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  Hints and Tips for: King Arthur: Knight's Tale 
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 King Arthur: Knight's Tale Cheats

King Arthur: Knight's Tale

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tips and Tricks for the Story Campaign Act 1:
Weíre going to dive deep into Act I of the story campaign and weíre going to
share some general advice on how to play through it more effectively.
Itís not a walkthrough or anything serious, rather a bit longer version 
of loading screen hints.

-=Story Campaign Act 1 Hints=-
Itís highly recommended to equip two potions on each of your heroes before 
starting a new mission, especially on higher difficulties. Potions can be 
purchased at the Merchantís store or can be looted from chests throughout 
missions. So be sure to equip two for everyone and try to experiment which 
type of potions are the best for each character. You might think equipping 
two Health Potions would be the obvious choice, but sometimes that extra 
armor or damage could help tremendously.

Donít forget to use Vacant Titles with your heroes in unlocked Camelot 
buildings. Itís a step that you might accidentally skip while being busy 
managing your heroes in-between missions. All these titles give small buffs 
to that particular building and its effects, but all the small upgrades and 
unlocks, including Vacant Titles add up very quickly.

Be sure to carefully explore all maps in their entirety. You never know
which corner hides an NPC with some neat rewards, a chest with an item 
upgrade, some lore tidbits, strange orbs, or simply just more resources.

The "Summon Lost" ability of Isoldeís Necklace - a Relic item youíll find 
early on during your journey - can turn the tide of tough battles really 
quickly. Equip the item on any character and youíll be able to summon a 
Lost minion for the duration of one encounter per map. So it might worth
 holding the summoning spell for the hardest encounters.

Very early on, while leveling up your heroes, it might worth sticking to 
one element (fire, poison, etc.) and choose skills that further upgrade 
that chosen one. Equip the appropriate weapon or armor with stats that 
further boost that type of damage or element and youíll be more than fine
for the time being. A group of heroes where you can find masters of fire, 
poison, freezing and so on can be extremely powerful as youíll explore 
Avalon in further Acts.

The Round Table building is one of the most important buildings in Camelot, 
but it also has the most expensive upgrades that sometimes cost thousands 
of gold and building resources. Still, it is recommended to save some coins 
for these, since unlocking Laws or Decrees early on will give you a great 
tactical foundation to your campaign with a lot of advantages.

If an encounter on any mission gives you a headache, try to explore the map 
a bit in other directions. You might bump into a shrine that gives you some 
buffs, a campfire that heals your heroes, or something else that might help 
you. Sometimes triggering the encounter from a different direction can change
the dynamic and the difficulty of the battle fairly quickly. If it is an 
optional encounter and youíre out of ideas, thereís no shame in skipping it.

You might want to keep certain powerful items in your inventory for specific
maps, thereís space in your stash after all. For instance, the RNG gods can 
smile upon you by giving you a lot of cool items that are good against the 
Lost faction for instance, but of course, not all maps in Act I are Lost 
themed. So if youíre having issues with the difficulty level, be sure to 
switch gear regularly and experiment with skill and gear combinations that
might help against one particular faction or encounter.

White Knight Guide (Infinite Attacks Build):
Written by Saravan

This build should not be taken seriously as it will not always work in Very 
Hard difficulty. However, itís very effective against encounters with a lot 
of opponents and most importantly, extremely hilarious.

-=Guide to Infinite Attacks Build=-
To achieve infinite attacks with the White Knight you will need to reach +4AP 
per kill via passives from Rage and Blessed Weapon (+2 AP in total) and the 
other +2AP from relics. The White Knight must one-shot the target, else this 
will not work. In addition, to avoid wasting AP on movement, you will need a 
specific weapon relic that lets you teleport to another target within 8 tiles 
after killing a target.

