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  Hints and Tips for: Kingdom Come: Deliverance 
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 Kingdom Come: Deliverance Cheats

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Console Commands:
Written by FN-2199

-=How to Use Console Commands=-
Commands for this game are pretty basic, and act a lot like Skyrim console commands, 
so you shouldnt have a problem learning them. To use the console, press ~, then input
the code and press Enter.

-=How to Enable / Disable Interface=-
g_showHUD 0 – Disables HUD.
g_showHUD 1 - Enables HUD. 

-=Graphic Commands=-
r_Motionblur 0               - Disables motion blur.
cl_fov X                     - Sets the field of view to X (default is 60).
e_ViewDistRatio X            - Changes the distance at which objects start to render 
                               (default is 500).
e_ViewDistRatioVegetation X  - Changes the distance at which trees start to render 
                               (default is 500).
e_MergedMeshesInstanceDist X - Changes the distance at which grass is animated 
                               (default is 20).
r_vsync 0 - Disables Vsync.
r_depthofFieldmode 0 - Disables Depth of field durring dialogue.

-=Gameplay Commands=-
e_TimeOfDay            - Shows the current time.
wh_pl_showfirecursor 1 - Adds a reticule when aiming a bow.
p_gravity_z X          - Changes the intensity of gravity (default is 13).

-=Items & Money=-
wh_cheat_money X       - Gives a certain amount of money (confirmed not to work after 
                         release, but work at alpha & beta).
wh_cheat_addItem [X Y] - Gives X amount of item with the Y ID.

Note: The last one is pretty useless without a table of item IDs, but if it’s working, 
the table will be discovered in no time.

How to Get Money for lockpicks at the Talmberg at the beginning of the game:
1.Get in the room with the locked chest, which you need to open to get the 
2.There are numerous containers with arrows and other stuff that you can 
3.Steal these items and then wait some time until the “red hand” in the 
  inventory on the icons of those items dissapear.
4.Go to the trader and sell those items for exchange of the lockpicks.
5.Save the game before lockpicking the chest with armor.

How to Brew Saviour Schnapps (Save Potion):
Follow these simple steps:

-=Things you will need=-
* 1x Nettle
* 2x Belladonna
* Alchemy Station

1.Go to an Alchemy station and read the book to the right Go to the potions 
  section in the book and the first potion will be Saviour Schnapps – the 
  words will be mixed up until you have learned how to read.
2.Click on ‘Prepare’ on the first potion to add the ingredients to the 
  alchemy shelf. Then exit the book.
3.Add wine from the left shelf into the cauldron.
4.Select the Nettles from the right shelf and add it to the cauldron.
5.Select Belladonna and add it the mortar in front of you. Use the pestle 
  next to it to grind up the Belladonna, then add it to the dish in front 
  of you. Do this twice.
6.Press Q to use the bellows. Heat up the cauldron until it boils 
  (it will look like little flames in the water)
7.Turn the sand-timer on the right shelf. Wait until the timer is up, 
  then turn it again.
8.Once the second timer has passed, add the ground up Belladonna from the 
9.Turn the timer again.
10.When the timer is up, grab a phial from the left hand side and click on 
   the cauldron to pour the mixture in.

Perfect Sermon:
Written by Mindless

* [1] Begin the sermon confidently. 
* [1] God stands at the head of the church. 
* [1] Continue Harshly. 
* [3] To sin is human. 
* [1] Continue Harshly. 
* [2] Criticise the prelates, but stand up for godwin.

Blacksmith Mikesh's Song (Tricks of the Trade):
Written by Xemos the Fluffy-Owlkins

The song for those who don't want to go through the trouble of learning the 
fishy thighs and fishy breasts song, for Tricks of the Trade quest.

-=Main Contents=-
The sun sets out across the skies; he looses his way, To the forge he flies.
Kuttenburg is far, far away, Kuttenberg is far here i'll stay.
My breath is short, my feet are sore. i'd buy a horse, but I am poor.
The sun may burn, the sun may shine, but you'll not wither, darling mine.

-=Now for the last time...=-
The sun he hides behind a cloud; his heart goes cold and his fire goes out.
He drowned the fish and broke its neck, thew it down upon the deck.
Fry your fish, the fish head's best, fishy thighs and fishy breast.

How to Get Money for Lockpicks at the Talmberg:
Written by Deadly Mullet

1.Get in the room with the locked chest, which you need to open to get the armor.
2.There are numerous containers with arrows and other stuff that you can steal.
3.Steal these items and then wait some time until the "red hand" in the inventory 
  on the icons of those items dissapear.
4.Go to the trader and sell those items for exchange of the lockpicks.
5.Save the game before lockpicking the chest with armor.

Written by MrDeerly

Since Lockpicking isn't the easiest activity in Kingdom Come: Deliverance, 
I'll give you a short Guide.

-=What You'll Need?-
At least one Picklock
Lockpicks can be purchased at most retailers. 
Also you can get them from some quests in small numbers.

*Very easy:
 Very easy locks can be cracked at any skill level.

 Even for easy locks you do not need a specific skill level, but here it is a 
 bit trickier.

 To crack hard locks, you'll need at least level 5.

*Very difficult:
 For very difficult locks, at least level 6 is required, but some locks require 
 the highest level.

*Lasting Lockpicks:
 Your lockpicks will be more durable and last twice as long. 

 After successfully picking a lock, you have a 20% chance of any broken lockpicks 
 returning to your inventory. 

*Deft Grip:
 The starting position when lockpicking will be closer to the end of the lock, 
 making it easier to open. 

*Luck of the Drunk:
 It'll be 30% easier for you to open locks when drunk, but it will also be 30% 

*Silent Fiddler:
 You're able to work almost silently with a lockpick, even if the lockpicking 
 isn't going well. The noise a snapping lockpick makes is reduced by 90%. 

*Lucky Thief:
 If your lockpick breaks, you'll have a 10% chance of opening the lock instantly.

*Sixth Sense:
 Your sixth sense will warn you if someone is about to catch you in the act 
 of lockpicking, so you'll have more time to escape.

*Master Thief:
 You can unlock easier locks automatically.

-=How To=
1.Start the activity:
  Stand in front of the lock you want to pick and press the action key "E" to 
  commence the lockpicking (make sure you do this without anyone spotting you). 
2.Find the Sweetspot:
  At first you need to find the right spot with your cursor. The bigger it gets, 
  the closer you are getting to the correct position. If it turns golden, you 
  have found the ideal point.
3.Crack the lock:
  Now comes the hard part: You have to turn the locking mechanism by pressing 
  "D" while moving the lockpick relative to the ideal position. The cursor have 
  to stay at the golden point the whole time. 
  So you need to use your cursor to adjust the lockpick.

-=Tips and Tricks=-
* Door locks are easier to crack in the darkness of the night, as you will not 
  be discovered so quickly. 
* Locks in rooms (chests) can be cracked more easily by closing the room door. 
  Remember, however, that the owner can appear unexpectedly at any time. 
* Ideally, you wait until the owners of buildings and chests are no longer
  nearby, or sleep. So you can concentrate on the lockpicking itself. 
* Sells the stolen goods best to a handler. So you can't be caught that easy. 
  It may also be useful to sell small amounts of stolen goods to various dealers.

How to Exploit Money (Groschens):
Written by KaHk

* Early on in the game (Just when you arrive at Rattay) you will be given the 
  quest 'The Good Thief' by Miller Peshek, once you complete this quest you will 
  be able to sell stolen goods to any Millers you find.
* An easy way to exploit this feature is to rob the Miller's mills, this is 
  quite easy due to their size, the low skill requirement for lockpicking and 
  the lack of people around the mill (Usually 2 - 4) this makes these mills a 
  perfect site for making some money early on in the game, you can usually make 
  around 300 - 500 Groschens from just robbing one mill and then selling the 
  stolen goods back to the Miller you just stole from.
* To start you will have to find a Mill, they are quite easy to find and there 
  is usually one at the edge of a town/city.
* Once you find a mill you can either wait until nightfall (easiest) or rob it 
  whenever (a bit harder but still fairly easy as long as you make sure they 
  aren’t within close proximity to you when lockpicking/robbing).
* You can then search the mill looking for the chests dotted around the place, 
  they will be relatively easy to pick and will supply you with some pretty
  awful loot but there will be a fair bit of it. Once you have looted as much
  as you can talk/wake and talk to the Miller and sell him back his belongings.

Tips and Tricks:
* The best way to train stats and combat skills is via practice-sword sessions 
  with Bernard at the fighting ring in Rattay; do this early and often to unlock 
  some special techniques. Carry repair kits and repair your armor and gear after 
  each session to raise Maintenance easily and quickly.
* You can raise Maintenance very high by grinding all your looted bandit swords 
  at a grindstone, which also increases their sale value. If you really want to 
  just the grind the skill, try surfing the wave of damaging your sword at the 
  grindstone and repairing it at the grindstone both.
* Archery is hard to raise without getting in some kind of trouble. You can 
  either sneak up on rabbits very slowly and dab them at close range, or you can 
  shoot at cows which are huge slow moving targets.
* If you want lockpicking to be easier without using a mod, back out of the 
  attempt and retry until you the sweet spot is in a good place 
  (like right near the center).
* On the haggle interface, the further down you go on the bar the better the 
  price, for selling and buying both. Circle at the bottom is the patience meter, 
  which fills up depending on how unreasonable your offer is. Good move is to go 
  low on the bar, let them lower it some, and then back it up to closer to that 
  mark. If you get the Final Offer perk you can be even more audacious.
* You can make a ton of money in a few ways but most aren’t “legal”; it’s a 
  hard knock life for a peasant in 1403 Bohemia. Poaching is very efficient, 
  as is robbing sprees.
* You can “launder” stolen goods by selling them to a trader that will accept 
  them (such as the “Trader” with an indoor shop in the starting village) and 
  then buying them back, but you will lose money on the transaction 
  (so steal extra stuff to make up the difference).
* If your clothes are dirty, nobles and burghers (merchants etc) like you 
* If your weapon is bloody, you can use aggressive stance in dialogs more 
* You can win a clench by mashing the attack button.
* Items dropped on the ground will disappear; put things you want to save 
  into permanent containers.
* Get the shovel by the Miller’s wagon outside Rattay. 
  Keep it on you or your horse at all times.
* Get 4 lockpicks from Fritz at the start by investingating the drunk’s 
  house, finding the locked chest, then talking to Fritz. 
  This locks out some other options for resolving the quest.

Easiest Way to Level Pickpocket:
Written by Huskai

This is how to reach a high pickpocket skill, without commiting a crime, going to 
jail, or really anything whatsoever to worry about!

1. To start off, you must have made it to Rattay, and completed the first quest you 
   get from guy who looks like chef boyardee, aka Miller Peshek.
2. Once you find him and talk to him, you should see an option that says...

"Can you teach me how to pickpocket" or sum beefaroni like that, idk how mans chef 
boyardee even knows how to picketpocket, kinda suspect if you ask me, but just go 
through his little dialogue, and he should take you to the back of the mill.

-=Final Step=-
Once he takes you behind the mill, you should be able to practice pickpockting him 
as much as you want, without any consequences. This will level up your skill everytime 
you take his dagger. But be careful touching the blade, rumors are told that it was 
used to sacrafice the evil, sending them directly back to The Gates of Raviolli Hell. 

Secret horse armor:
Horse armor is extremely rare in the game. There is currently only one known location 
it can be obtained. The armor is for the head of the horse, and increases defense when 
equipped. It also looks nice aesthetically on the horse. To find the horse armor, 
travel into the deep woods east of Ledetchko. Navigate around the cliffs until you can 
reach the upper edges of the tall cliffside. On the edge is a dead horse in a giant 
nest. You can see the nest from below. Navigate up and around to the nest, then use 
the bushes to jump into the nest. You can actually stand on bushes for a moment 
before sinking. Loot the nest to get the horse armor.

Getting powerful armor and sword early:
To get a full set of plate armor and a powerful sword (worth approximately 10,000 
coin) early in the game, travel to the town of Neuhof. From the town, travel north 
and then east from the fork in the road until you reach an abandoned camp on the left, 
at the following location. There is an unlocked chest in the camp that contains a full 
set of St. George Plate Armor and the Sword of St. George. The chest and camp are 
actually a specific location you will reach later in the story. During the "Epilogue"
 quest at the end of the game, you will meet an NPC at this camp. That is when you 
are meant to collect this powerful set of armor. However, it is possible to arrive 
at this location at any point in the game and find the chest. 
This armor makes early parts of the game much easier to complete.

Easy money:
Stealing is by far the most lucrative method to earn money quickly in the game. Before 
trying to steal, make sure you have unlocked the ability to sell stolen goods. It is 
also recommended to get a horse to speed up travel times. The quieter towns with guards
are a good place to start. Wait until dark and approach a guard from behind. Knock him 
out, loot all his gear, and sell it to a miller. Bailiff properties and noble residents 
usually contain very expensive items, such as goblets and plates –- all of which sell 
for a good amount of money. This works best when combined with haggling. Other good 
targets include armories, barracks, and stores.

Scattered throughout the game are various contests, such as the archery competition in 
Rattay. While you do not get a ton of money from it, the higher ranked tournaments do 
pay really well. It is also legal, so you do not have any of the risks or negative side
effects of the thief lifestyle.

Easy haggling:
First, get the Final Offer perk. To find this perk, navigate to the "Player" section 
of the menu. Go to "Stats" and find "Speech". Expand it to see the Speech perks. You 
need Speech Level 4 to choose the Final Offer perk. Its description reads: "When a trader
loses patience with you during haggling, you have one more chance to make another offer." 
While this may not sound too great, it actually is very helpful. Once you have bought or 
sold your items, check your basket. You can see a Haggle button in the lower left corner. 
Hold the button to bargain on the price. Once you know how to haggle, simply use the Final 
Offer perk to maximize the benefit every time. When you are haggling with a merchant or 
someone else, immediately drop to the lowest (when buying) or highest (when selling) 
price available. The perk will automatically kick in and let you have another chance, 
but the merchant will now be offering the best possible price. This allows you to get 
discounts of 50% and better.

Easy archery contests:
While playing the game, press ~ to display the console window. 
Type "wh_pl_showfirecursor 1" and press [Enter] to enable a crosshair while shooting 
your bow. To disable the crosshair, type "wh_pl_showfirecursor 0" and press [Enter].
 The crosshair allows you to aim better, allowing you to win archery contests more 
Note: Enabling this console command does not disable Steam achievements.
Stop your horse directly in front of your closest opponent, which is the best archer. 
If your horse is close enough to him (touching), he will not be able to raise his bow 
and shoot. You can also use a second horse to block the second archer. If you block 
both archers, just score a few points and wait for an hour to win the contest.

Quest Tips:
* You can manage which markers it shows for quests from the journal page.
* You can only have X number up at a time but you can switch which quests have 
  markers or not by pressing E on them in the journal, the ones with markers get a 
  red or green shield with a letter A B or C on them.
* Go to Uzhitz early on and talk to the scribe to learn to read, it’s fundamental. 
  When reading, sit down, it helps.
* When doing the “Bird in the Hand” quest, gather as much Belladonna as you can - 
  it’s plentiful in the quest area and very useful for grinding up Alchemy skill.
* When joining Hans Capon at the baths, and he strips down, you have a chance to 
  nick his gear.
* The “House of God” quest from Divish in Talmberg (after the prologue) gives a 
  very large cash reward.
* All “deliver meat” quests will accept meat in any condition, even 0%.

