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  Hints and Tips for: Hollow Knight 
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 Hollow Knight Cheats

Hollow Knight

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Beating the First Pantheon with Full Bindings:
Written by Lemonade River

For those struggling to make this amazing feat, a collection of tips to make you 
eventual death come a little later.

-=Vengefly King=-
So we get to the first boss wich you should have absolutely no problem beating but 
I understand that there are people that aren't that good at the game so let's start.

You ever seen a bullfight? If you haven't I wouldn't really recommend it but thats 
kind of what we're going to do, wait for each of the fly's attacks and respond 
accordingly, if he charges at you jump over him and as he's right below you strike 
him and if you want to spice it up dash toward him after that and strike him again 
(this won't always work) and jump back on the platform, if he screams take out the 
adds as quickly as you can so they won't get in your way as you're landing. 
That's it, pretty easy right?

This one's pretty simple, every time right after he charges, you can also heal while 
he's screaming but if you dont make it in time he charges quickly after (not always) 
and interrupts your healing so it is possible but if you want to keep it safe just 
do the first one.

-=Gruz Mother=-
With one boss down we get to the fat fly, pretty easy too (since it's one of the 
first bosses) but it is still part of the pantheon and it kicked my ??? when I tried 
to beat it in ascended mode.

I actually got this part from fireb0rn's video (which is actually a speedrun) so 
thanks :) The Gruz Mother has 2 states, normal and bounce, in normal you're going 
to strike her from below and after about 4 to 5 blows you need to dodge her charge 
preferably by going over her and when you have your soul charged use howling wraiths 
on her. For bounce mode you want to strike her when she hits the ground and move a 
little to the side she's going to (unless you're against a wall, then you want to 
dash while she's above) and turn back around instantly to strike her again, I find 
it easy to sync this to the ryhth of her body banging up and down on the floor and 

For healing spots you have after she charges (just make a little distance before 
you heal), while she's banging up and down (again, just make some distance before 
actually healing) and right after she stops bouncing.

-=False Knight=-
For the third and actual first boss which is easy to beat and just as easily 

When the fight starts dash up to him and start beating him up and when he jumps start 
charging you nail art (nail arts and spells are going to be extremely useful throught 
the whole pantheon) and use the great slash as soon as he lands, if he jumps towards 
you dash under him, if he jumps away from you you can pursue him but he's probably 
going to do his wave attack so keep that in mind. When you finally get him down you 
need to stike him four times and when he jumps to the middle of the room stand next 
to where he's going to land (this can get a bit difficult to get right) and use howling 
wraiths before he starts smashing, whe he does start smashing dash away (you won't have 
time to walk) and dodge the falling things, you could hit them but its not really necessary.

If you get hit during the fight you really dont have much of an opening, you can heal 
when he's down and because he stays down a while you can actually dream nail him so 
you don't have to sacrifice you magic attack but what I recommend is healing after the 
fight is done, you can dream nail the armor for soul and if you're fast you can get up 
to 3 masks healed (I got this one from fireb0rn too).

-=Massive Moss Charger=-
So I literally just did the exact same thing fireb0rn did in his video (I don't know 
where I would be whithout it) so i'm just going to link it.

If you don't think you can do the whole combo you should keep it to your max and break 
it by doing a bounce attack (jumping over the enemy and attacking downwards).

After each attack, really easy but you shouldn't try it unless you're sure you've got 

The Best Charm Combination for Platforming:
Written by Tobetko

When it comes to platforming challenges, you try your best to survive as many 
fails as possible. In this guide, i am going to show you the most effective way of 
doing it.

I see a lot of people recommending the use of Hiveblood+Grubsong charm combo for 
doing White palace and such. Basically, you get hurt, by which Grubsong gives you 
+15% Soul. Then you wait 10 seconds for Hiveblood to regenerate that one lost mask, 
and do the whole process again. By this, you can indefinitely, although very slowly 
gain Soul to heal in tough situations. The charm notch cost for this combo is 5 
notches (Hiveblood-4, Grubsong-1). But what if I tell you that there is a more 
effective way to do this?

-=Deep focus+Grubsong+Grubberfly’s elegy=-
Now, most people maybe do not know this, but if you combine Grubsong with Grubberfly’s 
elegy, the amount of Soul you get when getting hit increases ftom 15% to 26%. That 
means that when we get hit two times, we get 52% Soul! This is where Deep Focus comes 
in. It uses 33% of Soul (because that is how much Soul focusing takes), and heals both 
the masks at once. This means that we did not only remain on our current health, but 
we also got 19% spare Soul. The upside of this method is it does not require waiting 
as long as Hiveblood to regenerate, and also gives more spare Soul. However, the 
downside is its very expensive charm notch cost 8 notches (Deep focus-4, Grubsong-1, 
Grubberfly’s elegy-3). Though, I myself have utilised this charm combo only in passing 
through White palace, which is pretty late-game, so i already had enough charm notches.

