I-War - Defiance Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: I-War - Defiance 
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 I-War - Defiance Cheats

I-War - Defiance

Cheat Codes:
To activate the cheat mode select the pilot roster and choose a slot as normal. 
You should see the history and missions screen. The history box must be selected 
before the cheat will work so click in the history box. Make sure caps lock is 
off and type the cheat-code dethweezul. If it works you should see the word 
outcome with a number underneath each completed mission. 

The cheat mode enables the following cheat keys: 

In the player history screen: 
[Left-Shift Backspace]           - Add mission 
[Left-Shift =]                   - Toggle outcome of selected mission
[Left-Shift 0] (zero on top row) - Add all missions  
                                   (Make all missions accessible) 

In the game:
[Left-Shift P] - Dump an image file to PSGRESOURCEARTSCREENS 
[Left-Shift M] - Dump a continuous stream of images 
                 (fills up your hard disk very quickly!) 
[Left-Shift 8] - Jump to vicinity of target 
[Left-Shift 9] - Match velocity with target 
[Left-Shift 0] - Explode targeted ship 
[Left-Shift I] - Make player invulnerable 
[Left-Shift N] - Instant repair 
[Left-Shift W] - Force mission win 
[Left-Shift G] - Show all reachable planets and moons as waypoints 
[Left-Shift J] - Jump instantly to current lagrange point destination 

Command Line Options:
If you edit the games shortcut you can enable several functions by adding 
one or more options to the command line. -w - Play in a window on your 
desktop (256 color mode recommended) 

-xsound  - Turn off the sound 
-start1  - Start from savepoint 1* 
-start2  - Start from savepoint 2* 
-start3  - Start from savepoint 3* 
-start4  - Start from savepoint 4* 
-slot0   - Use save slot 0 
-slot1   - Use save slot 1
-slot2   - Use save slot 2 
-slot3   - Use save slot 3 
-slot4   - Use save slot 4 
-slot5   - Use Save slot 5 
-nozlock - If you get corrupted screenshots in 3Dfx mode, then use this
           option to output screenshots correctly. 
* WARNING: Using the savepoint command line options can cause serious 
gameplay problems or even crash the game if used incorrectly.

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