Queen Of Sheba sword piece locations:
To start the Queen Of Sheba sword quest, talk to Zach the swordsmith in Sasau. Collect 
all five pieces of the Queen Of Sheba sword in the following locations to unlock it:

1.In a chest near the stairs on the second floor of the blacksmith's building in Rattay.
2.Obtained from the Pickman of Skalitz in Rattay. Successfully complete the "Aquarius" 
  quest, then talk to him after selecting him for water/dung duty.
3.Pickpocket a piece from Zach in Sasau.
4.Buy a piece from the blacksmith in Ledetchko.
5.Go to the blacksmith's house east of the tanner in Talmberg. 
  The final piece can be found on top of a barrel in the second room on your left.

Easy XP:
Find a NPC that will not respond. Knock them out and drag their body behind a barn or some 
area no one will see you. Use your fists to keep hitting them for easy and fast XP. It is 
recommended to have enough money to pay off the bounty if you are caught. Otherwise, just 
put all your loot inside inventory somewhere, then go to jail to restore your reputation. 
One place you can do this is in the village of Sasau. Find the gravedigger and knock him 
out, then drag him into the water where his body will float and no one can see you. Stand 
so that he is level with your character, and you can punch him. You will keep getting 
Unarmed, Warfare, Vitality, Agility, and Strength XP while repeatedly punching him. 
Note: This can destroy your reputation. It is recommended to get the Infamous perk to raise 
your reputation faster. People will stop talking to you when you have a low reputation. 
Additionally, you can use weapons with this exploit, but it is a little trickier. Fists 
do not normally kill, but any of your weapons will. You have to find essential plot-
important characters that cannot be killed. There are a few in every town and city, but 
they tend to live in areas that are hard to access secretly. Essential characters cannot 
be killed, so they will be knocked out by your attacks and will eventually get back up. 
It is much harder to stab essential NPCs in secret, so you are more likely to (eventually) 
get caught. If you worried about your reputation, use the Infamous perk to make it easier 
to increase your reputation, and only try this exploit in cities that do not really 
matter to you.

Theresa Courtship Side Quest:
Regardless of whether you saved Theresa at the start of the game or not (Cavalier trophy) 
she will still come and rescue you. During the main quest 'Keeping the Peace' in Rattay 
you will have to talk to a guard called 'Nightingale'. Upon speaking to him you will 
automatically unlock the side quest 'Courtship' in your quest log. Complete this quest 
to romance Theresa and earn the McLovin trophy at the end of it.

Horse Head Armour:
There is only one horse armour in the game and to find it you must travel deep into the 
woods east of Ledetcko until you get to the upper edges of a tall cliffside. If you look 
below you will see a dead horse in a giant nest which you can reach by jumping on the 
bushes. Then just loot the nest to get the horse head armour.

Avoid Food Poisoning:
Remember that the further the freshness level drops towards 0 the more poisoning the food 
becomes. As a general rule of thumb, avoid eating foods with less than 50 freshness (red 
value), unless you are standing next to a bed. Rotten food can still be resold so it's 
not completely useless. Food in the range of 30-50 freshness will give you minor 
poisoning if you consume it in small quantities which is not be an issue if your health 
is full.

Cure Food Poisoning:
Either sleep in a bed or consume an Antidote Potion which can be bought from apothecary 
shops (there is one in the town of Rattay). You can also unlock the perk 'Human Dustbin' 
from the Vitality skill tree (requires Vitality stat at level 6) which will negate ALL 
food poisoning, even for the most rotten of foods. If you have this perk you will never 
suffer from food poisoning again.

Increase Health Easily:
If you sleep in a bed you will gain +10 health per hour slept. Sleeping will also negate
food poisoining.

Some treasures require a spade, you can find the spade at the Rattay Mill, by a cart in 
front of the mill.

Increase Lockpicking Level:
For treasure chests that require hard/very hard lockpicking, you can drink a padfoot 
potion which will increases your lockpicking by 5 levels for 10 minutes.

Quick 10,000 Groschen:
If you concentrate on the treasure locations that require a spade, easy lockpicks, or no 
tools at all, you will get around 10,000 Groschen in 2-3 hours.

Best Armour Early:
Early in the game if you resell the armour you don't need you will earn a lot Groschen 
fast which you can use to get the best armour pieces.

Free Bed:
There is a 'free' bed in the barn about midway on the road between talmberg castle and 
the woodcutter's camp. You can sleep there all the time you need.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Cheat List:
Here's the current list of available cheats:


Beginner Tips:
When training with Captain Bernard, It is best that you wear some ‘training gear’ 
especially if you’re going to be training with a mace. Your armor, just like during
combat, will get damaged especially if you’re not to well-versed in blocking and 
evading. It would cost you a pretty penny to have everything fixed every after 
training session.

Speaking of good ‘ol Bernard, A lot of people are complaining that they could not 
find him or he’s stuck in Neunhof. Aside from a bug actually preventing him from 
coming back, He will make his way back to Rattay after the main quest “Finding 
Ginger” ergo; you wouldn’t be able to spar with him until then.

Learn how to brew potions. As with most peasantry in those times, Henry couldn’t 
read. That’s a problem since saving is done by downing some Saviour Schnapps and 
you can brew some via the alchemy station. You don’t HAVE to read a recipe to brew 
if you know what you’re doing so let my save you the frustration of husbanding 
your schnapps. You need 1 nettle and 2 Belladonnas. Boil the nettle in wine for 
two turns. Crush the two belladonnas in the mortar and pestle together then add 
it to the pot and boil it again for one turn. Get a phial and pour it in and 
voila! Saviour Schnapps. In the future when your alchemy skills gets high enough, 
each brewing session would net you three potions instead of one. Note that if 
you use autobrew you will not get the set of three.

If you’re the sneaky type, invest in some sneaking gear. Each set of apparel 
that you own would have stats on them. Check for visibility, conspicuousness, 
and noise. Black, grey, and dark blue normally works fine by keeping all three 
at a minimum. Learn how to brew the potion that lets you see at night so you’re 
not groping around or using a torch and the other potion that cancels noise.

You’re not superman. Don’t take on four attackers at the same time until you’re 
supremely confident of your skills. The people you see doing those had already 
invested in Henry’s skills and equipment. You’ll get flattened that way.

In the same vein of being capable, there is a dearth of combination attacks for 
anything else other than a sword. The axe and mace only have three move sets
 that are actually good but pretty hard to pull off because of their long 
sequence. You also need a minimum level of 7 for the weapon before you unlock 
the first combo.

Learn how to read early on the game. There are a few quests that require you 
being literate. It is also very useful when you’re starting out since there 
are a lot of skill books that merchants sell that you can read to improve your 

Some quests are time sensitive. You normally get a hint that something is 
important or something needs to be addressed immediately. Don’t loiter around 
too much. Some quests would change because it won’t wait for you.

If you’re interested in seeing something awesome, when you meet father Godwin, 
don’t do the speech skill check. Sure you could if you want to but you’ll be 
missing out on some funny shenanigans.

Saddlebags. The more you have the more your horse can carry. Be careful, the 
most expensive doesn’t necessary means it could carry the most. Check that it 
actually says how many bags it has.

All Item Commands:
Written by Kratch!

You can find all items in this guide!

How to Use Commands

Write wh_cheat_addItem [Item Code]

For example: 

wh_cheat_addItem 11324f3e-d7f0-49f7-b39d-14622de4d410

Melee Weapons

00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000005 : Big sword 
033fc7b6-17b6-486d-95cb-a22afb131be2 : Guisarme 
04c2c966-f55b-4afe-b0c2-bfdf4ba0deeb : Skalitz shield 
0ad36c8c-cfc7-44ab-8e8f-fe85e7646b71 : Ceremonial mace 
0eb0ac15-f0d9-49ce-9dd8-b37381a7a508 : Heavy shield 
0f5be0ac-ff11-4a01-a7f4-bf8e84c2e31b : Spear 
10f00d6e-66ce-4dbe-a4e0-71db8a1ba511 : Shield with crest 
11324f3e-d7f0-49f7-b39d-14622de4d410 : Bludgeon 
14aaa78f-49fe-49aa-bf46-bc6b8b06a6b7 : Bouche shield 
1592a436-4a22-4636-b82d-14af8127ee01 : Piercer 
17b7104f-d747-41ed-b701-d964584a0b37 : Shield of Sasau garrison 
196be21b-6d21-4dd6-84e4-c95ecd2092a7 : Mace 
1af2b27c-06bf-42a9-b203-8e7c83361d50 : Cuman metal shield 
1f389792-6ddb-4060-8cc4-13bcc9117db8 : Halberd 
1ff6e150-de1d-4cff-b263-e3dad48eef1a : Robber's sword 
214f7911-d9be-4260-b5cb-590f96ffde9a : Stinger 
21afc054-37d2-4cce-928e-c7d0d2e295c5 : Herod's Sword 
24a7c868-f23f-4799-8e64-331435a77404 : Warhammer 
26ddf0fa-c425-42a2-8879-fabaa66f414e : Test mace 
28a3a4be-3866-47be-91db-878888340674 : Noble's hunting sword 
2b652926-fb99-406f-9955-8a45dd1f1cd9 : Heavy shield 
2c9e4731-1858-423d-a898-a15484507cb7 : Old Sword 
2db35809-5a6b-4a5b-8782-eaf85c46f1d5 : Runt's club 
2e32ab30-aa7e-4628-8482-a229a68dfa72 : Shield with Talmberg crest 
30a02ab0-eb1d-4bf7-a53f-eb1004b2cbd8 : Skalitz shield 
375edea9-2d3c-4d1a-a6cc-e81ffa6bba26 : Bouche shield 
3846de6d-530b-4fcb-9d45-aac007498f04 : Test shield 
3e1e9a1d-37b5-4564-be23-af1017296d6c : Shield with crest 
3e7657f2-d653-4e57-ae77-6f2225ac642b : Shield of Sasau garrison 
3ef71c79-57c2-4f28-8f31-a091d9b78798 : Lucerne hammer 
405c1865-413d-43b8-8db9-c44a0eefd350 : Reforged scythe 
419bd251-9da5-1971-10cd-8428a6bdcb91 : Test Weapon 2 
42f20475-2329-4771-8b12-0cad34574bc8 : Butcher's blade 
4317a4e7-cfdc-4984-aab0-eba14f01e0ab : Coxcomb 
44940b6c-f1f9-4ad1-9419-b5705a88e5b0 : Italian bill 
488d9792-0dbf-41dc-a320-753d94d1f1b6 : Spiked warhammer 
49fa5ec9-92a9-4bfb-b56e-a33d04b69ee1 : Wooden training halberd 
4ac3347e-a93a-4cc0-9ba5-add86391bc12 : Old family heirloom 
4b6b9d8f-6b39-42da-90df-63d8d5adc68e : Test axe 
4bd249c6-0fea-4296-b60a-8d8a56ce76e6 :
4bf59325-6ee7-4200-8b61-ed0c505674ae : Cuman metal shield 
4c0874f3-67f9-4e5f-ad53-9ed29156acd5 : Reliable blade 
4cea28a0-0814-405a-bf24-4fd711f7eb63 : Torch 
4da4eeda-663b-4ef3-9793-518a3b9ac13a : Page's sword 
4ef4527a-cf8b-4103-a845-0b1f531c0848 : Common sabre 
50ef44b2-73f9-412f-bb4b-29047887a11b : Nicopolis sabre 
5348397f-9c7b-4638-8651-8f0764bb31af : Common shield 
539f94d5-d9b4-4e0b-a0b1-8403d27d96ff : Shield with Talmberg crest 
547dbb33-e2a7-414c-a2ea-379c96b776ee : Bardiche 
581f1eb0-7d42-4d6d-9609-9902d3690c07 : Sword 
5878eeed-a6b6-481c-ac10-9e7cd5958988 : Hungarian sabre 
58ef3e13-d40f-4b25-b4bc-3b06df0f2578 : Shard 
5ab5581a-be10-4520-9ab4-90c6985498d3 : Trusty companion 
5b7ed53e-3554-47c7-817b-b971a2d99713 : Shield with Talmberg crest 
5bcd587a-4d97-4bad-a8b4-3248fc6d0cc6 : Heavy battle axe 
5e079d0b-0909-45c8-9306-8ac579b7b407 : Decorated sabre 
5e2ba1cd-4a42-407c-9261-8afdbc3e86b4 : Soul Slicer 
60734204-5a17-47cc-8fa2-9e8dfdf4ed62 : Heavy shield 
608922e3-0405-4110-a026-dcd3c69b2bf2 : Cuman metal shield 
6195801f-e7e4-429c-9db9-8b31a62126c8 : Dagger 
662a3ac5-5883-4b7d-bd84-173eaa136a73 : Heavy war hammer 
67ef62fd-7d5a-4235-b68e-eede03cd9c99 : Ornamented dagger 
68a35c34-51db-4f5d-827b-fed5a45ddfcd : Executioner's sword 
6c67d354-a472-442b-9d43-7ba805880aa6 : Heavy shield 
6c8a6e64-350c-4f47-9a3f-18e3450987ef : Stalwart 
6dda19ab-a26d-4585-9600-15942e16caeb : Sword 
6de91117-0ce4-4a84-a903-3f0dcc1517a0 : Skalitz shield 
6ec15d56-4f77-4751-af72-e6225f825ae8 : Heavy warhammer 
709c3428-ee1c-4fbe-87d1-8282660308fb : Master Huntsman's sword 
726322dd-f2e6-4cf2-922f-0ff715e20633 : Shield with crest 
7377215a-a0ca-44a2-b11a-113a024191ca : Glaive 
75f6a7ef-7144-46c6-b044-b94ab4167f67 : Wooden Cuman shield 
772c5d38-66b3-43f7-9757-5f10439aee97 : Shield with Talmberg crest 
788c57a8-ae7a-43a7-8236-07fec193531c : Seax 
791ca878-59c2-455f-a3d1-c12bafa0e74f : Saving Grace 
7d102b4d-52ae-4abb-84ca-e976c2ccf8ef : Dagger 
80425345-1243-4bc2-b3bf-40ebff4a7fba : Axe 
80a90ce0-50f5-4273-8f3e-562f0965f30b : Black shield 
823df2a1-bd59-4820-ab53-35e23c46149c : Shield with Talmberg crest 
8468933a-7d6b-4cf9-92f0-af5874d40a9b : Wooden training sword 
85b71c81-e087-47f1-a290-bb80ed1bfaf2 : Thumper 
86386baf-5228-4a29-b545-4e6784b81f7c : Assassin 
871cbc55-35cf-4397-846e-7bf05d4308c7 : Hunting sword 
8e2ccaa1-17c2-4cef-b378-e71dc83bddb7 : Metal-plated battle axe 
8ef902ea-0c32-44c9-b101-71f35b9cbe3d : Bardiche 
8f2764bc-e4e7-407a-b1ed-8ee221b2bb5d : Sword 
929e08b0-9cda-4eb6-a7c4-28e8bd4dd32d : Shield with crest 
931be8b2-e9e7-48f8-84f9-54f438d19cc4 : Spiked club 
937c90ad-fdee-45ff-a712-6fae845a5210 : Robber baron's sword 
965cc83a-1d34-416f-aabd-c4a461a6e583 : Rusty blade 
980003b4-f81f-42c5-bdc7-5d389158aa4a : Falchion 
98851303-bf50-4a41-9aa7-aa33e025d0fb : Test sabre 
9d2561cc-892f-4527-94cc-4fa607102949 : Longinus' sword 
9d9bdc38-9e6e-459f-8a75-700fdc1e604f : Pernach 
9f754566-7fb2-47e1-951b-22c27debb3c8 : Magdeburg sword 
9fb601d5-486c-4082-93cc-6356b0771b05 : St. Michael's sword 
a1ba1e1d-a9dd-4b31-b518-184070831576 : Black shield 
a415c3a7-82f0-4a73-925a-bb2c1674955f : Duellist 
a7d5c50c-de7d-4982-969e-33fcbccb749a : Wooden training sword 
a8014877-ce10-4331-88ab-04173b6370ad : Burgher's sword 
aa8ebb16-e117-46ae-8c85-5c53ceb79394 : Cooper's axe 
aca90050-0b70-4ca0-9d29-b94326203c75 : Exotic eastern blade 
ad443031-370e-4a63-ba12-ee3fc4c338a8 : Carpenter's axe 
af7fd872-0830-4e33-843e-5c015bbe9e73 : Captain's mace 
b11aeb90-5752-48a2-962e-af64fe618b4d : Test Weapon 3 
b129a71e-cadb-47db-bc2c-6ce85e3b278c : Cuman metal shield 
b173f48f-6f4f-42eb-a119-37d2402e74f0 : Wooden Cuman shield 
b48f2290-b002-4b87-baf7-ad55a44727a1 : Lords of Leipa shield 
b59ab3c7-f70b-4de4-937e-074e97bfe327 : Razor 
b61b9315-d9b4-4a93-bcc0-3db9848886ab : Woodcutter's axe 
b741463f-fe65-430b-9082-13d1950a523d : Runt's club 
b97a2084-a5ca-4d16-ab58-e4665afe212f : Cuman axe 
bd0beb13-9c64-40fb-988c-ed1f0a122b14 : Shield decorated 
c2d79308-ce89-41e4-b07c-8c00f4496370 : Bailiff's mace 
c316062a-5633-4e1e-bea3-f226717c0258 : Noble sword 
c76986a8-7b55-4bd3-bb20-cdbb0eea8727 : Shield with crest 
c8072476-7ac0-4cdd-8cfc-51893e5c86c6 : Knight's hunting sword 
c8c010e2-4ae9-42b3-8b02-df7d797237f9 : Shield with crest 
c9cc366b-7192-4261-8861-be7877e9ef17 : Mercenary's bedfellow 
cf58c28c-f2bd-41a0-9c6d-764767d144cf : Hunting spear 
cf84a3f5-781a-4f1d-94b7-db8745a9682e : Lords of Leipa shield 
cfa7a763-493e-41a7-98e8-7bd54bba4649 : Common shield 
d133cf8c-dc76-48ca-a823-cf837e7f0f99 : Wooden Cuman shield 
d14a845b-3787-4172-9fe4-f4dfcd6ac0ec : Fearnot 
d289be6f-a7cb-44b2-b2d0-a0a45105ef98 : Test polearm 
d2fdde4f-0d45-46d0-949b-b061b6619af6 : Shield with crest 
d41af9ba-400f-49ae-91fa-38c7da4b815b : Envoy's aide-de-camp 
d459cb3a-04b5-4de7-b115-35ec17d293ba : Queen of Sheba's sword 
d5ca8f35-28ec-4bf3-b042-7c97ce4c4f14 : Metal-plated battle axe 
d70b732b-c924-4dad-aa56-2f27e6e9c656 : Bouche shield 
d7a081e8-2b8c-49d0-915d-2d3c8d4c5274 : Sir Radzig Kobyla's sword 
db0725ac-c0e0-41db-b7a6-2887c57df612 : St. George's sword 
db35e15d-ccc0-4c59-b76e-f7d6be6939f2 : Prodder 
dcdc05d3-2ac9-40b1-b54f-d25c91966de8 : Heavy shield 
de21749a-627d-406c-9dc6-e3e08d65d8d9 : Shield with crest 
e0c5c6fb-6a02-4ead-9877-ff0464b92729 : Axe 
e16b0af6-fb6a-43e2-9a9c-1b8c227e64b8 : Raven's beak 
e3ee5787-f4c5-42b7-a900-33dc97c60706 : Cleaver 
e5ab81a9-d02e-4361-acf5-ac755df7f2dc : Grandad's old sword 
e5dfafd0-f45b-4b79-9e5d-b95d545a85f8 : Shield decorated 
e5fc1a89-9bb1-44a9-a524-c6834a5e2e76 : Wooden training sword 
e6391b02-c09c-495d-a980-ad675d523fb3 : Needle 
e680ebb5-c752-4640-906d-70f332106154 : Pricker 
e73cf113-a458-40fc-82a5-36c00f96da08 : Wooden training axe 
e85bbb3c-a40e-4c42-94c2-61372a4e889a : Morgenstern 
c470e0c-5bbd-43bb-803e-0e7867253c25 : Rider's sabre 
ee4d4a9d-dfe7-432e-80ae-6be5ac6c6225 : Broad axe 
eef9a291-fa86-454b-9a01-22d92647f5f1 : Lords of Leipa shield 
ef79c956-744e-4731-a385-ecf9c57b3adc : Shield of Sasau garrison 
f07a9b9b-10b5-4662-8b2a-8e5cd34b04a3 : Test longsword 
f2817f34-9e28-4b97-8f6c-d2b2a7aaa61b : Bohemian earspoon 
f42fb3ff-9790-4831-a364-ae7b9c60a519 : Decorated hunting sword 
f7359b93-8312-4f13-8c51-ddb671a9edff : Bludgeon 
ff2b21b8-c613-45ff-89c6-8a347cf37ff6 : Merchant's sword 
ff88dfd6-181a-4de0-b82a-ad8f1d649bc8 : Test short sword

