you are fairly untouchable in that time.
* When in doubt roll.
* Dueling feats are hints on what a enemy is weak to.
* You can regen some health out of combat.

-=Potion Tier List=-
1 = best, 1

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