-=Some additional tips for this build=-
* This build benefits greatly from anything that increases damage per kill. The 
  Rage skill and its passive grants +15% weapon damage per kill.
* Make sure that the White Knight has enough AP to activate Blessed Weapon, move
  to the first target and kill him in the turn you try to activate the teleporting
  killing spree. I typically always move back a few tiles in the first round to 
  reserve extra AP for the second one. This will also make all the targets move 
  closer to you allowing for the 8tiles teleporting weapon to activate on all 
  of them. In addition, White Knightís Tier III skill Damage Focus increases 
  damage for every reserved AP.
* Let your other party members damage the first 2-3 targets to allow the White 
  Knight to one-shot them, this will in most cases grant enough +% damage for 
  the White Knight to start one-shotting the rest of the targets on his own. If 
  however, the White Knight ends up teleporting to a tanky target, you should 
  reserve some AP on your other party members to assist in damaging the target 
  first. I usually reserve AP on my Vanguard who has high mobility and the 
  vulnerability hex from Mordred for these situations.
* This build will not work against single (or very few) enemies with high HP 
  (e.g. bosses). Itís however very effective when there are more than 4 targets
  in an encounter which is typically the case on Very Hard difficulty.
* On Very Hard difficulty you will regularly encounter mobs with Stone Shield 
(immunity to first 3 hits). This will present an obstacle for this build, I 
usually work around it by ensuring that my Vanguard can leap to the target and 
remove the 3 immunity hits during the turn I want to activate this strategy for
the White Knight.

How to Save File Editing and Modding Game:
Written by Nord

Before you do anything, backup your save files.

* A single, unwanted, character or even just a space somewhere can & likely will break 
your save file and you are s* out of luck until you find and correct it.

* So Iíll say it once more: Backup your save files.

* Occasionally, after editing your save, the game will take forever and appear frozen 
when you try to load it, thatís "normal", just wait.

* If the game crashes, it does not automatically mean you did something wrong, just try 
again to load. You will notice a "butchered" file if you load one, trust me ??

* You also might get a message like "save from older version, reset before starting a
 mission blabla", which you can generally ignore. Hence it is also generally advised to 
only edit savefiles which are saved inside camelot or on the worldmap.

* Naturally you could brick your playthrough with this but I havenít had any issues so 
far and it is very unlikely that any will appear.

* I started fiddling with my savegame at level 10, now im mid 15 and no issues so far.

-=Savegame Location=-
The save files are located here:

* C:\Users*yourUserName*\Documents\NeocoreGames\KA_KT\Users*SteamDigits*\Save

In here you just look for the savegame you want to edit, they will match in names on how 
they are named inside the game.

Right Click on the save file you want to edit and choose "open with" and choose notepad
(or any similar program - Iíd suggest to use notepad++).

Depending on how new or old your savegame is, in terms of actual playtime and progression 
in the game, it will contain more or less data and therefore lines of "code" 
(Who would have thought, right?).

You do not need to close the game when you edit a save file. I would suggest to do it 
while the game is open, this way you also wonít need to take care of potential anti-
tamper measurements

-=Resources, Morality & Faith=-
The "Info.cfg" & "Adventure.cfg" section in the file should be straight forward, itís mainly 
gamesettings but it also includes morality & faith and you can also edit gold, building 
resources and such.

If you canít figure out how to change gold or some basic resource by yourself, you might
want to stop right there and just play the game, the editing wonít get easier from here on out.

* MordredSkin=0 - default skin.
* MordredSkin=1 - the white skin, from twitch or some similar crap.
* ResurrectionTokens=1 - this is how many resurrections you have available inside the crypt.

In both the "info.cfg" and "adventure.cfg" you will have values for Religin, ReligionLast 
and the same for morality.

Religion as well as Morale are both either normal values, for example: Religin=14 or -values, 
for example: Religin=-14

Normal values are for Christianity & Rightful while negative values are for Old Faith and Tyrant.

So Religin=-5 would be 5 points into old faith and Religion=5 would be 5 into christianty.