Bows & Arrows


13ba7468-11a2-483d-8cb9-25ce36a2d228 : Better wounding arrow 
19df1c5c-3dbf-45c0-ac01-336facf5f741 : Poor quality arrow 
278d26d1-e9a7-4354-84f9-37d20cb72b45 : New test arrow 
4fd563e5-a44a-4a6e-958d-95bcb196814a : Ordinary arrow 
710e3706-8974-404b-b23a-6f51670ef1ed : Better hunting arrow 
7db6b854-e307-4a47-ba39-943190b2469e : Tournament arrow 
802507e9-d620-47b5-ae66-08fcc314e26a : Hunting arrow 
a5b31bbc-1e11-4831-835b-c06d5b13a7da : Better piercing arrow 
ad6f0f01-aec4-44d1-982c-1210eb01b74a : Long-distance arrow 
c49aa63a-07a6-4417-9f9b-97f2712a4cd0 : Wounding arrow 
c70cbea8-64fc-4309-b559-6b1ed76ea9d4 : Better long-distance arrow 
d5e6764d-18ba-44cb-8dd0-6640a17785a8 : Better long-distance arrow 
dfea5d01-b25c-414a-9ab4-6911a5f82118 : Piercing arrow 
e5b3f681-3714-4623-97be-4015fa454797 : Quality arrow 


01b86c1e-1614-4310-8bed-10b7682e5815 : Villager's elm bow 
03589a69-d3f4-403a-a389-ca021e7c8f40 : Trial bow 
0d03afe4-9785-44d2-88d2-2c870de8dbfa : Elm longbow 
3bafe608-b757-491d-a51c-3a48b758a6b8 : Cuman bow 
47267303-7658-40a7-b39c-57aa8093c176 : Cuman bow 
481e7576-a6ee-4732-ba2f-98b88b430c41 : Villager's yew bow 
53dffc64-bf9c-4a28-af02-a2ec9705d4a7 : Yew hunting bow 
57ace80d-3683-486a-93b1-1bbe4c21e598 : Yew longbow 
58649b63-8239-4ef5-a834-5530d145fe95 : Cuman bow 
6096a15f-3d8a-496d-a24c-4776c10189d7 : Villager's dogwood bow 
65eb17e8-29e4-435f-98b1-74f577fe764c : Very light bow 
6e06e314-5cc0-41eb-a7b6-69896b121413 : Example bow 
7c1ee5f9-e089-4ee5-9f65-524976e86e7d : Cuman bow 
7fc2317f-6237-4423-82d2-8c809f651e85 : Ash hunting bow 
b063cb37-8f17-49b9-88f8-04111fc81838 : Villager's hazel bow 
b3fea5de-4ef1-4bcd-9836-7b3c7765ffbb : Villager's ash bow 
c6909d59-330f-4fd6-8dad-36b4bd73613a : Ash longbow 
cea13fef-025c-47bb-b148-9783b9951acc : Dogwood hunting bow 
deb5276d-4926-4545-bdda-f457cac8bc01 : Villager's bow 
e38a3c49-811b-4ff2-80d6-fc4d49d89ba5 : Hazel hunting bow 
f2c83abc-2252-49f6-bbb7-dc8bc02979b2 : Capon's hunting bow 

Alchemy Ingredients

20774cbd-f9f8-48c8-99ab-632985b7ea56 : White feathers 
2bf46965-a851-4602-8282-cbefe7f24945 : Raven feathers 
33392df2-2b85-4875-998b-c313de495f57 : Cobweb 
347e61a6-d36e-4d1e-99ce-98c8ecbeee73 : Frankincense 
38ea59b9-ead9-4fb5-a62a-2051abd844a2 : Gall 
3db25e6e-dfe2-4b06-a079-80e6064073c4 : Antlers 
7b1c57a3-54fd-441f-8cad-21157bd1a85b : Wolf's fangs 
a40e513f-045e-421c-99c9-c10dae3d9fe1 : Cave mushroom 
a4f0f4c8-dc3f-4cb2-be89-f0f56fbb09fa : Wild boar's tusk 
abb6cc5a-3592-406f-82ab-edfb73e219be : Fly agaric 
b6de890f-068b-4a58-b927-0860becae508 : Honey 
b9ed56a7-7965-48e3-ab35-78aec6733f3d : Salt 
c5b24e5e-69f0-4ed9-bc74-96c3de9dc677 : Black feathers 
ce3b63c5-b749-423a-b189-d98d0e14f781 : Red feather 
d2a23942-45c1-4d5a-bcbc-96a09611af75 : Rooster feather 
e8676cb3-98a9-4a71-949e-cb463e6f7732 : Antlers 
f879ac63-2ce2-4114-83a2-89643c1ed102 : Charcoal 


0290b689-c01c-480f-b121-bed71ad1f5e0 : Eyebright 
05bef17b-ddeb-426d-aa53-52ff6d4f521e : Poppy 
27b8a61f-36e4-4101-9be5-1b814d43bd8f : Valerian 
2ddf6256-0662-44c4-99fe-f713b6d900ea : Herb Paris 
4d9e61aa-3f90-4e5d-b836-f9e158196438 : Wormwood 
5e9b4fa1-aafa-4352-b5d6-58df2c263caa : Nettle 
7259b9bc-dfae-487e-a8bb-c1f500894e0c : Chamomile 
7da04bba-0564-42da-bcf1-9a2fc5faf025 : Mint 
9b771c16-c0b1-438c-aeda-8c4d3ce28465 : St. John's wort 
a11cc7f6-b499-4003-aef1-938e87b30a2e : Dandelion 
a314b580-bc97-4802-ae1f-8f4803e34503 : Belladonna 
a364b800-c1ca-4bd1-92cb-ae1689bfa7ea : Thistle 
b5587dd4-f7d8-4378-9903-7626a227ca0f : Henbane 
b9de1d84-a0c1-4b81-9f60-8d7fbb3cb9d4 : Sage 
bf7b7c2a-017b-4c7b-b9aa-0c4e29ce5913 : Marigold 
de134f81-cfbe-422d-9105-df3e0b3b59b5 : Comfrey 

Base Liquids

310e921d-da62-48e4-88ef-de9f295e0045 : Alchemy spiritus 
34bd1d0b-1203-42a0-b9b4-d3585a4d9b48 : Alchemy oil 
d5efb270-948b-4a38-b391-38b2edd31c8d : Alchemy wine 
e96d768e-04e5-4480-9197-1c256d642ddc : Alchemy water 


006ec8d6-1ce1-4e90-8267-7c349812ddcd : Unknown potion 
0340b85d-71b0-4314-a6c9-8856d884bc92 : Diarrhoea potion 
1322a0ca-1be1-449a-b1fa-cd7079a9ba90 : Mind enfeeblement potion 
1ae018d8-f41b-482c-a679-d529f33ca335 : Syrup 
20361656-5917-40e9-be7f-a5e6cc07981d : None 
2509115d-59c9-44f8-9802-f600eba63fa9 : Amor potion 
2529e246-6f1b-4529-8d6b-64245207bae8 : Spirits 
2668d311-8667-4f27-b94b-7f6175678f17 : Lazarus potion 
27144e47-00aa-468e-a81b-49cb3b248b07 : Test Potion: Invincible 
2b24a290-ec3c-454c-901e-fea76aa76d74 : Bivoj's Rage potion 
31148cbb-8592-4b26-a1ae-8a9e07e309e6 : Lullaby potion 
3157d51d-7461-4fdc-9601-93bd5ed42156 : Bowman's Brew 
34d9f446-e5a7-4af4-858a-e96473de814f : Bard potion 
36d4b46d-75cb-4e58-a430-b1a0aa283088 : Dandelion syrup 
3d3f5935-c2e3-4e52-8a16-a6a04ee4a79f : Witch potion 
42e54d97-6e63-4e50-a09d-325ef4dd2286 : Bane potion 
567fc1b1-1424-4784-9da8-5104e2e7354d : Embrocation 
5c17d1d9-70ec-49d9-9b05-ae23247c045f : Dollmaker potion 
5f6cdfad-2e87-45e4-bd5a-e3b604adc766 : Aid for Merhojed 
6568088a-98b6-4353-81d1-31bd2662a545 : Preserver 
6b955a9b-d8de-492c-a53e-a052fab4ff0a : Nighthawk potion 
6d08f32a-997e-44f1-b6b6-9caf2ade9cf3 : Strong poison 
73b69372-3ccb-4bf4-bd21-94863da2654e : Tiredness potion 
73ff1fde-ec8b-41e9-95e3-b5938c715bf1 : Aesop potion 
850d28d9-9d0a-4b2e-9feb-e6c48c5f1aad : Vitality potion 
8b713d0c-9a04-4354-a53f-ffd384057fa6 : Antidote 
928463d9-e21a-4f7c-b5d3-8378ed375cd1 : Saviour Schnapps 
92c829ca-41f6-40a7-b8d9-aac5159c7a89 : Buck's Blood potion 
ab25a50a-7836-47a9-acb2-5fd93684b8c5 : Padfoot potion 
b0763820-556a-4d4c-a858-009aa897fb61 : Aid for Merhojed 
b38c34b7-6016-4f64-9ba2-65e1ce31d4a1 : Marigold decoction 
c40dc516-9886-4245-8a8b-2cbb16da918d : Cockerel potion 
c9bfcc38-7ed1-4ed7-a86d-7ef0f7292762 : None 
d837e829-d706-4db8-8e3d-e70a16882c96 : Hair o' the Dog potion 
e1adda6e-aba9-4de2-a50f-062432fd73df : Oblivion potion 
eca88106-4bab-4419-8772-4450739c193c : Digestion potion 
ee4d5b06-0a7e-4073-969b-b11131e97fef : Test Potion: Stamina Frenzy 
f1309a89-045f-44ae-a4d9-c997b892a162 : Artemisia potion 
fd6cceee-06d0-4a0b-a0f6-c52d0afd5481 : Poison 


