Judge Dredd - Dredd vs. Death Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Judge Dredd - Dredd vs. Death 
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 Judge Dredd - Dredd vs. Death Cheats

Judge Dredd - Dredd vs. Death

Cheat Codes - Unlock everything:
Submitted by: Eli Super Saiyan v12

The most easy way to unlock all in this game without hex nor trainers, is Making
a new profile. Then enter on the new profile name as a "REBELLION" and start to 
play. In the profile u will see all is unlocked levels, characters for multiplayer,
and of course the cheats ALL OF THEM!

Submitted by: rickHH
In the installation directory are the files that correspond to the created 
player profiles. They are named "save0.dsg", "save1.dsg", etc. After copying
it to another name or directory, open the desired dsg file with a hex editor.

To unlock all cheats on the single-player cheat menu, change the following
hex locations from hex 00 to hex 01: 

hex 192 through hex 1a1. 

Note: Settings any of the cheats on when in the cheat menu will trigger a 
message that using the cheats will not allow you to progress to the next 
chapter in story mode or increase your character level at the end of a 

To unlock all 12 Arcade levels, change the following hex locations from 
hex 00 to hex 01: 

1a8, 1b0, 1b8, 1c0, 1c8, 1d0, 1d8, 1e0, 1e8, 1f0, 1f8, 200.

Deformed Mode cheat:       - Complete the DeMarco PI level in arcade mode. 
Ghost cheat:               - Complete the Night Shift level in arcade mode. 
Headless cheat:            - Complete the Riot level in arcade mode.
Infinite Ammo cheat:       - Complete the Escort Duty level in arcade mode.
Infinite Lawmeter cheat:   - Cmplete the Visiting Hours level in arcade mode. 
Infinite Medi-paks cheat:  - Complete the Training Day level in arcade mode. 
Low Gravity Ragdoll cheat: - Complete the Block War level in arcade mode. 
Mirror World cheat:        - Complete the Walter's Wobot Wampage level in 
                             arcade mode. 
Pinhead cheat:             - Complete the Fugitive level in arcade mode. 
Touch of Mortis cheat:     - Complete the Breakout level in arcade mode.

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