-=Where to get the needed charms=-
Deep focus: Behind a breakable wall on the left side of Crystal Peak, requires Crystal heart.
Grubsong: Reward from Grubfather for saving 10 grubs.
Grubberfly’s elegy: Reward from Grubfather for saving all 46 grubs.

As I look at it, I realise that this combination is for most players accessible only late 
midgame/early engame, as saving all the grubs requires stuff such as Monarch wings, Isma’s 
Tear, Crystal heart and similarly. Because of this, i find it good utilising only in White 
palace, which is an endgame area.

-=The end=-
Thank you for reading this guide! I hope it helped you on your journey through this great game!

How to Defeat Radiant Bosses (Hall of Gods):
Written by Azbesciak

Tips for beating radiant bosses in Hollow Knight's Hall of gods.

-=What Are Radiant Bosses?=-
Radiant bosses are special difficulty mode for bosses found in Hall of Gods located in 
Godhome. They are special version of every boss. What's so special about them? They have 
Infinite Damage ! But fear not! They may appear annoying and hard at beggining but they 
are equally easy to nail down (pun not intended) and hopefully this guide will help you!

-=Tips, Tricks and Advices=-
Don't be afraid of overcharming
That's probably most obvious one. If you don't know what overcharming is: If you want 
to equip charm that you have too few notches to fit, you can still equip it if you keep 
adding it. However you become overcharmed and everything deals double damage. Buuut, on 
gamemode where enemies deal infinite damage it don't matter. Equip as much charms as 
possible because even mediocre one notch charm can save your bum

-=Offensive over defensive=-
Like I mentioned ealier there's no point in making tank build. Two additional masks won't 
help you with one hit K.O. so consider ditching Heart charm for Spell Twister ot Longnail. 
It will greatly help you. However! Baldur Shell (Blocking attacks when focusing) and 
Carefree melody (Random chance to block any damage) can still protect you. Consider 
using them on bosses where Spell-Spam isn't your priority because they can help greatly 
if you struggle with timings or patterns.

-=Practice Ascended bosses=-
If you even want to try radiant boss you have to defeat it ascended form, aka slightly 
modified version of vanilla boss, aka radiant boss but with double damage instead of 
infnite one. Yep. That's only difference beetween them. So if you keep dying over and 
over, just try to find ascended one first time. Trust me, it helps way more than it seems.

-=You'll die a lot=-
Yes you can fight every single boss in game, even hardest ones like NKG or PV, and in 
their case in 9/10 cases it's impossible to recover from even smallest mistake, You'll 
die a lot, but don't get annoyed! If you're mad you're less effective what means you'll 
lose more. If you start getting mad at boss, take a small break, do few push-ups, grab a 
snack, do something that'll let you relax.

-=Descending Dark is OP=-
Descending Dark is upgrade for Desolate Dive, you can find it in Crystalized mound and 
this spell is really OP at times, if you use it the moment your Knight touches the 
ground you get tons of invincibility frames, DDark also deals great damage so paired 
with Shaman Stone you get invincibility that deals crazy amount of damage.

-=Change your strategy if needed=-
If you're at this point in game you most likely defeatet every boss at least once and 
established strategy for beating every boss that's best for you, the thing is it may 
not work that good, especially when you're stressed of dying in one hit, you don't have 
to shift your entire playstyle but even changing single charm can change battle greatly. 
For example, did you know that Minion build (Weaversong + Glowing Womb + Grimmchild) 
that many players consider very bad is really really good against Nosk?

-=Find your own difficulty curve=-
Some bosses are easier than others, that's obvious but difficulty always is subjective, 
start fighting radiant bosses from easiest to hardest, but do not use community 
established difficulty curve, it's really good in general ranking but everyone has 
different playstyles and different weaknesses, here I want to say that Broken Vessel 
(One of community choosen easiest bosses) took me five times as much attempts as 
Nightmare King Grimm (One of community choosen top 3 hsrdest bosses).

-=Fight your favourite boss first=-
Like I said ealier for me Broken Vessel was harder than NKG himself, but that's because 
said NKG is my favourite boss, I fought him many times just for fun so I remember every 
pattern and timing. In game like Hollow Knight everyone has favourite boss, therefore I 
reccomend fighting that one first.

