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  Hints and Tips for: Kill The Crows 
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 Kill The Crows Cheats

Kill The Crows

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Guide to Get 500+ Kills:
For the revolver i used the Royale Gunsmith Custom.
* Showdown: Cursed Gaze
* Passive 1: Dipping Tobacco
* Passive 2: Strange Locket

If you use this Load-out try to time your Showdown. Wait until there 
are 5 or more enemys on your screen. Then kill all of them using the 
showdown ability. The Strange Locket passive will regenerate a bit of 
your showdown power if you kill 5 or more enemys with your showdown 
ability. So try to use the showdown ability only if youre able to kill 
5 or more enemys to get the most out of it. The passive Dipping Tobacco 
will increase the maximum kills of your showdown. With these to passives 
your showdown ability will be much stronger, which will hopefully make 
your gameplay easier. Otherwise if you want a not so safe but fast 
gameplay you can use the passive: Improved Boots and the Passive: 
Rusy Spur.

For the showdown ability i would allways use the Cursed Gaze. With this 
showdown you’ll be able to shoot through walls, so you will be able to 
stay in cover while shooting at the crows.

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