You need to edit both values in adventure.cfg aswell as info.cfg for it to work.

You can ignore the ReligionLast / MoralityLast variables.

Bring back dismissed heros & freely exchange roundtable with aspiring heros

Important: Before you move or bring back a hero these ways, make sure they are not inside any 
facilities and also have no court titles or "jobs" assigned!

You can do this easily ingame, or alternatively, make sure that "CurrentlyTreated=" and "Title=" 
are blank inside the save file.

Again, most should be obvious on what they do.

* xp=11364 -if you want to max level your hero just put 999999 or something and gain some 
  XP, if you just want to do a few levels you are better off duplicating XP tomes 
  (more on that in the next section).
* Injuries= - if you remove everything after = your hero has no more injuries.
* DeadHero= - 0 = alive and kicking, 1 = inside the crypt.
* IdleHero= - 0 = active and inside the roster, 1 = in the aspiring hero tab.
* This allows you to move a hero from your roundtable / roster into the aspiring hero area 
  or vice versa, however make sure you actually have free slots.
* damaged= -same as with injuries, if it has any value remove it and the hero is healed.

We can also re-recruit heroes which we previously dismissed:

Look for "Tags=Dismissed" , remove Dismissed so it just says "Tags=" and choose with the IdleHero=0 
or 1 where you want them to appear. (again, make sure you actually have free slots)

This usually works, however sometimes it doesnít...

But there is a second way to bring back dismissed heroes:

Again, look for Tags=Dismissed, remove dismissed so it just says "Tags=" and this time 
also change "DeadHero=0" to "DeadHero=1" and change "Killer=" to "Killer=LostKnight"

The hero should now spawn in your crypt and be ready to be resurrected 
(remember: you can also edit the amount of resurrection tokens you have)

You can also "give" yourself heros which you havenít met yet or canít recruit. Its also possible 
to replace a existing hero with a different one.

I havenít tested this much yet but technically all you need is a blank HeroSaveData sheet, so j
ust copy Sir Mordredís HeroSaveData, remove all LearnedSkills & equipment and Change "HeroType" 
to the hero you want, the names are usually just how the hero is called, without spaces.

Though with this I would say, unless you are already in the endgame mode, that you are riding 
a fine line between it works but the question is just for how long.

-=Add or Duplicate Items=-
Under "Inventory" you will have a list of all the items you got in your inventory.

To add an item, first look if you already got one of it and add the new one right below the 
existing one. If you donít have one already, it should not matter where you put it (I think), 
but I would generally put it last.

-=Here are the important tomes=-
* ItemName=Tome_resetskills
* ItemName=Tome_removetrait
* ItemName=Tome_resetloyalty
* ItemName=Tome_xp
* ItemName=Tome_skillpoint

Note: here Iím pretty sure the game only ever drops a single one in act 1.

-=So just add these lines=-

And exchange ItemName= with whatever tome you want, as tomes donít stack leave the 
stackCount at 1.

You can also add items this way, however as items are named like this: Jewelry_T3_U_3 or 
TH_Accessory_T3_R_1 itís near impossible to know what you are getting unless you know what 
it is already, hence already having one it in the game. But I guess one could just change 
the numbers and see what comes out.

You can also add items directly to your hero, if you look for "Equipment=" and just 
add them there.

Changing loyalty and moving/duplicating essence buffs.

Under "HeroSaveData" you can change the loyalty by finding the hero you want to change 
it for and then look for:


and change it to:

EventBonus=10 (or whatever number you want)

You can also move or duplicate essence buffs:
You might want to unequip all other gear to make it easier.

Again, look for the hero you have used the essence on and under "Equipment=" you will 
see the values for the essence, they usually start with: "AM_Consumable", from here you 
can freely move or duplicate these to other heroes.

Keep an eye out for the ; dividers, they are strangely placed and sometimes need an , and 
other times an ; to end, randomly - which is why unequipping all other gear isnít a bad idea.

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