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  Hints and Tips for: KeeperRL 
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 KeeperRL Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Guide to Spells:
-=Spells / Schools
Spells are divided into spell schools. These schools are:

A solid all-round spell school for magical combatants, these spells 
focus on direct offensive and defensive abilities, as well as mobility.

Early spells like directed blast knock creatures and loose Stuff away, 
buying time for weaker Keepers to flee or recharge their magic missile,
a short-ranged but piercing magical attack.

Mid-level mages can safely cast their longer-ranged magic missiles through 
friendly lines with advanced magic missile, patch themselves up with Heal 
Self, and jump around with early teleportation. Top-tier casters can buff 
their defense, haste themselves, teleport longer distances, and even go 

-=Healer & Spiritualist=-
These schools focus on healing and curing mortal and spiritual creatures; 
in particular, folks trained in these schools can heal other units, protect 
against poison, and with proper training, patch up whole groups of injured 
creatures in one cast.

While these schools are totally void of offensive magic, a well-timed 
healing can decide battles, so recruit healers and spiritualists as your 
creature population warrants!

As the name suggests, this school includes spells that use fire-based magic, 
such as fire elemental, fireball, and fire trap.

This school contains spells that manipulate perceptions and deceive enemies, 
such as deception, panic, invisibility, and pacify.

-=Fighter / Archer / Vampire=-
These schools provide some small spells and handle trained creature upgrades, 
such as vampire ennoblement (which may have been phased out in Alpha 36, 
unfortunately) and bypass-allies, allowing archers to safely shoot past 
friendly lines. Fighter types such as the Knight Keepers learn some melee 
combat techniques, such as shove and swap positions.

In vanilla KeeperRL, these schools are not particularly exciting…but mods 
can and do add substantial additional spells and techniques, so check your 
creatures and spell school listings in the Help section when you start a 
game using mods!

This school is a speciality of goblin cultures, and even they require 
specialized breeding to develop goblins with the right frame of mind to 
learn and control the power to summon chickens from nowhere and transform, 
however temporarily, others into chickens. Nevertheless, the school of 
Chickenmancy is a bit more strategic than might appear at first look!

While summoned chickens aren’t much of a fight and anyone polymorphed into 
a chicken is invulnerable, chicken’d enemies are much less effective 
fighters (and any buffs they may have tick down while they are in chicken 
form), and allies polymorphed into checkin form are invulnerable for the 
duration, which may save folks in precarious predicaments long enough for 
help to arrive.

Summoned chickens can take arrows for less-replaceable troops and bog down 
enemy movement. Please do not mock the chickenmancer.

This school includes defensive and offensive abilities, such as defense 
bonus, healing, and earth elemental.

-=Zombie Mage=-
This school is specific to zombie characters and includes abilities such 
as summon flies, animate corpses, and blindness.

How to Play as Necromancer Keeper:
Zombies are your general use workers, digging, hauling, construction…

The crafting unit is the “Zombie Artisan”, try raising one of these to 
make your clubs.

Some extra info might prove helpful for readers, including the OP:

* In order to be able to raise the artisan, or anything else for that matter, 
  you need to build the ‘crafting’ table that allows your Necromancer Keeper 
  to raise minions.
* Your zombies will build that for you, provided you’ve had them collect wood.
* Then click on the table and the list of minions you can potentially raise 
  will be displayed, limited according to their cost (in corpses) AND having a 
  high enough Necromancy skill.
* Note that bit about the costs being in ‘corpses’. They are a resource that is
  shown on the bottom of the screen along with the other ones such as wood, 
  stone etc.
* You start with 20.
* That means your Keeper can raise up to 20 corpses worth of minions, assuming 
  you don’t hit your population cap.
* As a resource, and such a crucial one, obviously you’ll want to collect more 
  of them.
* In order to do that, you need a grave.
* That appears in the ‘stores’ menu (I believe). You need stone to build it.

In my very limited experience, I’ve found it useful to think about the following:
* Your zombies can’t be outside when daylight comes (see point 6). Therefore..
* start your lair with a small entry chamber into which you put ‘resource’ 
  storage space, then
* get your zombies collecting wood ASAP, but ALSO
* build the mortuary table (whatever it’s called) so your Keeper can raise things.
* I immediately raised another zombie as there’s plenty for them to do and they’re 
  not the fastest.
* Any undead with the ‘vulnerable to sunlight’ trait will immediately cease to 
  exist if they go outside during the ‘day’. The exception is if there’s a Vampire 
  Lord (I think) who has a trait that surrounds them with darkness, shielding any 
  units from sunlight, but we can’t raise them until increasing the Necro skill.

This means, as I said in point 1, if you want to gather wood from above ground 
(which is the most common of course) you MUST have your zombies do so at night.

I had them gather a whole load of wood on the grounds they could expand the base 
during the day, but I DID have them build a training room so the skeletons my 
Keeper raised could train. Note skeletons are NOT affected by sunlight, but I 
locked everyone inside during the first day period anyway.

Granite -> stone -> grave
I recommend you want a grave BEFORE you go off to have your first battle with 
anything local, else you end up wasting the opportunity to increase your corpse

Therefore get a zombie digging towards the nearest deposit. Note you CAN find 
stone outside on the surface, too, so if you do, that’s a real bonus.

Once you wipe out the locals AND have built a grave, corpses will appear as loot 
items on the ‘pillage’ menu provided they died within the recognised area (can 
be a little hit and miss).
Thus the ‘loot all’ (or similar command) will automatically add all the corpses 
to your resource stock without you needing to to anything manually.

That is arguably the most important thing a Necromancer Keeper needs to know.

Without a grave you won’t resupply the corpse resource which means you won’t be 
able to raise new minions after using the 20 corpses with which you start the game.

Tips to Recruit Immigrants:
Put a lot of high-level luxury items inside the quarters.

Tip: Create a 6×6 quarter with carpet, place the most expensive bed and coffin 
inside, and hang many paintings on the walls. Then, assign this quarter to your 
keeper and the highest-level minions.

The “Needs Personal/more luxurious” quarters only affect minions you already have. 
This requirement increases with a minion’s experience level. Failing to meet these 
requirements limits the amount of experience used in stat calculations. It’s not 
a prerequisite for hiring them. You can still use them as minions, but they won’t 
level up until their quarters meet the luxury needs.

Luxury items include flooring, beds, coffins, candelabras, statues, fountains, 
and demon altars. The room size is a significant factor, so ensure spacious 
quarters. Remember to designate the room as quarters. Some captured mounts, 
like warhorses, have demanding needs.

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