-=Don't push your limits=-
Don't forget this is just game, even if you're completionist or achievement Hunter, 
there's no achievement for "Hall of light" and bosses of this game can be genuinely 
mentally exhausting. Some peoples enjoy beating one Radiant boss beaten, some enjoy 
having hardest ones beaten only, and sone enjoy clearing everyone. Only you can set 
your limits here, so please don't push yourself over something that's hard for you, 
and if you want full "Hall of light" please don't rush it either, take as much time as 
you need, do breaks, play other games etc. Because your health is most importatnt.

Useful Tips for Steel Soul Easy Mode Guide:
Written by GameBoyAdv4002

A methodology of sorts to do Steel Soul easier.
-=General Advice=-
One is None, Two is One
In a mode where losing all you health means losing hours of progress. It is important 
to NEVER let it go to zero. My simple solution? Quit the game when your health is at 
one. Don’t even try to heal, the risk is not worth it. Quit the game, and return to 
your save file. You’ll return to your bench, which might be a pain, but anything is
better than losing the save file.
When facing enemies that deal 2 masks of damage, Two is also None
Extend what I said above to this point as well. Bosses such as the Traitor Lord and 
Hollow Knight and enemies such as Hive Guardian and Ooma can deal 2 maks of damage, 
so when around them, quit the game when at two or one health. 
You may wonder why Failed Guardian or the Nightmare King aren’t mentioned. 

-=That’s because:=-
Dreams are your Friend
You can’t die in dreams, so you can drop the above two remarks when in a dream. When 
essence hunting, priorities the dream variants of bosses over Dream Warriors, as they 
can actually kill you. Note that the Radiance can also actually kill you, but that 
isn’t a problem because:
-=Go for the Usurper Endings=- 
For both Steel Soul and Steel Heart, defeating the Radiance isn’t necessary, so don’t. 
Just defeat the Hollow Knight to get either the Hollow Knight or Sealed Siblings ending.
-=How Cautious?=- 
If you follow all the above advice, then there is little reason to be all too cautious in
the moment to moment gameplay. Just be aware of your health at all times.

Dropping chandelier on Watcher Knights:
In the small room you get to with the elevator, right before the room of the Watcher 
Knights fight, you can use the Mantis Claw and wall-jump up to the ceiling where the 
small lantern is; break that ceiling and go up that hidden room, where you'll be able
to destroy the anchoring of one of the chandeliers hanging in the boss room, causing 
it to drop down and destroy one of the Knights; this will reduce the total number of 
Knights you have to fight from 6 to 5.

How to Modify Charm Costs:
Written by Ben.

This guide will be showing you how to modify and adjust the charm notch costs.

-=How to Modify Charm Costs=-
* Download dnSpy for 64-bit
* Launch dnSpy and go to File -> Open
* Open Hollow Knight’s Assembly-CSharp.dll file which is usually located in
  C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Hollow Knight\hollow_knight_Data\Managed\
* Expand Assembly-CSharp
* Expand { } –
* Expand PlayerData
* Select SetupNewPlayerData
* Scroll down to around line 471, select it, and then press Ctrl + Shift + E to 
  open the edit window.
* There are 40 charms named "this.CharmCost_1" through "“this.CharmCost_40". 
  Edit the number after to change the cost. 
  For example, " this.CharmCost_1 = 0" would make Gathering Swarm cost 0 notches. 
  Refer below for charm IDs.
* Hit Compile when you are done.
* Close dnSpy. It will ask you if you want to save, click Yes, then click OK.
* You are done. 

-=Create a new saved game for these changes to take effect.=-

Wayward Compass: charm_2
Gathering Swarm: charm_1
Stalwart Shell: charm_4
Soul Catcher: charm_20
Shaman Stone: charm_19
Soul Eater: charm_21
Dashmaster: charm_31
Sprintmaster: charm_37
Grubsong: charm_3
Grubberfly's Elegy: charm_35
Fragile/Unbreakable Heart: charm_23
Fragile/Unbreakable Greed: charm_24
Fragile/Unbreakable Strength: charm_25
Spell Twister: charm_33
Steady Body: charm_14
Heavy Blow: charm_15
Quick Slash: charm_32
Longnail: charm_18
Mark of Pride: charm_13
Fury of the Fallen: charm_6
Thorns of Agony: charm_12
Baldur Shell: charm_5
Flukenest: charm_11
Defender's Crest: charm_10
Glowing Womb: charm_22
Quick Focus: charm_7
Deep Focus: charm_34
Lifeblood Heart: charm_8
Lifeblood Core: charm_9
Joni's Blessing: charm_27
Hiveblood: charm_29
Spore Shroom: charm_17
Sharp Shadow: charm_16
Shape of Unn: charm_28
Nailmaster's Glory: charm_26
Weaversong: charm_39
Dream Wielder: charm_30
Dreamshield: charm_38

How to Beat Giant Hooper (Trial of the Conqueror):
If you always die killed by giant hooper read below few tips.