0686c001-d42b-467c-b3de-f87beb915c68 : Dog lard 
06be2a3d-4e05-4a78-85cd-33879cd669c9 : Herring 
0a78fe34-737c-4346-9762-6b3036fbc9c6 : Chicken heart 
0b4e244a-e3de-4502-afd0-fb7fe309629a : Cream 
0cb47176-06c5-42a9-8d70-969e917eb999 : Drinking water 
0fc6cac7-29e6-4753-8873-0bcbbeba5548 : Roe-deer venison 
154a8471-b753-4f84-ac5f-d989c8532d02 : Bacon 
18ff9093-2cc4-4ab3-9f34-7cb0dd7cd30a : Chicken 
1afb192c-f3d9-4ac2-a261-623d56d70b7e : Dried mushrooms 
1c2da556-488b-4a86-b22a-c42acb299938 : Watermelon 
1df1ee61-0b44-4efd-bfa4-37efbcd4be42 : Roe deer meat 
2264f217-590e-4c0f-a4c6-f50c6532b9f6 : Apple 
22eb16a0-1175-4e2e-a951-33d362e288fb : Crystal meth 
239ea469-3237-48d8-af90-da7cdf4140dc : Cooked Lepiota 
24522d1a-942c-4e3f-870d-58861f898985 : Piece of meat 
265f4d46-a993-464f-8f84-919569aa6818 : Cracklings 
28a7c5cd-d80d-4167-ba1b-fcfc520c40b7 : test soup 
295c54f8-76a3-42fa-8fe1-8f1ecb63576b : Cooked apple 
29a4f58e-6e00-4f9c-9273-1a76e0eccff0 : Smoked sausage 
2bac1a01-c77a-4d1b-803d-020c33af4de2 : Sheep kidneys 
2eeb7bf7-f0ac-4c46-9468-97c2f76cb254 : Pear 
319a7fe7-1c5d-42fa-80cd-83126cb6eaff : Salami 
373747b8-5225-41ba-b511-56526ff90a30 : Cooked pork 
38df365c-a4bb-462b-80cc-eb92f16930fa : Cheap wine 
390c0dc8-23fd-42a0-91f2-a4d42f96a387 : Mead 
3a2d670c-bfc8-441a-aaf6-3a0ffc874b91 : Offal 
3c056762-3e14-471a-8f0e-8d57919fb9c4 : Cooked lamb 
3c1c1d0d-66c5-4b40-a501-6fb875c8e3c7 : Lentil soup 
3c78b620-ca94-11e1-9b23-0800200c9a66 : Horsemeat 
4088cfbd-c7cc-46ba-9e68-8db8815932e3 : Cooked onion 
43e66d17-75e5-4832-a511-48c77b8d4cb3 : Cooked red-deer venison 
4446bc26-efff-4117-b4f5-19ee9045847d : Pork 
44593169-7482-4293-80bc-01c3144e4fa2 : Cooked beef 
45be379b-df05-4e13-9aa1-aaae649e8366 : Dried meat 
4a3dc302-b035-44cc-a49b-9da912c28cc1 : Cooked pork liver 
4a6fa310-067a-404d-9813-bd1761d1c70d : Onion 
4d1d646c-ce45-434b-96ae-cfa27b86b4b6 : Lamb 
4dab452b-7f35-4cd9-942f-f59fd14c83fe : Boletus edulis 
4eed0a2b-1233-40b4-88f5-7f67de916b58 : Cooked chicken 
4f4b113c-0d1c-4f37-b846-77869d810ab5 : Powdered unicorn horn 
501ef3d2-5d16-4f98-90bd-d40f6ff74e30 : Pea soup 
51555071-7c55-4da1-9b61-ee3c14fde18b : Milk 
52446f8a-3073-4006-b181-60c82475a03a : Cooked beef rump 
52afd6fa-9377-457c-83a2-b5b39321a4dc : Beer 
5459ce70-3c48-402f-9f59-98e2594328e8 : Cooked horsemeat 
55537a99-41ba-4497-925c-a543ced248e3 : Boiled beet 
5585da96-12c9-478d-a1a2-d5f206d9fe72 : Boiled cabbage 
5c0981cd-1c99-4690-8e54-29dbfc315c1d : Cooked beef tongue 
5dceabb5-aef0-4bf5-b401-acbc30a44e21 : Garlic 
5f02ef0d-0551-44b1-902c-c96a8650d01d : Cooked garlic 
5ff91d0f-e525-4b37-9256-d8fea8be1c8d : Beef tongue 
60a0200f-a581-4669-bb10-24ac4a28c071 : Lard 
6198800d-2524-4b66-b9ca-b640e2ae99f5 : Lentil soup 
63d98446-f3c8-4407-8949-c246295b1496 : Hardboiled egg 
68d9f225-030a-43c0-83b3-c4bc57568581 : Cooked roe-deer kidneys 
6a324aa9-a566-406c-a3f8-6c416a00b399 : Cooked trout 
6f1d0e9e-d532-4476-af7a-e24ea01da040 : Hare meat 
76fd4ad3-84e2-444c-9822-b67c4adbc349 : Roast chicken 
7899825d-ed6f-4f00-b698-649ba652cf6d : Beet 
7ac72484-f37f-458d-857a-74cf4bba672e : Boiled radish 
7ae2e77b-bdae-46cb-b6ac-f532cf225748 : Egg 
7beb4bdc-6478-455c-8746-afb92c604be8 : Honey 
7c5126cd-b010-4484-8465-22a3d69fa0df : Wine 
7c97d412-d1db-4d42-a85a-27f381f4a9e9 : Deer kidneys 
81358847-cc24-4036-aa0f-99f180cd4ecc : Cooked boletus 
81c21fdc-3d62-4d1f-854f-eb364db1bcff : Beef 
86e4ff24-88db-4024-abe6-46545fa0fbd1 : Bread 
8bfec925-7c39-447e-94bc-c4fb96fe12e7 : Horseradish 
8d6964b1-b645-4aa1-adcc-db22646f3722 : Cabbage 
907a2cd5-2730-424e-bf11-ef1f2db8f7e1 : Radish 
a0a6a756-e204-4943-b215-543471b5cc39 : Red-deer venison 
ab3ee24b-1e2f-4fe8-a3e8-a059d8391d2f : Cooked offal 
b2f8f5e3-8e5e-4600-a4bb-be17e2d4a058 : Cheese 
b3e363cf-8dde-4733-89a9-c468d5580d2e : Sweet pancake 
b73fc42f-829f-4f3e-8ae5-2b6fc5f4b157 : Lentil mash 
b7ee311c-736b-4f7c-987b-8431ce3b5600 : Carrot 
b7ef543a-3421-43d3-b57d-94f382ae6822 : Porridge 
b8f8953c-5668-4e6c-9d8c-843d85ec83ee : Cooked piece of meat 
ba4b74ad-f8f1-427e-905b-1bc8c27163e7 : Boar meat 
bc16f9ec-a4c9-4d4e-9f6a-35ffcad7085e : Dried fruit 
bc26419a-f9d5-40bb-98f0-05b6c527e85a : Boiled carrot 
bc76f2f4-8ba0-458e-8ec6-fc88d4c8202f : Cooked sheep kidneys 
bc7771bc-5ef2-4177-8c8e-3b0e989175a4 : Cooked roe-deer venison 
bd6a9ffc-68b6-4222-b7fd-7bd72634b712 : Cooked deer kidneys 
be9bd6b7-b2c1-432a-90a7-4a13c58c0936 : Cooked deer liver 
c27e73bd-05db-42c5-963e-09c42395160a : Lepiota 
c352d8ae-4021-4f9b-b49c-b1f087f2cd2c : Pretzel 
c64b7286-07b8-4bdf-afd0-359171d35249 : Schnapps 
c6d9387a-30de-469a-a785-3220bf0426ba : Roe-deer kidneys 
c888acac-26ef-4f4a-be33-0b8bd82e7500 : Roast duck 
ca5a0aa3-e373-48ec-96e4-1c3b9907bac3 : Rosehip wine 
ca873759-2d0d-4f2f-ba05-49b6c1872a9e : Bread roll 
d031224d-34c3-4f2b-98f7-d77789a309c2 : Cooked hare meat 
d7248e1e-64dd-4d38-8049-826eb2fb39d0 : Cooked dog meat 
db357169-2012-4c12-b82b-d021cd4c8d9f : Cooked boar meat 
db66940d-09bc-4450-8df9-8268e52e4ac2 : Cooked roe-deer meat 
ddb0fc96-be22-42d8-ba8c-ff00b68c0481 : Coffee 
de574125-0ff9-4d98-a1d9-74a7cf1f019c : Cooked chicken heart 
dea2883f-6bd9-4f6e-bae8-80322d428652 : Fine wine. 
e19d0a82-e5cc-49b2-b0a2-14b004cb4717 : Cooked horseradish 
e1c06864-38e2-4bb8-a5c2-dcc52eee1c44 : Pastry 
e63f4277-25d9-406b-90f4-cb8b79ab6dc3 : Magic PI - mushroom 
e86b8924-37b9-479d-9249-b082b019d435 : Deer liver 
e9170235-1d45-465b-bdec-a5599605e15e : Pork liver 
eb47297f-4a52-45d4-b98c-057c2db35d33 : Rump 
f0c9f56f-cd0f-4973-bfb5-3cea3e756bcc : Cooked pear 
f2e16499-8a27-4acc-a4af-f29e00300507 : Trout 
fdd2036c-15a6-462e-9a0e-acbe20288bcc : Cooked roe-deer kidneys 
fe68ee1c-579a-4414-a794-da184ea494cd : Roe-deer kidneys 
ff25cae9-7182-4d55-bbb0-0706404e5b69 : Dog meat 


167eb312-0e9d-4c2f-8ce3-56c32f5a84cb : Small armourer's kit 
238538b5-cd3e-460e-8e85-52c820edb716 : Cobbler's kit 
61f9f0db-1f71-4a5f-9970-7c1bb6e6dfb1 : Buffed Bandage Test 
6aeb1531-369e-47cc-ad6c-f78df1c37d13 : Armour kit 
85310d06-2845-46ee-be8f-295503b35035 : Small cobbler's kit 
9f7a0c0a-6458-4622-9cc5-2f4dd4898b50 : Small tailor's kit 
9fa3000e-3807-48a8-bed8-81427f0bda55 : Bandage 
c707733a-c0a7-4f02-b684-9392b0b15b83 : Small blacksmith's kit 
cda856d8-9ee4-4f61-b2c7-eace8e082d62 : Tailor's kit 
f961d38d-12e6-430c-92d5-d7e7e45a87e9 : Blacksmith's kit 

