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  Hints and Tips for: Internet Cafe Simulator 
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 Internet Cafe Simulator Cheats

Internet Cafe Simulator

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Cheese Getting Rich:
Written by FoxKitsune

This guide will explain how to very easily get a lot of money with very 
very low requirements to get started.

-=Get a bit of money to start off with=-
To start this method off, I would recommend that you have at least $6000 
saved up that you can expend on Bitcoin Miners. Its not required to get 
$6000, but with that money you can get a few to start off with.

-=Buy the Bitcoin Miners and place them down
You can find the merchant that sells the bitcoin miners in an alley to 
the left of the hotel you live in. He will show up as ???? and you will 
just press E on the motherboard on the left of him. A box will appear 
and just take a calm sprint to your cafe and slap that puppy down on the 

-=Using the miners and other things about them=-
So with the miners, each time you activate one by clicking on the silver 
part, you gain 1.23 mining power. A singular mining power is equal to 
about .0001 BTC/s. Obviously the more you have, the faster your income of 
BTC. Meaning that once you reach 9 miners, you will finally gain ,001 
BTC/s. Now you can continue actually playing the game for a bit, while 
your miners make a ton of money.

A thing you need to keep in mind is that police inspections will absolutely 
destroy you if you are not careful. Here are some ways to prevent your 
operation from being stopped:

* Keep an eye out at your mail on your computer to keep in mind when a 
  police inspection will happen.
* Always buy the cop inspection routine if you know someone is coming 
  that day.
* Turn off all of your miners before they come or else they will be 
  confiscated and you will be fined.

-=Use the game’s mechanics to your advantage=-
I was very surprised that this game doesn’t make you pass out or send 
you to bed automatically before a certain time. But that is not the case, 
which means we can have a safe environment for our mining operation without 
the worry of cops for the most part.

When the day goes past 21:00, don’t go home and sleep. You can use this 
time to buy more miners and up your production slowly but eventually. The 
whole point of this guide is to turn the game into an idle game and to 
mess around with no consequences. The only thing is that you cannot save 
until you sleep, and once you do you have to be prepared for a potential 
police inspection.

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