* Try to search for a different charm combination for your playstyle and see for 
  windows to heal, don’t be reckless.

* Sit as far to one side of the wall as you can. as soon as hopper jumps, dodge to 
  the other side, turn around and swing once or twice. then keep repeating.

* Once hopper jumps, it always lands where you were standing when it first leaped up.

How to Find & Use Every Simple Key:
Written by MUD

Simple Keys are important objects to track down in Hollow Knight. These keys can 
give players access to very important areas of the game that can make the player 
stronger and lead to important fights. It’s in the player’s best interest to track 
down and locate every single Simple Key in the game and use them.

-=Location Of The First Simple Key=-
The First Simple Key is probably the easiest to find in this indie game. The Merchant 
Sly has one for sale if the player has 950 Geo on hand. Sly is initially encountered 
in the southeastern section of the Forgotten Crossroads inside a run-down house and 
later moves to Dirtmouth.

Fortunately there’s no way to block access to this key as his shop only closes if 
you’ve purchased everything which includes the Simple Key. Accumulating 950 Geo 
shouldn’t be too much of a problem with the right money-making strategy. Grinding 
Moss Knights on Greenpath is a solid way to make Geo early on.

-=Location Of The Second Simple Key=-
The second Simple Key is tucked away in the City of Tears. Below the City Storerooms 
is a large room guarded by Winged Sentries. You’ll know you’re in the right place 
when you see the Whispering Root nearby. Once the enemies are cleared out the player 
will find the Simple Key tucked into an alcove on the right alcove.

Winged Sentries can be finicky enemies to deal with in this indie game. Using spells 
is best as they have an annoying habit of dancing outside the player’s range. Counter-
attacking when they swoop down or Nail-bouncing on them is also a solid way to deal 
with a Winged Sentry.

-=Location Of The Third Simple Key=-
The Third Simple Key can be found in the Ancient Basin it’s down the looping path on 
the left side. To access the key, players will need the Crystal Heart ability to fly 
past a section of spikes. After platforming down to the bottom the player will defeat
a Malwark.

Past this living Malwark is a deceased one that players can enter into. Inside is the 
corpse of a Royal Retainer who’s holding the key. As mentioned before Crystal Heart 
will be required to get this Simple Key so players will want to grab that ability 
from the old mining golem in Crystal Peak.

-=Location Of The Fourth Simple Key=-
This Simple Key is a bit tricky to find compared to the others. This is because it’s 
found in a secret area next to the Colosseum of Fools. Directly above the main 
corridor, the player follows the path to the left and then doubles back to the right. 
Here there’s a breakable wall, assuming the player has the Godmaster DLC, leading to 
the Pale Lurker’s Retreat.

The Pale Lurker is a tricky boss to take down, but necessary if the player wants the 
final Simple Key. One tactic is to use ranged attacks like Vengeful Spirit or 
Grubberyfly’s Elegy Charm while she’s running around. The other tactic is to quickly 
close and strike in melee using Dash Slash if its buffed with the Sharp Shadow Charm.

-=Accessing The Royal Waterways=-
One of the Simple Keys can be used to access the Royal Waterways. To do this players 
want to go to a room next to the Fountain Square in the City of Tears where a hatch 
is located. The Simple Key will unlock the hatch and give an access point from the 
City of Tears.

The Royal Waterways is part of the main questline so the player is all but required 
to obtain a Simple Key to access this area. It is possible to reach this place via
the Tram in Kingdom’s Edge using the Crystal heart near Isma’s Grove. But this a 
long and convoluted route as opposed to simply spending 950 Geo so having the Simple 
Key is preferable.

-=Accessing the Secret Cave of Dirtmouth=-
A Simple Key can be used to open the secret cave in Dirtmouth. Players will likely 
be familiar with the stone door by the graveyard at the base of Crystal Peak, many 
NPCs will speak about it after all. In this room is the merchant Confessor Jiji, or 
Steel Soul Jinn if playing on Steel Soul Mode.