Books & Maps

07160d62-c215-4ed7-8721-ec343e5347f1 : Engraver's documents 
09d8e88a-32f7-435c-800f-ac9dfe07da7a : The Kingdom of Bohemia 
0a9b5b2a-2614-4f11-a987-aab64133bea0 : Sharp as a Knife II 
0d7225ca-3896-4a8d-a2c6-82558a7741a9 : Recipe for poison 
0defd37d-cfec-446f-b307-e9ef65fea3f3 : Marathon II 
119f5336-3931-4dbc-96f4-d6f5b4fa87fa : Recipe for Amor potion 
12f62ab4-1b4e-4c76-8293-73bbb227b027 : The Rule of St. Benedict I 
1324d620-c5ad-4000-8dc5-3253e2d49a1d : Recipe for Lazarus potion 
1414462b-7ede-4d6d-ad85-8772c26f969f : On the Adamites 
1461d29c-a474-4645-bf53-32f3c1fe3113 : Saint Wilgefortis 
15756be8-18d6-41e0-9338-c5039d1d0548 : The Cumans 
15a92bc2-d1f3-438f-a104-c1fc7bd71996 : The Rule of St. Nicholas II 
17fee956-5ec2-4c95-abb4-e9f3a0aca530 : Tavern Life 
196ffe33-bec0-410d-abb5-138f69ececd7 : Marathon III 
1dc7d3ef-08b0-4d4f-aca1-78ddf60a5c10 : Grasses and Herbs 
20856f2c-1f0c-42dd-805a-87eb7902ddeb : Hercules and His Diet II 
20fa3692-2e69-4562-8949-48fcf81fc813 : Recipe for Spirits 
218418c0-f211-40b3-afa9-f1bff300d0b5 : The Alchemist's Dream II 
26c491bf-b876-43fc-ad25-34b3a6f7980f : Treasure map II 
26cf61b2-5d9f-49b1-94b7-c82e0924abf2 : Silence is Golden and Other Myths III 
2abf0600-2cae-4c1b-a789-2f633aca4f73 : The Joy of Gutting 
2aca6ba2-e72f-4b29-a550-2f8af50d49ff : Marathon IV 
2c180a20-ac66-4093-b0d6-15046ea5fa34 : Silence is Golden and Other Myths II 
2cd02a0f-d7e3-44c3-ac8f-7b6da6ac3f37 : Recipe for Bowman's Brew 
2eae1626-8e2c-479d-b4cf-e3c298725986 : Treasure map XIV 
306e8746-088f-456a-9454-f43df58bb618 : Rule of St. Benedict II 
317fb715-6967-41c5-ab2c-f65f7391b6df : Novice acceptance records 
325afbbb-3f0c-4d79-a990-0a3124a44907 : Recipe for Marigold decoction 
327fc55f-4bd0-45c2-984c-c6ad62dac8c2 : Treasure map XI 
32ad55e4-fb31-406c-a8d0-706872ba206e : Recipe for Nighthawk potion 
33f044a1-c7b1-497d-adbb-b514cb440fc5 : The Prince-Electors 
3426fb05-4786-493b-a64e-6c976aaa5321 : The Peculiar Siege of Prague 
3bed7288-086a-4a62-8291-22f32291b06f : Latin book II 
40d029c9-3b81-4758-8aa2-a6c71fc4500b : Latin book III 
40e6397c-2f66-4740-a4eb-1b7d77bb2a23 : Treasure map VII 
42216ef3-d07f-4f65-8e38-3c89e53e48b8 : Ancient Map III 
4461ae67-bd5e-4f5d-b543-d7718e09e610 : The Joy of Gutting III 
453be04d-7edb-4e77-94d1-3a31aa5481eb : Tavern Life III 
477821f4-91c4-45d6-95b2-3382e0d7350d : Recipe for Artemisia potion 
4935b34d-fb9f-4a80-91de-0c79eb437d52 : Grasses and Herbs IV 
4abed021-3f89-4519-b9e2-e7365be45b09 : Ancient Map IV 
4bc80faf-3615-4eba-b1e6-885e1ff76d4f : Treasure map V 
4c269b41-ae42-4ac2-8d48-25f46f37847e : Recipe 
4c71660a-527f-448b-8832-ef80dad3e322 : Treasure map XVI 
4eba4ef8-7022-4842-a49f-511478b91469 : Who Needs a Key? 
4ed69166-1d45-4582-aa56-27e4fe368449 : Who Needs a Key? IV 
4f960851-461f-4a52-859a-42fed994099b : Primer 
54235ce5-57e6-4a07-af32-9ac9e11c0709 : Black Chronicle of Rattay 
543ce983-2cdf-4905-afc5-7e3325ba46d8 : Captive's letter 
55057cac-7e39-47f8-921c-68de4f3e04cb : Silence is Golden and Other Myths IV 
5538d184-00b8-4604-a68d-9eabbef1f591 : Recipe for Aqua Vitalis 
56fb7288-7e6f-4f32-a0b2-75e2fa47295f : On Simony 
573023a0-3e7f-400e-a43c-d3e16b4c72ab : Wenceslas IV 
576f5c23-d5f0-4372-971c-b8cb068eca3f : Shadow Play II 
585319b6-f72f-4662-99dd-817a1c40758d : Hercules and His Diet IV 
59374dd5-b243-47f9-be1a-b168407f6d9a : Treasure map I 
5943bccf-03ce-4ced-bef7-b28f4d5f3fb1 : Latin book V 
5b1ddc30-3422-46ce-98e4-e8d2eedaf028 : Latin text 
5b262db6-3fa3-4be6-b0d5-4c50f2d35a5e : Latin book IV 
5d1c2c66-55b9-4c36-85a5-0a11da319f0a : Basic horse-riding skills 
5eb14c68-d99c-4a11-a260-51cbf2a9d2a2 : Recipe for Bard potion 
6039016f-464c-486e-8bb7-f4fe160dbe88 : Recipe for Buck's Blood potion 
604529f5-ba8b-46e8-8210-2683d67d6dbb : Recipe for Aesop potion 
6074da31-4882-4ab4-81ee-ff7e570e29b2 : The Joy of Gutting IV 
62f6fbbc-e68d-4c4c-a472-f8fbbbb8fcf8 : Karel's commission 
6328b5e5-3747-42a0-9d4d-c6e91f3c26ff : Old Father Czech 
6407d0df-eba0-40de-9f7c-362d9301d58c : Latin book I 
64d17160-25c7-45f2-888f-db0ea167de5f : Avicenna - Sufficientia 
6615363c-e609-499c-90bb-921e6ab07c71 : Primer III 
67b39af3-6074-4acc-8b28-f11ce62faeff : Recipe for Lullaby potion 
682f330c-40e8-454b-86d4-9fcb4e9ec742 : Shadow Play 
68c2427e-2e9f-4b32-b947-15ae1840d102 : Overseer's ledger 
6992abe6-b51e-4024-a654-13e7cd49028d : Grasses and Herbs II 
6c2efaae-819d-4899-be2b-e4e6142047f7 : Hercules and His Diet 
6caca7be-2792-484c-9128-3ade0489934d : Basic horse-riding skills IV 
6e3c3cfd-0315-436b-9b52-9087a127e644 : The Rule of St. Nicholas IV 
6eb6ee59-af87-4f75-ada5-b0c655f5f1ab : The Alchemist's Dream III 
74885c5c-e489-45c2-bb69-6011092396b3 : On Libuse and Premysl 
78e4ff84-aca1-46b2-9e13-3a538a8f4c63 : Treasure map IV 
79d3f004-e641-4fbf-bcbe-731966ab804e : Everyday Labours 
7a4cbad4-2c5f-4121-ae58-dfe17540a848 : Treasure map XVII 
7a7db7c5-3089-4224-b180-6e7ece2a534f : Silence is Golden and Other Myths 
7afa398b-2f51-4acf-be39-42971061e5e7 : Marathon 
7b80535e-9945-4340-b086-733cc0813f89 : Sharp as a Knife 
7becbe4a-c4b4-448e-bb12-5a383da1db31 : Necronomicon II 
805ba438-34c7-4ef5-8699-d7a61721b1c4 : St. Adalbert 
80a73944-1c3e-4fcf-b4c5-9fed24d3757c : Ancient map V 
8178448f-fbe8-49bb-b574-edef9c3dc966 : Treasure map XXI 
847a8a68-1097-4c97-baeb-f30c0bfd174d : Treasure map XV 
84877aac-ea4f-45eb-bc53-77d4886207f1 : Treasure map XIX 
87ccb223-a396-4381-8ce3-a08e99277a11 : Ancient map I 
8b38e0bd-f28f-4863-bea5-850770c8f8f6 : Seal 
8b8f2de7-d10e-4ccd-8e97-39134ddd78ac : Recipe for Witch potion 
8c23bd24-ea62-43b3-ac49-357ff34d3ed2 : Agile as a Weasel II 
8d8f5757-beb1-4e09-8899-c5dc17c15891 : Basic horse-riding skills III 
8f33ba0d-31ac-4867-80f6-2acb555ed26c : Ancient map II 
905f75d5-b0dc-4990-bbe4-2d971ddc9e6d : Recipe for Hair o' the Dog potion 
94131fb9-3956-4704-baf9-4415f8d229b5 : Ulrich's documents 
9475fa39-7ce3-4253-9953-fe03c753d8fd : On Prague 
99a4625d-816a-4d72-9859-098a5ba016ae : Recipe for Preserver potion 
9a20ef55-669b-48d6-895f-b568e91f8a13 : Treasure map XII 
9a2e6d4d-92ca-4011-940d-4ae85408054e : Heretic's testimony 
9cfb899c-3bdd-44b3-9960-54c630ac1780 : Forged leave of absence 
a048af10-45f4-4766-b7eb-90f2d8098fef : Treasure map III 
a49c0356-66c4-4cbf-99f6-9581f15bb39d : Tavern Life IV 
a4bbfe01-e327-4063-87a0-3a64692641e7 : Charles IV 
a4f2c91e-e504-4283-93c5-9bd2c00d5f0f : Treasure map XIII 
a955dc3d-1327-40d2-a9ea-bb2d06f576ec : Recipe for Bane potion 
ad347b6b-40c8-48be-b757-1d40aaf2d6a8 : The Alchemist's Dream IV 
afcb6aea-750e-4ea8-a157-ff233a1d5e15 : Grasses and Herbs III 
b04d6c1a-c045-49ac-9f52-1e0d87eab091 : Primer IV 
b13d06f4-6c38-405d-9998-93128f4eb6dc : Treasure map VIII 
b2e94e5a-4261-47e2-a57f-3b1c1b37aa68 : Shadow Play IV 
b3b743c3-ff6c-459d-9941-6f8cf6e627eb : Treasure map IX 
b3ee8c6a-9f16-45aa-88cb-6d0a4698d96b : Recipe for Cockerel potion 
b4e55ad0-2d40-4995-b6ff-b320c6f8f057 : Sermon of Master Jan Hus 
b501b610-9c79-4a78-94e6-aeefb034a507 : Who Needs a Key? III 
b95f10cb-5225-4308-ada7-8405a8238b29 : Agile as a Weasel IV 
c16e5a45-b0de-4ccb-b6c2-69f49061014c : Sharp as a Knife IV 
c4087dfd-6d59-4ff1-bd0e-eb94bec5f5f0 : The Joy of Gutting II 
c449a063-f58b-4ab5-8df1-d24d71384630 : Who Needs a Key? II 
c5634802-25a9-4b5f-a96f-19b439a6695d : Treasure map XX 
c5718b58-0082-412d-ae93-2ef6cf46ecd7 : Recipe for Antidote 
c7f38ec8-6628-4b1d-bf9d-5247557f48a5 : Letter from Vranik 
c93d6795-ed9a-429a-9680-32afc0676938 : Flea and wart remedy 
c95a4acf-136c-4ce5-88d1-e9599aef64f6 : Maidens' War II 
cbe084af-0d9c-4a97-8d83-b9bb8fa02e02 : Hercules and His Diet III 
cc09837c-c2d7-4270-869a-6a9583c5bef8 : The Groom and the Apprentice 
cc18118c-8add-4fee-9df8-ceb8c72e41b1 : Treasure map XXIII 
d00b8aa6-d846-4dfd-8a58-96f7dcd9289e : St. Procopius and Sasau Monastery 
d09b5bbf-8db5-4bea-a5c4-67bf11a6cbe8 : Breviarium 
d0a195d2-8b17-4314-aa93-0a6934996abb : Tavern Life II 
d45d8a3f-1292-4310-9b39-8f811f0ea5f5 : The Alchemist's Dream 
d6621d5b-16d0-4754-8976-b7ba817c15ac : Jotted n 


