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  Hints and Tips for: Kill It With Fire 2 
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 Kill It With Fire 2 Cheats

Kill It With Fire 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Guide to Potion Recipes:
Written by Sembach

-=Potion 101=-
* Brewing potions is an exact science.
* If your potion explodes, you did something wrong.
* Use two fires for a simmer, three for a boil. 
  (You have to use all 4 fires for a rolling boil).
* Use the ladle to stir.
* Never leave the ladle in the cauldron.
* Not all ingredients are in the room. (You have to find the other 
  recopies to know what other stuff you need).
* Keep an eye out for more recipes.

-=How to Reset Your Cauldren
* Leave the room.
* Close the door behind you.
* Spin three time in a circle counter clockwise.
* Re-open the door.
* You’re ready to try again.

-=The 4 Potion recipes
Spider Potion (Makes you a spider)

It can be found in the brewing room in the Artois Manor. Also most 
of the ingredients you need is here as well.

* Bring the cauldron to a simmer.
* Add an eye of newt, a butterfly wing, and a beetle.
* Heat at a boil until potion turns brown.
* Add one small mushroom.
* Bring to a roling boil until potion turns blue.
* Stir vigorously until potion turns orange.

-=Solution 1N-V15 (Gives you Invisibility)=-
On board of the HSF Vindicator. Can be seen when looking out the window 
in the Captains Quarters. It is written on a floating whiteboard. Use 
the snipers scope to read the text.

* Bring the cauldron to a rolling boil.
* Add one black cat.
* Reduce heat, then add another black cat.
* Wait until the potion turns pink, then reduce heat.
* Add a third cat.
* Reduce heat to low.
* Stir until potion thickens and turns blue.

-=Energy Drink (Makes you go fast)=-
* Can be found in the HEM Foods and Furniture level. Its written on a 
  whiteboard in the hallway between Home goods and the Warehouse.
* You have to find energy drinks to unlock the steps of the resipe.
* Note: One that’s hard to find is in top of the lamps.

* Bring cauldron to a simmer.
* Add chilies until potion turns red.
* Increase heat to boil.
* Add feathers until potion turns blue.
* Increase heat, then add one pineapple.
* Turn off heat and cool until potion turns red.
* Return to a rolling boil and stir vigorously.

-=Downtown Arachnitopia=-
Hidden inside a building in the third island. You can se the statue and 
the place you start the level in the background. Most people don’t know 
bones so I have added them onto the pic.

-=Rad Cola=-
* Bring cauldron to a simmer.
* Add one femur.
* Stiruntil potion takes on a rosy hue.
* Add one tibia.
* Stir until potion darkens.
* Season with salt. Pepper, and the ash……….d one. 
  (Get the urn in the longue, where you start).
* Boil until potion becomes dangerously green.
* Both in the room.

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