Jiji offers to summon the Knight’s Shade from wherever it appears in the world in 
exchange for Rancid Eggs. This is incredibly valuable if the Shade is in a hard-to-
reach spot or in a difficult area. Jinn offers a different service as death is 
permanent in Steel Soul mode. She’ll offer the player between 290 and 449 Geo for 
each Rancid Egg.

-=Accessing The Pleasure House=-
The Pleasure House is another area that can be accessed with a Simple Key and is 
arguably worth the investment. Its located in the City of Tears to the right of 
the Watcher’s Spire directly north of the Gorgeous Husk.

Here the player can interact with the Songstress Mariss who only offers dialogue 
and a bit of lore. The real reason to go here is to create a shortcut to the Resting 
Grounds and Millibelle. Millibelle is initially a banker that allows the player to 
avoid losing money upon death. But if Millibelle is given 2,550 Geo she becomes a 
thief and runs away to hide here in the Pleasure House. The player can attack her 
getting their money back, plus a little interest.

-=Accessing The Junk Pit=-
This is arguably the most important use of a Simple Key and is required if pursuing 
the Godmaster content. The Junk Pit is behind a breakable wall in the western 
section of the Royal Waterways. It’s just above the Flukemarm Arena.

Inside the Junk Pit is a golden cocoon that requires a Simple Key to unlock. Inside 
this glittering shell is the Godseeker who drops the Godtuner and starts the player 
on a path to facing the false gods of Godhome. Players should be prepared for a 
series of tough fights.

Tips to Beat the Radiance:
* This is the boss that you can touch. You don’t take damage when jumping on her.
  Only attack do damage. So this gives you more room for maneuvering.
* All attacks are telegraphed either by visual cue or sound. So Learn the pattern.
* Be patient. Wait for the safe openings. Radiance gives plenty of them.
* Always keep the cooldown of your shade cloak. You need it for the pillar of 
  light attack.
* Descending Dark also makes you immune. So with the right timing it’s both damage 
  and immunity. So make sure you have this spell upgraded (upgrade all of them if 
  you haven’t but Descending Dark is almost a must have. And it IS a must have 
  for Godhome)
* And yeah, Descending Dark makes the nails on the floor disappear for a short time.

I always go for the full nail build.

Quick Slash, Mark of Pride are a staple.

Since you are new to the Radiance, Dash and Sprint master can be useful. If you 
have unbreakable heart or strenth, consider those.

And yeah, one more tip: try not to wait for the Radiance’s attack standing under 
her. If she attacks with rays, the distance between them is short enough so that 
you might dash away from one ray only to land right into the other.

Tips to Steel Soul Mode:
Just play it safe and get all upgrades you don’t need to kill a boss for before 
fighting any bosses.

Personally I feel it’s kind of a meh gamemode: it’s way more about just taking 
a good route than it is about skills or mental fortitude.

-=In Details=-
Obviously, if you’re good at a LOT of bosses (i.e. you can beat Pantheon of 
Hallownest), you can probably beat some bosses well enough with some lesser 
upgrades (I melted Broken Vessel with the 1 pale ore nail upgrade, thinking 
the fight was gonna be a lot longer than it was, then immediately back-to-backed 
Lost Kin in 1 try).

Honestly, environmental dangers are what get me more often than enemies and 

Small tip: fragile charms are basically already unbreakable in a Steel Soul 
run because if you die with them equipped, well, your run’s now dead. You 
might as well make use of them (assuming you can spare the charm notches).

So, the main danger: hazards.

It also important to know which bosses you are comfortable with, and which you 
are not. But remember that you can always jump to your normal savefile and p
ractice the bosses there.

* Don’t go to the spirit glade and fight Revek. Just don’t).
* Beware of Grimm’s minions when collecting flame. Expecially the later 
  guys can kill you.
* The true final boss in the temple of the Black Egg kills you permamently.
* Don’t be afraid to use guides on how to find all notches, masks and 
  necessary charms.
* No rushing, no dragging. Find your perfect tempo.

Tips on Beating Pantheon of Hallownest:
The best thing you could do is to train against each individual boss in 
the Hall of Gods.

For instance, you could defeat all of them on Ascended difficulty. (It’s 
better to be consistent then it is to have defeated them just once, though.)

In addition, the Pantheon is a test of endurance. Your objective is not to 
defeat your foes, it’s to outlive them. I’d recommend learning how and when 
to heal against each boss, so that you exit each fight with as much or more 
health than you entered it.

If i wanted to go through the Pantheon with the lowest risk of failure, i’d 
probably take Quick Focus, Unbreakable/Fragile Heart and Strength, and either 
Quickslash or Mark of Pride.

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