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  Hints and Tips for: Keplerth 
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 Keplerth Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Beat Final Boss (at First Attempt):
Written by olin

The final boss battle is going to be a long and painful bullet hell that 
could last for 10 mins.

Failing the battle means you need to click through 2 short but unskippable 
dialogues. And since you can't place anything in the area before the boss 
fight to help you recover, the game forces you to either 
1. wait 
2.spend healing or 
3. walk through portal to sleep at base.

So lets try to beat it in one go.

-=Gene Traits=-
I recommend put on all 6 of Ghost and alpha-9 for maximum evasion 
(but not symptom-ghost because you probably could use those defense).

Flesh fortress and Immortality from Iron Man for all the max health you will 
need and a nice cheat-death every 120 sec.

The rest are optional.

Whatever highest defense armor (better with reduce damage, Defense +, Defense +%, 
movement speed and eating speed)

Amber shield is essential. With all the evasion you have this is going to block 
so much damage.

Bloodsucking flies petri dish for consistent damage. Boss has lots of hp and will 
be frequently moving so any consistent damage is welcome.

Meco shield or Scapebear. For more defense or for 1 more save if screwed up 
(Note that bear have 10mins cooldown and will proc before Immortality).

Range weapons only. It's very hard for me to imagine someone beat it with melee 
weapon at their first try.

Split with explosive arrow is good for phase 1.

Grounder Gatling Gun (be patient and you will find gap between attacks to use this)
 plus something with punch through (I went with Nemesis but I would probably 
recommend LG-6B or Grounder Assault Rifle).

Pack up both arrows and bullets.

All the extra advances 
(but not the stimulants, seriously does anyone use stimulants?)

If super potion stack then those too 
(I have not been catching bugs so no idea)

Sweet soup would be your main source of healing during the fight

Nano capsules for when you got unlucky and taking many hits in a short time

-=The Fight=-
Don't wanna spoil the whole fight so I'm just gonna say that boss has 4 different 
patterns based on green, purple, pink, red colors.

-=Phase 1=-
Green: Big square would block your shots and cause massive damage; don't touch.
Purple: Sneaky triangles with slight homing and difficult to see; dodge those.
Pink: Lasers bad; twin beam has gaps; quad beam probably don't; shouldn't get hit by these.
Red: very obvious; stay on the move.

-=Phase 2=-
Green: balls homing one at a time; don't touch; maybe stay far from boss.
Purple: homing dash with expanding attack; twice; stay and dodge in between gaps.
Pink: obvious grid; could be horizontal or diagonal grid; wanna to stay horizontal 
or vertical with boss; repaid lasers does 50+damage; need to keep moving back and 
forth to dodge.
Red: slow projectiles and homing fire balls; try circle strafing.

Note that in phase 2 there will be a short period of time after each color you can 
bust out the gatling to do some damage.

-=The End=-

That's all for now. The fight would look terrifying at first but with evasion, health 
and defense high enough you will be able to survive and learn his patterns.

All Discoveries:
Written by Red riding hood the third

Documented all 75 discoveries and their acquisition.

* 39 Overworld Discoveries
* 6 Boss Fight Discoveries
* 22 Final Boss Fight Discoveries
* 6 Killing Mobs
* 1 Portal Key
* 1 Animal Digital Tag

-=Overworld Discoveries
These discoveries are found by investigating furniture or boxes. They appear from 
the surface down to floor 19 randomly in different buildings. Either collect all of 
them while at the surface or go down to floor 19 and collect them there, it doesn’t 

* In total there are 39 discoveries found this way.
* Right click on the object once and wait until it drops an item.

-=Boss Kill Discoveries
* Each boss drops a discovery upon death, excluding the final boss fight this sums 
  up to 6 discoveries.
* The final boss instead of dropping one discovery, drops a soul jar that rewards 
  the player with 22 discoveries.
* In total that makes up for 28 discoveries from boss fights.

-=Other Discoveries=-
* The Portal Key is a discovery that is given by talking to the robot at the
  start of the game.
* The Animal Digital Tag drops from killing cows or other farm animals.
* The remaining 7 discoveries are gotten by defeating normal mobs, it is unknown if 
  they’re dropped by specific enemies or if its random.
* In case they do drop from specific mobs, here is a list from the places where 
  i got them.

* Bloody Necklace: Killed Goblins

* Zombie Dog Tooth: Killed four legged mutants at floor 11

* Parasytor Crasher’s Head: Killed Parasytor Soldiers from the shelter where man 
  in white is found

* Chip Implant: Killed Goblins and Goblin King, don’t know which one dropped it

* Heart Gem: Forgot who dropped it

* Boar Tusk: Forgot who dropped it but its possibly the boar

-=Author Notes=-
I got the information by wiping my files and doing a new playthrough while documenting 
when and how they dropped. The information i have about discoveries dropping from normal 
enemies is very uncertain if its random or if they drop from specific enemies only, i’ll 
assume some of them do drop from specific mobs like the boar tusk and the parasytor 
crasher’s head and some drop randomly like the chip implant.

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