00c214ca-d9cb-4d2a-b3e8-95545fd2f3e9 : Travel horseshoes 
0a79aed1-1d5a-4104-ae2e-6de2648ea9b4 : Silver neckchain 
0bf732db-ca19-4f0b-a56f-c83a79806d8f : Gold chain 
15656c3e-d29e-48a8-bc0e-1451102a9ce5 : Silver spurs 
19d5def6-e491-43c7-ab1d-5978ac197485 : Knight's spurs 
229d96aa-a435-4e89-85ce-8119a1df8228 : Cuman spurs 
275bc631-75cb-41ad-be6c-bc9f319fcb5d : Test AntiStealth Shirt 
38d4a88c-068f-4067-8000-0604b3d41ac8 : Test AntiStealth Boots 
3b2f6f90-615d-4e8d-b9a4-bf04c4e99d59 : Ring 
40024d27-b1c4-6ef7-3ca0-98025de43f9e : Caparison 
40031fce-5752-3279-92f6-b564d55aeb8f : Cuman brigandine 
40092838-9807-c0f7-4a48-264b6ed78c8c : Plain bridle 
400b4bb0-a1d0-9bec-1b90-5b2bfcb9e9af : Orange tunic 
401179d4-8a48-cc9a-ceac-eeaf7eb7b099 : Decorated arming doublet 
40129e7b-b9e0-a193-1145-d53292caf7a1 : Saxon composite chausses 
4015718d-f526-1bb1-da6f-6e390b15e2b8 : Long dark waffenrock 
401ad7c8-4a34-0ef9-7117-9e4ce2044e9a : Short noble hauberk 
4025719c-da4e-cb6e-963a-c26ca4cdaa9d : Saxon dyed gambeson 
40280c67-9421-1fc8-0d54-ae5d47c978b9 : Fashionable black hose 
40298c73-9675-13b1-77ad-4ed61a6e36bb : Some garment 
402c55d2-ae62-bf47-823f-8a5760eab7bd : Caparison 
402d9c88-ef9a-8eef-7475-107459ea1794 : Aachen dyed gambeson 
40317a13-b96c-e894-3334-e5d70b9420bb : Polish composite chausses 
40324632-16c8-5979-2c76-e38210ee2a9b : Aachen brigandine chausses 
4038ccc9-976c-efd3-014c-0cc80a6695b5 : Brigandine dyed pauldrons 
403f6db2-1285-31da-81c6-db426db9d6a5 : Aachen gauntlets 
4047af36-3956-e89a-490a-0c38d55c97a4 : Oleshnitz waffenrock 
4063f2eb-d6d6-a27e-c1d7-a0885269108c : Decorated shirt 
40692480-f24c-54fa-c938-50ccf45918b9 : Nobleman's boots 
406b05fb-c409-f2d0-ec82-8c9e6dd422b8 : Quilted dyed jacket 
406bc0f2-ba52-b3f7-8844-10bcdec68195 : Sturdy dark gambeson 
406c92ad-4c17-25d7-84d7-28500800f59e : Fine saddle (3 saddlebags) 
406d2498-5b1e-90dc-4beb-37a0a67ce5a4 : Riveted decorated chausses 
4076ced0-55f6-49a0-3364-e6183c03368f : Decorated cotte 
407c5a00-2e73-f2dc-6a0b-8244c78e5da7 : Caparison 
407f6f52-d70e-7e3b-056d-cda8069aab86 : Cuman riding boots 
408660f0-4742-ef99-b434-7f52cfdc2b9c : Townswoman's dress 
4088843b-6f0b-7016-1e16-e2455e33dcb6 : Decorated arming doublet 
40975019-110c-86fc-4f18-5b36799744bb : Red shirt 
409cf64d-afc1-1c2c-0af2-2042f2d4f6a0 : Long Sasau waffenrock 
40a2b1d3-f475-a8f3-667a-075486518b8f : Warhorse hauberk 
40a5de5a-d3a5-c4c3-f5f1-71ab661d55b4 : Caparison 
40a9b459-1058-26a6-19f8-0e6ffe01418e : Heavy quartered gambeson 
40aed3da-9bdd-180b-65cd-fd81947fc3a9 : Common dress 
40af7f97-143c-95a5-5e0b-01efbfac29b6 : Plate couters 
40b08f5c-ffdf-4e83-de69-23a17580c3bc : Short light brigandine 
40b23098-b54b-19e3-2fd6-88dd8e63878c : Hemmed waffenrock 
40b49226-beb6-64df-e1c5-c34f627379be : Blue pourpoint 
40b5371b-6235-e4de-db1e-4528b11a25b6 : Shoes 
40b60983-804f-22fc-8259-ab4a6820829b : Riveted decorated chausses 
40c05582-26f8-b1dc-f0ba-80e717a8869e : Decorated cuirass 
40c16f73-5b83-c139-96eb-c39ff5e9e7a6 : Noble saddle (2 saddlebags) 
40c72054-15bf-abaa-ab7d-ee053314458c : White tunic 
40c728ba-95cb-9ffc-7688-4ed73eb053ab : Red hemmed waffenrock 
40cda4e4-8741-4f52-e43c-71fec6d81a96 : Magdeburg gauntlets 
40dac35d-5df7-e4b3-ba7c-ca2c9c706f93 : Padded coif 
40dd1053-b0b7-2390-9f5d-b844104748b5 : Grey tunic 
40e576c7-74e8-216e-a4f0-a3aa6bd35387 : Caparison 
40e66e8a-bf10-8c39-66e0-aac2eb644dba : Hungarian gambeson 
40e7af0d-4262-1d6b-ea86-aaf55d6e76a2 : Heraldic waffenrock 
40ebc815-c78f-24ea-aff7-0e4beb4136b8 : Saxon gambeson 
40edf98e-f577-4192-67cd-4f1776d14ea4 : Nurembergian cuirass 
40ffe5a0-95c6-1bb6-8347-25d93cfd4fbd : Monk's habit 
41033745-5681-2a81-3010-446999b7f8ad : Green and yellow hood 
4119b64e-f072-0cf2-4b8c-13e5ee901994 : Black pourpoint 
411f568d-9e62-417c-38a1-ae108bb233ba : Caparison 
412e44fb-0e4c-0e80-b763-0b6493b13fa0 : Buttoned red cotehardie 
41366e7f-a0e5-0f23-142a-40f1ca76aabb : Sunday dress 
413806e7-f3b7-c6cf-2309-e47ce3c97fa2 : Hauberk 
41382adf-569c-4f33-90a0-36b6e874eca7 : Plain saddle 
41392bb2-9214-92e9-0e7d-e0438149eaa4 : Grey hose 
41412ccb-2199-b9bf-9c79-21c9227b94a7 : Fashionable blue hose 
4143839b-d46c-0c4f-6bb5-764c742bdba9 : Padded black coif 
414d7408-c2b3-e891-a652-88d1d9c9da8a : Long dark waffenrock 
41537adc-9759-2dd8-377d-5260815b3eb7 : Brown cotehardie 
415525ee-9ecb-2fd0-edbd-bac703478b93 : Plain chemise 
4156d594-be4a-71c2-8ede-4d517ac668a5 : Padded chausses 
416511f7-268c-03fe-6cd2-2135987e2686 : Multi slot test 
4169c72a-d47d-530e-1631-ee46c0f3549e : Some garment 
416e3fea-aa2d-da7e-45f1-f8d39e1cf6b2 : Green hood 
416efb7c-8e5f-3518-89d2-5b9af35ad7b6 : Hungarian hauberk 
41737fee-a0ce-0b64-e660-fbe660befb81 : Some garment 
417fd467-dbb9-0016-6e6d-89ce0b507fbe : Old plate pauldrons 
4181c649-2642-3d6c-7eb4-6c09f74dbe8d : Decorated blue hose 
41866b96-12d5-290a-90a6-67cf4db3ab83 : Kuttenberg split gambeson 
4187ee7a-4331-8224-4853-0d071256b7ad : Blue hose 
418864f6-f9c0-ead7-dd4e-6f3aacb0288c : Aachen dark brigandine 
41895ca4-a65a-026d-d5f6-0515a9f5e29a : Cuman caftan 
4191cf8a-14e4-2c6e-91fb-1d8f3410ef88 : Linen shirt 
419c5f08-fcdb-ac66-9d5f-97eda0f49393 : Beggar's tunic 
41a87049-190c-d5d4-40e8-5950ec296680 : Leather apron 
41a9ea6a-eed1-471c-754a-196d368245a6 : Warhorse greaves 
41acce88-081c-c9a2-e16a-e956bf39a2ac : Linen shirt 
41afa317-7311-5ecb-8a91-94189c2dc2a9 : Dark quilted vest 
41b0dcfd-e60f-dd06-41bd-08c8d4ba7d91 : Monk's habit 
41b3cfda-0a6c-c009-9482-4c78ea2f1980 : Fine saddle (2 saddlebags) 
41ba5cc8-60ba-5e3e-8e80-39270a2acf83 : Beggar's dark tunic 
41bcef0c-d101-397a-0897-8367d9f8ffa6 : Yellow hose 
41bdd901-3106-cae3-ac2b-479ef7642a9a : Devil's costume 
41be015c-6d05-d058-f5d8-62c17ac8c3a2 : Padded coif 
41c031a0-b9f5-4d3f-3968-7f453be343b5 : Short red waffenrock 
41c05047-74e5-f23d-1fe8-b0a8db360087 : Caparison 
41c13ac4-ee03-073c-3a31-3f04a97e6abd : Some garment 
41c44a2b-9d1c-4c64-f07a-bba3f7288ba0 : Red cotehardie 
41c75f0e-a8a1-e4f0-07be-67ebce8b7bab : Red hose 
41cc3e13-635a-38e0-59b1-0225461b6c85 : Red and white hood 
41d7815b-1696-571f-d688-d713b39472ba : Townswoman's dress 
41d8e48a-a3a1-1cb6-76b2-fc99ed139b85 : Long Sasau waffenrock 
41e3f765-4595-8384-6f46-f7ad2a89a6b2 : Blue long-sleeved tunic 
41e550e4-12df-49f0-3b05-74959224a8a5 : Milanese brigandine 
41e9f784-dd0d-9329-b0e9-88d0527a2ebc : Devil's costume 
41f6e46c-bca6-16da-169a-f0c8f1a6e2ab : Noble saddle (4 saddlebags) 
41fe34ab-46ea-6c34-da68-f1e66f46fb89 : Light brigandine 
4206570b-ab9b-a407-e693-29b90e475d81 : Kuttenberg gauntlets 
42076ef6-c07e-c43f-b9a1-56bc290a95a0 : Some garment 
420ee3b3-d9a6-583a-23f4-ec1399a1eea3 : Green tunic 
420f7feb-dc22-a2ec-b2a6-e1178f8c8386 : Linen hood 
421ff758-4be3-cc11-1946-39ceb56aecb1 : Caparison 
4222ca69-3a10-91c1-91ff-26f36122b8a2 : Bright Milanese brigandine 
422917fc-435a-f436-3245-a356367f8881 : Milanese plate pauldrons 
422c924d-eed3-9183-f47f-3b62e6b66ea1 : Short common hauberk 
4235868c-a29d-0e49-e7dd-20c97940d7ba : Green hose 
42391032-a081-32d9-fd70-ac88f3873487 : Decorated cotte 
423b537e-8fa9-fc3d-10db-443d45e27cbf : Red-yellow tunic 
42414d23-c8dc-7b1a-31e6-00644075feaa : Warhorse coif 
4249522f-a1db-7d3e-020f-237390c80ba2 : Cuman riding breeches 
424d9151-9ccb-989f-7bd8-3c690a9e4393 : Augsburg gauntlets 
4251c432-e9a3-bafe-cf3e-60ff40794287 : Simple cotte 
425f0fc1-64b6-f3c1-e555-844714ae1581 : Green shirt 
4277266f-8712-e8bf-8020-7a8b857f5795 : Rattay noble's waffenrock 
427b04b2-3827-ad9f-39ef-3f2b595b0db3 : Yellow-grey tunic 
427c2cae-550e-9dc6-f050-467c3901b4aa : Linen shirt 
4285fd0b-4e57-9fde-6264-f987ba080bb9 : Piece of cloth 
42936ec8-4b9e-13d9-624f-6762c2f383b6 : Apron 
42960eae-d460-e350-5a80-e1689724269d : Decorated Bavarian hauberk 
429628f5-b491-51fe-d644-654f6fc13fbe : Fashionable green hose 
429b05ff-5eec-37ac-e8c0-5e5a51feb99c : Silesian dyed gambeson 
42a14b38-295a-a659-3e43-c1684a5dfa88 : Fine saddle 
42a18a5a-b2d0-07eb-14c7-ed9f665ca695 : Decorated red waffenrock 
42ff5615-e472-bfb0-27e9-6ba3962eca9f : Dirty work shirt 
43043f1f-64ad-95cb-f55c-fd7d624ba294 : Dyed Bavarian gambeson 
43062de7-afe1-5743-5aec-d4dcff83c1b8 : Fine saddle (4 saddlebags) 
430f6156-27f7-b985-9b1d-18c495273cbd : Saxon halved gambeson 
4314de6e-9f05-d843-18d8-2de11aa07798 : Light decorated hose 
431a2a36-312d-d6b0-ddff-fcaddc294291 : Long noble hauberk 
431fac2f-58f6-38e8-953e-5738656f1a87 : Aachen brigandine chausses 
4320bd8b-1039-799c-4503-ad2cbf79b4ad : Long Talmberg waffenrock 
4321398a-0000-834f-5c6b-624ba7caaf89 : Yellow-black hose 
432237ec-b13a-bd6c-4026-a3db68e4d89e : Red and white hood 
43241eed-522c-0369-97e9-ae414829a9ba : Noble's dark shoes 
4327d9fc-2c1b-2d1b-e60d-63a202c133b9 : Buttoned grey cotehardie 
434098fa-7f58-be87-9524-dc2b5ba11ca3 : Nobleman's gauntlets 
434525c9-f3b4-c1e5-9ab0-f1002b13a68d : Noble yellow-green hose 
43479cae-7ed8-097f-01f5-8234d5d38f85 : Cuman riding boots 
4347d1c1-1035-f342-4447-eae73bd785a7 : Riveted bright chausses 
434d07c4-ec87-4e17-b3d7-354e1cd55f8b : Heavy quartered gambeson 
434e3f99-d8f6-bf7b-3e26-43d95b91f693 : Kuttenberg gambeson 
434f28e3-25e8-8bef-ee5b-1b331d106e99 : Green shirt 
4350ad68-f244-477a-f4af-f8e0019041ad : Talmberg waffenrock 
4353f1e8-e0c6-30a6-c5e8-5b76a22093a0 : Hunter saddle (4 saddlebags) 
43631624-d640-42c8-be81-0a236b8ed094 : Saxon dyed gambeson 
4373f01b-b49e-5a74-31f1-6302dcda5d8f : Blue combat jupon 
4377c0a6-98d4-ebdb-eb0a-f35220fb1398 : Light padded armour 
43858f99-def2-df4b-b86d-8dd9f6773ea5 : Multi slot test 2 
4386177a-6262-3144-72c9-0e4ec9922cb3 : Waffenrock 
4396554c-2efb-6a68-f490-eee58844a7b5 : Saxon composite chausses 
439e49c5-e468-57c2-d44c-9ac6066f14b6 : Head scarf 
43a7cb95-710e-b5f4-35be-43f1a281a692 : Yellow combat jupon 
43c85848-0181-06b6-a870-2b3c951e8aa8 : Hunter saddle 
43f19e40-1107-38aa-a226-5d6179e9b4a3 : Cuman hauberk 
43f3824e-53b6-1b32-99e0-87b4eeef238f : Long linen shirt 
440074cf-4d3d-5d80-2944-f49d91d642a1 : Dyed Milanese brigandine 
4403dcbc-2050-0622-6232-b905c452bbb1 : Coif 
44041a83-3119-dfe4-e12f-5098935f409c : Blacksmith's apron 
4405924b-de8b-e31b-72f1-29bb227ff1b1 : Saxon composite chausses 
44059610-696d-7039-c0ee-c69a92217392 : Lamellar pauldrons 
44135951-cf1c-f2fd-15f0-0f0ea223a584 : Mail chausses 
441b0b1a-719b-cacc-4a6c-f2668cb96a92 : Blue and green hose 
441caaeb-3921-f600-79f5-9256210026bf : Green cotehardie 
441e44c2-718d-c0bb-4c52-32ce88adda98 : Padded coif 
4428b573-53c4-bb84-4118-2de98c6ce19d : Cuman caftan 
44342f54-fc71-f435-c68a-d6382d1e0ca2 : Short light brigandine 
4439d7db-c440-9576-cd07-2d531afa7bb6 : Light brigandine 
44414acf-f175-7e9b-3af0-57f2b339aa90 : Red hemmed waffenrock 
44469251-9749-7d7c-7903-0810520959a4 : Loose hose 
4454e377-d0d8-5bbb-e968-3e41cd366899 : Red hood 
44641203-1426-4db8-90f7-8638e3e9fbba : Head wreath 
446d9158-a7e3-910b-95a8-12eee9e04997 : Elongated mail coif 
4472ab5e-def2-e154-34a3-15349c976283 : Orange shirt 
4476da15-6311-7757-da7d-196e812d7885 : Sunday dress 
4493f515-b6d8-ebc4-8bd3-469c524b339f : Brown hose 
449e796c-59b4-7ceb-1f61-4162b0caf4aa : Composite gauntlets 
44a86f03-1c17-1efb-966f-2202f6360c88 : Riveted decorated chausses 
44b27e34-566f-cb38-775b-e5981a74f6b8 : Long Talmberg waffenrock 
44bb813b-e0cc-da13-3dd3-8d31977064be : Yellow shirt 
44c85d0b-cc09-e054-7fd0-c2183d36cda9 : Red tunic 
44c87fc7-cbb4-0f2c-de4c-f2ac16781b98 : Cuman cotte 
44d904d0-03cc-8851-8fb9-31bc292d208c : Lightweight dark brigandine 
44dd60cb-a67f-395f-a6a2-25feeceadd99 : Brown shirt 
44e9bb1f-35fb-9ccb-c0d0-482cd005b990 : Padded coif 
44eaf3b9-c5a3-9225-1573-2a85e7c1e780 : Multi slot test 2 
44eaf818-5cb6-3868-b3c4-f51d821773a0 : Decorated arming doublet 
44ee56de-46f9-0169-0d72-606c82576b97 : Saxon plate pauldrons 
44f1b7f3-9098-6bc9-2965-ceb35571719c : Plate jack dyed 
44f5058a-a445-887b-d443-32fe726b528c : Warhorse pauldrons 
45143b21-88c0-6217-1848-099a680d26b9 : Short brigandine chausses 
4516652a-7e40-d46d-cdd7-62ea97c3bb83 : Augsburg plate pauldrons 
4517b07b-ca19-07bf-6011-e2cec8868185 : Dark Saxon gambeson 
45250d25-a050-fd3d-5fcd-c1e046582681 : Sunday dress 
4526668a-3a05-6aa2-f9f9-280de886c48f : Short Rattay waffenrock 
452a54af-683d-e31d-a396-671272017a90 : Monk's habit 
453044fc-b31c-e8df-76a1-6f4b701758b8 : Red noble's hood 
45345fd3-43ed-b961-fde6-af37d4993aa7 : Green Cuman tunic 
453d9fa5-5eec-b6de-ab47-1775370f43b1 : Decorated dress 
453ea77f-9f5a-dfb5-1934-f18e44ab08a0 : Dagged cotehardie 
4548d3e7-b0d0-6749-4623-d3664a7410a7 : Decorated cotte 
455ce2bd-2e97-1dc1-9e14-90927f0b4b9d : Aketon dark 
45683673-edcb-4446-a995-3e76c0f11bae : Common gambeson 
4572c66d-bdf2-fa90-def9-c6fd3e877ca9 : Warhorse gambeson chausses 
4573af03-8382-d87c-93aa-5dbb6fc79698 : Vambraces 
457ca6d3-b64a-66b8-4c1e-fd606a6530af : Monk's habit 
4585d5bc-f93a-9c76-495c-405c81027491 : Tight hose 
458a11a5-7293-463b-4a8b-0ec665af1388 : Green tunic 
45a39144-03ee-67b2-e79c-864bedf93186 : Heavy hauberk 
45af7bc3-18ae-8314-9064-3fad540615bc : Waffenrock 
45bc3e68-adc8-b03d-29e3-93e044472fbf : Noble's composite chausses 
45bdd999-3050-c096-8e2a-56dec9e231a5 : Long Skalitz waffenrock 
45bf8d25-f598-c977-8aa4-84f4658446ab : Sunday dress 
45c1c6ff-b658-9ed5-5395-66d1ce58cf93 : Green hood 
45c7c691-4279-7556-10c3-deb101b1cc8b : Slippers 
45c80502-3dbd-e88e-5250-ba4f38c6f689 : Gambeson 
45d503dc-ac4b-62c9-5994-c09288667dbf : Light lamellar armour 
45dbc6f8-944d-7df1-dae7-985673a4aa97 : Bandit's reinforced jack 
45e0477d-d891-810f-6783-265ba406beb5 : Common dress 
45e0883f-b164-edce-8f8a-4df43039759d : Brigandine pauldrons 
45e17389-6776-749b-838a-cd7229935fbb : Sunday dress 
45e28f40-6882-6a01-e281-25733f761f9f : Brocade combat jupon 
45e290d0-92ed-2895-c1bb-7115baf54992 : Sunday dress 
45e2b460-dbd4-4bf4-3643-33c2648d60bc : Plain saddle (2 saddlebags) 
45e3d8ac-5d54-0a39-8ec4-a321fc136991 : Decorated cotte 
45edc80c-1b34-a0f5-001c-a08a1fe632a6 : Decorated mail coif 
45ee23f0-9bbf-c895-f490-906644ac08b3 : Blue tunic 
45f0293a-b0b9-cd56-6864-ade54db775b8 : Dark footwraps and soles 
45f6875b-1c46-c12e-5e3a-deb4bbfaceab : Heraldic waffenrock 
45f87e26-cda3-9d99-4591-a7f7e6968f92 : Riveted gloves 
45f96751-8f3b-09dd-a06d-d75bb80e8e9c : Cuirass 
45ff98b0-d684-5f01-5a6f-679d2e8b5696 : Mail coif 
45ff9e32-ee90-4051-f963-1058dd4360a4 : Nuremberg plate chausses 
46021c09-1a2e-2683-bd92-d17cb66fb390 : Chanfron and criniere 
4608470b-b576-bff5-6777-c5bb7c9a8aa6 : Decorated cotte 
460fef47-6ee2-1f6e-3e86-8c88da1a0c95 : Patched hose 
4614fd41-bf3e-99bb-8b46-cf7ed8754cb1 : Fancy shirt 
4621b468-38bc-79ed-f0ce-9219543d7fa9 : Quartered outer vest 
463645bd-4e9e-ed5d-e63d-d373f28b5eb2 : Waffenrock 
4638d719-74df-29ba-2bea-99f46ff9e1a7 : Aketon dyed 
46425a75-bfd9-1824-6cf9-d87632030d88 : Polish composite chausses 
464325c1-4aca-b41c-360c-7937cfc74eb9 : Gambeson 
464a913e-9b03-ae4e-3561-89a1b2d9ac98 : Leather jerkin 
464ae38b-89f3-57f0-760d-7a1b7458d5bc : Riveted chausses 
464c250d-7e30-e71e-85cd-37a67b9641a7 : Aachen decorated chausses 
464ec169-a1a7-851c-c7d6-b2654dc78c92 : Dagged cotehardie 
4651e310-5ad4-cf89-7f57-9755e344ed84 : Heavy lamellar armour 
4659edf0-7122-577c-effd-5e03afac77bf : Threadbare dark gambeson 
465d76a9-1d09-8b19-8b7e-20a57e7e5495 : Dyed quilted vest 
4662e866-6a82-eb4b-ed98-26213ca118a8 : Red and white hood 
46662768-5a8b-06ca-1352-d02f56fed083 : Red waffenrock 
466c49e3-6cbc-e962-2571-c44183da449d : Caparison 
46798a36-0e40-4822-ec6e-bf682955b0b4 : Cuman harness 
4682ef21-53b0-55af-1017-588fe6af429e : Decorated cotte 
468323ad-f0f0-bad7-c80b-6ae432977d91 : Talmberg hemmed waffenrock 
46857626-d7c9-985d-4acc-a6ad9a79afa2 : Red vest 
46898847-2ffc-dcda-890e-8027524c2f91 : Aachen short gambeson 
468a36a5-1aa9-e1c8-1d01-2c778ef84ea9 : Caparison 
468bca8d-888c-8705-3828-75a80686c192 : Decorated caftan 
468cddc5-668b-9b8c-46b5-4b53c828f4ad : Long Cuman caftan 
4692f1e5-e4bc-c8af-1b0b-1da823ec1db9 : Plain saddle (3 saddlebags) 
469b7b94-1191-fc54-f679-318a734b43be : Blue scarf 


