Hype - The Time Quest Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Hype - The Time Quest 
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 Hype - The Time Quest Cheats

Hype - The Time Quest

Various Cheats
During gameplay, enter any of the following "Codes":

Code           Result 
thundergod   - God Mode 
hype         - Full Life 
druide       - Full Magic 
gork         - Full Armor 
glittergold  - Money 
littletroll  - Toggle HP Regeneration When Standing 
littlegogoud - Toggle Magic Regeneration When Standing 
hermetik     - Toggle Infinite Magic 
houdini      - Toggle Infinite Arrows 
ouioui       - 10 Additional Blue Arrows 
nonnon       - 10 Additional Red Arrows 
grolo        - 1 More of Each Inventory Item 
thereyougo   - All Magics 
wonderful    - Run Very Fast 
pouletfrit   - Speed Boots 
toutundefi   - Destroy Hype's Armor 
end02        - Hit Barnak Once to Kill Him in the Top Tower 
epok1        - Epok 1 Completed 
epok2        - Epok 2 Completed 
epok3        - Epok 3 Completed 
epok4        - Epok 4 Completed
frik         - 1 to 99 Plastyks
tunnel       - Change camera view
thundergod   - Invincibility

References to other Ubi Soft games: 
In the fourth era, your first mission is to save the king, the queen, 
and the guard. Do not go back the way you went into the dungeons. You 
will pass through a secret passage. The passage leads to your room. 
You can see Hype's bed has a Rayman blanket, and in the corner there 
is a Speed Buster "circle". Also, over his bed there is a picture with 
Hype near the Tower of Pisa.

All maps:
For all the maps without going to new eras, complete the game once. 
You have all the maps when Gougod gives it to you. 

Ghost bridge:
In any era, after the drawbridge is down, go slightly to the side 
(outside the bridge and on the land) and look at the water. 
You will see half of the bridge and will not see the drawing part of it.

Mauve Potion:
Submitted by: Matt

After winning the boss battle with Grandslack, he will shrink into his hat and start 
scurrying around the floor. If you strike his hat with your sword before he leaves, 
a mauve potion will appear.


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