0082de35-b635-4b85-a9ec-95024713f3ab : Kettle hat 
33069aba-2dcf-42c4-97ea-f9c8a6f7e06e : Servant Cap 
40bafc6f-ea0f-d9d2-57f7-0da666d60083 : Bell-shaped kettle hat 
40d19389-b8e6-8f54-cf74-f3715b0cea8c : Red merchant's hat 
4135abae-bcce-b9f7-7fff-9139b57aebbe : German bascinet 
413a23a3-3d34-de11-abeb-2dfc9af846a9 : Grand bascinet 
415cb852-5910-50cf-9802-4375257dd3b5 : Olive felt hat 
416efa2d-68db-6dfb-3d5d-98489f638bad : German bascinet 
41c9dee4-7f56-917c-cf8d-3482bbb3ad9a : Kettle hat decorated 
41e70a43-df7c-9acc-afe6-42dc972ee891 : Merchant's blue hat 
421f173c-99b2-f030-cedd-0ba2a25270ac : Arching bascinet 
42566810-49be-e92f-5181-705bdd2eb1ae : Yellow chaperon 
42663739-349d-8b14-a737-8cd056f7559e : Nobleman's hat 
436b6b1d-1471-da5f-ad03-f64bafbd8bb6 : Bascinet with bretache 
43c6062f-7a46-aa6a-ce45-9f8b90adb7a9 : Light Cuman helmet 
43dc25b5-3962-a772-7eeb-dd7820574395 : Red felt hat 
43dd7f89-93d5-801a-7dc6-824c367284b4 : Green felt hat 
441979f2-838e-9f91-36ef-64fd17735492 : Skullcap 
44501763-1d31-6b8b-fb85-a57b3fce9596 : Scaly skullcap 
447acc02-8ee6-ff70-1cb3-ccafd3ba01b3 : Two-piece kettle hat 
4498482d-a404-5646-16d0-f49eaac6d58e : Red chaperon 
44dc0755-74c4-582d-c92c-4a54990da4b9 : Covered bascinet 
44e4e7ba-05b1-fd0f-5aac-2e6f8d8cf682 : Cuman Captain's helmet 
450ee588-bc3d-d0ed-69a8-eea895d9998c : Yellow felt hat 
4527de55-2a1f-6089-a182-2aa2e031fe99 : Brown felt hat 
452c1f85-3219-c7fc-8d0c-de1d0b4d9885 : Fashionable hat 
457922f9-5c5b-8caa-5df0-7449097cff90 : Grand bascinet 
4582224b-55b8-82f8-4230-371ca1093db3 : Cuman helmet 
45cacc1b-dc58-a1c0-9873-d954e7cf3ebc : Bascinet with bretache 
48146c21-3bc0-fc8c-24b3-cd0f0427dc8c : Bascinet with klappvisor 
481b929a-0e8e-05da-54c5-2939bd72e594 : Italian bascinet 
481cfd5b-b646-1c6b-ff58-af749941cf9e : Warhorse helmet 
48641946-e22a-7925-8120-9f8825df12ac : Grey felt hat 
48c1161d-7bdf-52ff-75a5-3c210060ae8a : Hunting cap 
48f4d62f-f2d7-c064-be4b-450aeea1f39a : Black chaperon 
49160240-18dd-dc84-66fe-2ed005eba1b9 : Green merchant's hat 
491a1973-e6d2-e04d-f718-8f24db2ec4bb : Pointed red hat 
498ca985-c074-886b-af88-aec5b12dc7ad : Decorated German bascinet 
4a0b54a0-f893-122d-5171-74ac68e933ad : Hounskull 
4a16b1e8-f30f-eea1-4329-aa3030891bbb : Kettle hat 
4a2e6701-7c43-b97a-0823-6e22ea1d8fb3 : Kettle hat 
4a4d56b4-8c9c-7840-6398-dbfe8132d78b : Miller's cap 
4a5ec182-a249-b5d8-9975-b8fa57d5ae9f : Pointed yellow hat 
4aa23d07-ef96-e285-2cec-c7eb93ec4999 : Cuman shishak 
4ad02fe1-d15c-db1f-1981-59ac21854e9c : Old bascinet 
4af19514-66e8-1a2b-67d5-6528225681b4 : Common bascinet 
4bf98be0-1893-bb82-3ddb-5dd35b0f84b1 : Orange felt hat 
4c812542-2acf-0481-ec8a-adb77c057495 : Brown felt hat 
4cd854dd-7c7c-3050-27e4-8b67b1d1338c : German bascinet 
4d60338a-8a13-40f8-9002-fcbc79fc36b1 : Open bascinet 
4da8f74d-dd58-6895-e0b0-bf94a31a5b92 : Cuman mask 
4daf7e11-bd8a-5e7a-181d-37c790ba1c95 : Straw hat 
4e760438-c3b5-7acd-6329-55e19c4e8896 : Blue chaperon 
4e8bfdae-a38a-fae5-1177-b513733f1c90 : Ornamented Cuman shishak 
4ef61ee8-aaff-7b19-9b2f-3310e7ee72be : Cuman cap 
4fb18a35-7abd-d93d-ac7e-c5a1d6bf809f : Pointed green hat 
51d21693-820d-423a-bac5-fae8d370dcbe : Magic Cuman mask 
c80e67a7-8dbd-4662-ae63-26a92b6ae28b : Brown felt hat 

NPC Tool

0185caf5-061e-4205-9863-bc10d7c12936 : vra_ladder 
01b1f552-9023-4a1f-842a-736cd53b71ac : washing_stick 
05590d8f-8299-460d-bb39-51059b6474c7 : torch01_wall_lp 
070173f1-1437-49a4-82c3-559665b76174 : prib_ram 
0bce49e7-5dc1-4cea-a1ec-e26098f95ee9 : mortar 
122abce4-50e2-4891-a74d-aafc2d6892d4 : hay_unloading_pile 
17090aac-a7f4-44c1-bb3b-ba179e29dd8c : armorsmith_helmet 
2069b83f-4f5d-4e7b-a96c-db87ca0aee84 : pestle 
227b822e-750e-4cd1-a6ed-0823a5ed2ab3 : fishing_rod 
23f73bbf-1d3c-432f-8cff-ec88cdf2af7b : chisel_npc_spawned 
2490e8ec-f4b3-4860-a049-37875d354d89 : metal_piece 
2551ce9f-9369-4679-8cba-4d6df2361546 : basket_empty 
2a95e7f8-d175-4bea-a1ef-d2e40744dd57 : baker_mixingbowl 
2b4ca587-d32b-4648-af09-dec3dab18261 : ceramic_tankard 
30b2916b-37be-4d62-ad7f-2389b137fd59 : wooden_spoon_mash 
36235c05-a733-484b-872d-eecdc245a7de : sausage_smoked 
3e533ef1-f62a-4751-b1d3-f1c9b4e05b87 : butcher_cleaver_small 
415b1a6a-6df5-4908-8284-7bbae333f708 : normalHammer 
4343eb87-1966-4594-a205-299da2a0fef1 : chisel 
43fd458b-8e49-4ad1-8e9a-1d7e44f2ab41 : whetstone 
47c3bd7b-1411-4da7-83e7-669385331d90 : flask 
49200aeb-5676-45eb-9fb2-402df0d09aa9 : carpenter_saw 
4ce95b2e-d0ed-439a-a705-ab051c499927 : semifinished_sword 
4d444b36-afde-42c9-8107-88ec448d4158 : iron_hoe 
4d45f922-7974-4852-8465-79fa2f67e0c2 : pitchfork 
4df9b037-ca0f-42db-a897-c9e73139efb2 : chair_test 
4eabf7d8-3a3f-47db-8401-c2df38820706 : big_hammer 
577cff5d-1479-420a-88a3-f538b5da454d : tal_ladder 
578a6bb7-4eae-4d06-9272-bdf692b249c6 : bowl 
5863190f-0439-44a7-830a-2dc09279bd4e : chicken_thigh_spawned 
5b51dca1-4307-4612-98d6-1cbd5458ebc7 : leather_scraper 
68b5653e-7a01-47a2-81ba-2f1e2143faae : wooden_tankard 
6cf01d7b-f6d4-4a9d-aa27-4667ea77da94 : Scoop 
83a854f3-95f9-4ba5-b907-76434cf61c32 : kettle 
8519a72d-b2da-4938-8aed-2df96e8e1b34 : sack 
8695b1fc-fedd-4962-8f10-03a0bd55b1e8 : cage_right_hand 
87cdb842-3ed3-4e34-a589-95775ecbc9d0 : butcher_meat 
87e51196-554d-409e-a5ec-f1fe5b4a07bc : wooden_peel 
8804ce02-0648-4efd-9637-334db5ed5e25 : hammer 
8867336e-80c8-4e2f-9ee5-3b1cd610a2d8 : log_cut_half 
8a046c31-9b1f-4451-9511-7dca13c11181 : breadTool 
8a814c90-a32e-4d5d-98d2-b808064ae603 : herding_stick 
8d6d4efb-f776-44da-8ac6-d7da39678cb8 : bridle_test 
8e820272-e878-44e9-bac1-0566654d7982 : physics_test 
8fb83fd8-1996-45fb-9b71-a9d689544275 : shoemaker_hammer 
90f01aca-5dcb-410c-ab1e-97094f137d8c : pile_of_woodchips_chopping_block 
91ed1623-40e7-4b64-9de2-92d9d5873990 : pitchfork_straw 
948f44e3-6a37-4826-bcd7-eec3ba7f10cb : dough_piece 
979b2602-f161-4b9d-8774-738119196ba1 : bucket 
97eaa9b1-0fa0-4de2-a547-4a8ed570fa9e : sausage 
99c04991-47fc-49cb-894c-78c93bc7da65 : skinned_deer_piece1 
9c6ff7f2-eff7-4f8b-b48f-f7234493d17b : wooden_stick 
a0a2e39a-ea6b-4cc8-90a4-27047696fbb1 : butcher_cleaver 
a16839b1-5005-4d63-a37f-cca2d1e62641 : flower_wreath 
a4cb5d0c-a982-4634-80e2-3a8d7355491e : meal_tray_empty 
a5566ffb-8a3f-4d85-b3c5-088038aa95a1 : butcher_two_handed_knife 
aa07926f-2968-43e8-b0eb-085893d576f2 : skinned_deer_piece2 
aa417ffe-4609-42d8-b52e-58c1ef5a3678 : prib_ladder 
aac4b102-f039-4e6c-afa5-67b59df2cc11 : scarf_food_close 
ad363284-24fb-4a66-b088-fc51d222b65b : bundle_of_wooden_sticks 
af459a00-7a61-4444-936c-5eb27403107a : broom 
b09688cb-4fe4-4381-b8a8-527cc07aad97 : ring_package 
b53cd35f-8008-48a1-8ce4-ccc3efe3a3f4 : hammer_npc_spawned 
b7a9fe04-a6de-4d76-9488-eef80f5c8501 : stich_frame_spawned 
ba455df4-e1d1-46eb-b791-210eb0908227 : stich_frame 
bd19f94d-804f-4cac-bf1d-38ba1b8495ce : rasp 
bdf14d9c-7264-434c-96af-748ff2779c1b : lamp_tool 
c9764451-a4a4-4428-b1ee-79a41d801e19 : skin_test 
c9d724d8-24db-4c2d-b293-35affdf29c83 : hare_dead 
cd2382b8-4e87-4460-bb2d-526f770a7222 : broom_small 
d009026e-5fac-4414-8183-592f0b133c2b : bowl_bakery 
d18fc183-0af6-4a17-a274-5b06fd71bad4 : wooden_spoon 
d39cde7b-bb73-4216-a528-921dbc8e0182 : wood_whittling 
d480283d-bb27-42f2-a529-31708ea598d9 : lumberjack_saw 
d6c313d8-a464-4a4c-aa03-5fd1aba7fb4d : shovel 
d8d1c3b6-a25c-4a29-b038-cebc947c86b9 : wooden_stein_spa 
dac299a2-8651-4839-8244-9e9eb8ef0701 : axe_chopping 
db813508-eb30-4241-a019-99ad6a83ff00 : skinned_deer_half 
ded5173a-82e0-4caf-a3ff-6b6529a7fd05 : meal_tray_large 
e09ca305-4de5-46fa-abc5-df39fc2e769d : skinned_deer_piece3 
e1097afe-649e-4494-8a05-84ab079e8db3 : water_tube 
e319c3a6-e202-48ef-8c2d-3d1922544554 : knife 
e86d0798-f855-45a4-acbc-db82a1133ccd : log_cut 
e95bb3ae-38ce-41fd-948a-e471673b47e5 : torch_tool 
ec1e9587-44c5-4c67-97cf-e35115ae2809 : wooden_stein 
ec9399a5-3995-455f-81a5-9e9afec59e53 : butcher_knife 
f438e542-8ef1-424b-9bbb-58f6a62b3993 : blade 
f541aba7-7cf2-4fcf-a276-ea3881fcecd0 : basket_full_sticks 
f864a24a-152c-462e-a8f3-6760f7ce7329 : basket_full_wood 
fa316dc5-9168-4e0f-b330-1d8b3bcb6ff0 : barrel 
ff0f08c5-886b-4100-9f08-283f082fe12d : pick 


01a84f8d-b928-415e-99fd-bf84168c623c : Family ring 
04ab1ca6-7403-4700-9557-af97a91add71 : Bandit's ear 
0732868e-fe6e-4270-9463-10ed23641191 : Key to Sasau Church 
0ce2975a-d777-44e7-96b4-50f24d015b6c : Andrew's tankard 
0d8a9d20-fa8f-4044-9579-2b63ff7cfd5a : Pouch with amulet 
0e06c953-0409-4459-947f-9c37d56191e2 : Bandit leader's spurs 
0f9c93a5-beed-41d1-88a6-31a31c1a1b05 : Cow antidote wrong 
10ef5335-7e57-4acc-92a0-7b0b239f8c6c : Adam's family cross 
11b4ceab-c3d8-44d8-9bb8-9d53461df8b2 : Key to Nicholas' trunk 
12a7dcc7-3f47-4575-b3e0-76fede9986d4 : Karolina's shawl 
12c04d37-2cac-454a-917f-4cf0964758fe : Bird trap 
14a80dc0-0ad0-4a06-9a09-8e95213ecad0 : Manfred's purse 
198f8f06-c74b-4acc-9c4a-7e336725c535 : Pirkstein armoury key 
1b5c172b-f1af-4852-acba-29ebdafc3cc9 : Bandit leader's spurs 
1d9508ac-809e-4acf-88d5-31dd2a493e09 : Seal of the Lany Lords 
1f0883f0-02c5-4aa4-afc9-abf3d7b68ca4 : Equipment trunk key 
1f369aa1-5698-4e18-96bf-6c7b85af91eb : Roses for Klara 
1fd93de3-6234-459e-bbfc-407f7b6b942c : Small golden goblet 
2091024a-b045-403a-9335-f4928dbaa7d8 : My share 
221ed5a9-f75a-4cbb-96b9-0272c00ada38 : Farm girl's shawl 
2221160c-e671-4c09-bb6b-e9c26eef6748 : Key to forbidden books 
22eb9d0c-d5cf-4649-a0a7-cdc53cd29e08 : Flute 
2341dfcf-e662-4a4e-bf4d-cf2eb57ea328 : Trunk key 
24c6be90-f9d6-454b-a939-220f69624568 : Letters for Sir Divish 
27129b9b-1b15-4066-abe2-31957414da92 : Equipment trunk key 
2902cd40-2934-404e-87bc-c1ce57deed22 : Broken tournament arrow 
29d8c573-2c07-470c-a422-8e6bdbde59e6 : Devil's skull 
2b08dbc7-31bf-42fd-89ce-b840299930b5 : French altar candle 
2dbbc3a4-694c-4c3e-8850-f03295438919 : Urim and Thummim 
2f5c4392-46cd-4319-a710-f50edd0c2adf : Horse hide 
3000b8ed-2229-478b-8b30-6d10f120d367 : Bouquet for Klara 
31030889-447e-4d24-ad39-fba8ee39c54b : Cuman leader's mask 
31817ffd-d1cb-440b-a891-e3aa2f26e46b : Damask 
323df655-b080-49fc-88c6-89e5f2cdd015 : Sylvan red wine 
3321da1f-451f-4b06-9fac-b9ff11515ade : Cuman leader's mask 
340d4edd-cfc7-4468-8393-7255708fde80 : Key 
34221071-24b8-4eaf-996e-96e83b74ee65 : Cow antidote 
359a583e-51fd-4bf9-b410-28be10dab6ac : Sir Hans Capon's keys 
37712a91-3912-4e42-8577-4aa78b5bf899 : Ornamented golden goblet 
395675bd-abef-47b4-a03c-8c6f5fb87a22 : Fine brocade 
3a27aa85-9b45-46d1-9443-1187abdda548 : Key 
3b5be706-3cac-4223-a780-039867c65c4d : Broken arrow 
3d0308be-5d21-45bf-8c85-20b27370a472 : Illustrated book 
3e950df1-e625-4da1-88b7-280fb33d32de : Barn key 
3ee1b3bb-4b81-4ce8-ac41-cfdd68e81063 : Bone 
3f770b82-32a7-410d-b546-c8744348ff93 : Crossguard for new sword 
414458ce-9fb6-4959-a64d-0571e19e1ebe : Cat's paw 
424ca78a-c782-42ad-bdf2-6e45d0720e0b : Bandit's trunk key 
42f77dc8-da5e-4dfe-9f79-f35295831e92 : Bandit's cloak 
43c9c6bc-cfd5-48f5-94ac-507f423c6ec7 : Gold cross 
459366de-4d86-440d-b90f-05ee808db3c9 : Brocade 
4628fa04-4870-47ed-b559-4c86162b6892 : Old Shawl 
47fd0e05-5605-4500-bd63-0f32812e7aa2 : Quill 
494c8365-2984-4514-a80a-2ba575c9a2f2 : Key 
4ad2be1f-6a3d-4b3d-b513-4a7b685f2877 : Linen cloth 
4c7ba4e3-0fd4-4efa-b751-5f35fc0ebcc0 : Human ear 
4e5b242e-5fcc-4b60-9bbd-fd95a0407dd8 : Wine for Stephanie 
5004e2a4-2f20-481a-afdd-cf7a71781bbb : Bandit's trunk key 
5420f246-7688-4f4e-8efe-9a9c29c34e47 : Fake name 
56be1ad5-676e-4b6d-9d6d-e94f3164a90c : Monastery key 
58c03234-f707-487b-8ac1-c7ca908f7c0e : Draper's tinderbox 
5b7055af-c38c-44c8-90ce-b495f1191f15 : Cow poison 
5c76130f-edf5-43a8-a4a9-90ff30302606 : Bandit leader's spurs 
5d800ac9-fbb9-4722-aa43-3772c28b7f44 : Key to church steeple 
5d8c1f00-b444-47ff-b202-8af775353cbc : Grubby scarf 
5ec2db9d-d5ed-47e7-bdd3-2e9fda718076 : Feyfar's trunk key 
6261e91f-5bc5-4d58-97e1-25c2622b0b68 : Executioner's rope - rotten 
63117d47-d23c-47ff-8ba1-ae93b850d6e2 : Cuman leader's mask 
63abdbb4-b0fd-464b-87a4-80d26b33872a : Kunesh's axe 
63df2c6a-d891-43c3-afa0-7a5dd2587b65 : Topping-out 
66eaff51-b15e-41f6-822d-b05b9ae8f747 : Will 
674bfdec-8c01-4cfd-9db2-3da74667ee0e : Bone powder of St. Thomas 
69c1ab92-2a58-4c36-84d9-2c043f26b9ef : Kyffhauser crystal 
6d34bc61-e20a-4da2-bbf5-2f7085706b8f : Wafer 
6f093d6e-49ad-470e-9c24-105007a98a8b : Bandit's trunk key 
70871a2a-6b35-4a53-ab0a-02655a6c1fa9 : Empty bird cage 
70c76a65-a157-4e4c-872d-ede7d21dd321 : Sack 
7167a273-e26a-482e-8a36-648fd6c51ea5 : Ornamental crown 
73fa08b6-cb14-4474-803b-7c2f6f43da87 : Shirt from Stephanie 
742c598f-f9e6-4d98-8da2-6735ff2b251d : Drowned sheep 
7448efc8-baab-4906-8e0d-40e0c4396594 : Beer recipe 
76bada6c-15b5-4109-9857-0a261162849c : Goatskin filled with blood 
7a51413f-84e3-4dad-b5cb-264e81929e60 : Trebuchet projectile rock 
7b7e898e-ac66-4d26-8a6c-b2a87e5abc90 : Bandit leader's spurs 
7d788e6e-dabb-4d23-8d6f-036eb812865d : Foreign steel 
7e02c3ff-4b3c-4687-aff4-e8c1404fa276 : Key to Heinz's chest 
7fc59505-3216-4f58-afa2-a6ad626a056f : Key 
817e5786-0429-4342-9e1f-cb6be18725ff : Cemetery flowers 
83a04490-6d4f-47f7-a1cf-45d0e968549a : Cask of wine for Circators 
85409fc6-36ff-4de7-b337-e2889e435f1b : Spade 
87a65e52-dfa1-4b45-9306-0b7083f93c90 : Hare pelt 
87edb711-8d20-4627-af71-d17fbca48b08 : Communion chalice 
8aec9e19-a943-4d26-acc9-844acdcfa90b : Bandit leader's spurs 
8bad010b-d13e-43f4-bba7-afe87a65f2e0 : Noble spurs 
8d76f58e-a521-4205-a7e8-9ac077eee5f0 : Lockpick 
8fa97c07-5d4a-4a80-9f9a-46e01e0a4f4f : Excellent Reward 
90ccdced-8a2f-4cd3-a1b8-2af959116509 : Key to shed 
9128ad33-7e21-48ba-98b8-c8cf63b9486f : Charcoal-burner's loot 
9186b747-2591-43c0-91c6-54146543a8d8 : Mandrake root 
9430ab09-6f6b-4a56-beb7-207315dd373c : Cuman leader's mask 
952ca69f-21e1-450c-a506-daec74cda27b : Procopius' tooth 
95e7eab8-59af-43c6-baf1-0b4c1fed08b3 : Guild signet 
964bc079-7797-475b-9c80-b76ce59de5b3 : Custodian's house key 
9689affb-0d84-4e64-ba8b-8549c79ac7bc : Hare's ring 
96b84458-9847-49df-9276-6c50f5ea7c6d : Bandit leader's spurs 
983a6813-20b6-4fc8-bc2d-105939ff6000 : Kunesh's nails 
98c5bbdb-e282-49e2-9bd4-105ace20b282 : Pitcher for wine 
993e22fa-2854-47b0-9502-7469471a58ca : Purse with coin 
9a519bc7-1087-4d0c-aa4c-54f59fb5baef : Wooden trunk 
9b2cb9e0-6c49-464e-beff-f071d30c36b6 : Salt of St. James' Madonna 
9c4ce06f-1817-4a60-8203-edab578cfefa : Wool fabric 
a16e6c86-2970-4106-a25b-9b4fba181972 : Key 
a1dda25f-3a35-4376-b198-4e5173c742a8 : Red deer hide 
a22185c1-a102-4972-a63d-4c7fc4959ae0 : Letter for Karolina 
a263862c-8e4c-4e60-aca3-c5c5eb91b904 : Nicholas' hunting horn 
a28be1bf-0935-4b56-8fdd-e1a644485616 : Wooden cross 
a50f682a-e3df-415d-ad77-32999f3976e5 : Crown with moldavite 
a641eebc-261a-47c9-bf32-fb8ec0325b92 : Necronomicon I 
a7186135-4a2a-4b3f-aab9-b916f3fc8b8c : Borya's key 
a961de34-3a0a-4823-9e88-2992def003a4 : Fallen block 
a9d66b07-0156-4b06-899b-81dead188c03 : Drahomira's ring 
ab0b9f53-2b71-483b-ba26-f1499c1f1f03 : Mikesh's package 
acbe87e5-3d13-4db3-95dd-d245a1bbe9f7 : Concealed sack of coin 
ad498eac-337d-4654-b043-6a10b303ae0e : Dress for Karolina 
ad9e4667-08f5-4ac3-b41e-66645c22245f : Satin 
b16db2b4-788a-4a04-8b9a-6ecfebcfc8ec : Beran's cup 
b185ad3c-6e51-4298-a997-472eb37b8b2a : Very heavy hammer 
b2060613-a29d-457f-bec0-b95991b4143b : Flemish cloth 
b2126c93-df85-4b43-aade-0f264ab3ec3e : Nicholas' testimony 
b2332b25-f518-4cec-b251-064eefd871b1 : Cuman leader's mask 
b2db4467-08f3-484b-9668-f9a6c012c8e3 : Lukesh's emergency supply 
b55ed79a-2a16-4cfb-9f97-7c9ef184c97d : Waffenrocks for Woyzeck 
b58968dc-043b-46ec-ad45-a7721bb17269 : Monastery entry writ 
b790194f-5316-4152-9118-3d3ba79903d5 : Scribe Friedrich's study key 
b81080b1-3a65-4930-85f5-873c56d4ff1f : Tiara 
b874e531-8d6e-456a-8625-7f44818a18dc : Land deed 
b8bb2709-166b-41eb-b06c-2f45b8fc8c93 : Key from barn 
bb99a38f-5683-4826-a26e-fd70ddd96086 : Strange die 
bc12d87c-542b-4de0-a3cf-b6fbff67a966 : Sheepskin 
bd872503-03d4-4697-801d-3ba71c524e93 : Keg of pitch 
bd8a4e0f-7b5d-4f6a-9546-4b71ffe6fa68 : Kunesh's keys 

Written by Tyranocif

Feeling like nobody likes you in a certain town? Want to change that? 
Then this is the guide for you!

What I truly love about this game is that all of your actions have an impact 
on the way the people around Henry react to him. You can see the status of 
Henry's reputation in the Player tab P in the Reputation sub-tab. Each town 
is considered its own faction, including Mill (???) and Monastery. The better 
Henry's reputation, the more friendly and helpful behaviour he can expect from 
others; people will talk to you more willingly, be easier to persuade or bribe 
and will offer him better prices in trades.

Another important point is how crime and is handled in this game. If someone 
sees Henry committing a crime, but he doesn’t get caught, he's still not in the 
clear. Witnesses will remember Henry and if he returns to the scene of the crime, 
there’s a strong chance the guards will still be on the lookout and will continue 
to pursue. You can tell you are under pursuit by an "emptying purse" icon at the
 top of your HUD. So you can't just run around stealin' whatever you like or 
choking out people because they'll have an idea of who it is that's doin' it. 
Unlike Skyrim, if I choke out everyone and steal all of their clothes, they'll 
suspect that I did it since I'm still wearin' my clothes compared to the rest 
of the townsfolk!

Every NPC belongs to at least one faction (sometimes to several at once) and 
you can be sure he or she will spread the word in the community about Henry's 
good or bad behaviour. Either way, the only major way to lower reputation is to 
commit crime, be it thievery, assault, or murder. Don't commit crime and you'll 
only be worrying about minor reputation decreases such as offending people in 
conversation, intimidate them, or other grievances as each named townsman (from 
what I understand) feels differently about Henry as seen with the Empathetic perk.

Each faction has an icon that determines their overall perception of Henry: 
red frown for infamous, brown for neutral, and yellow smile for famous.

-=Raising Your Reputation=-
Raising Henry's reputation is harder than lowering it, obviously. 
So: how do you do it? There are various ways to do so.

-=Play the Game=-
Your first option is doing side quests and activities around the town or location 
where you need to raise Henry's reputation. For instance, the activity Ruin in 
Rattay raises Henry's reputation immensely. This will prove difficult as nobody 
can just slay a camp of bandits outright, but late game it becomes easy. Keep a 
dagger on hand to cut bandits' ears off and sell to Captain Bernard for extra coin! 
Same goes for Cumans, but for Captain Robard.

Yes, trade! The cornerstone of any adventurous videogame. Select a single item 
for your basket and haggle with the merchant. Tap up once so you sell for less or 
buy for more. How high or low the price is doesn't matter, so instead just tap up 
once for a single step more generous deal. You can do this with any tradesmen or 
vendors. Each shop has its own reputation, including shops that have two people 
such as craftsmen who have a trader and the artisan you can both do business with 
even though they share the same inventory.

Again: single items and not multiple. It doesn't really matter how much the trader
 "owes" Henry because its reputation boost is calculated based on per transaction, 
not per unit. I have tested this, selling about ten cuirass(s) to an armorer at 
once at a deficit of thousands of Groschen and it did nothing for my reputation. 
I don't know about any of you, but if I was a medieval armorsmith and a shmuck 
walked up and gave me ten armor pieces for free, then he would be my best friend! 
Sadly this isn't how it works. Just go one step upward when haggling for their 
"thank you" and increased reputation.

Henry may occasionally encounter a Wayfarer during fast travel who appears to be 
a woman sitting down at roadside, looking destitute. Give them bandages, food, 
cloth, Groschen/alms, whatever you may have because this is a very specific NPC 
spawn and they will tell their town all about the generous Henry! Try using fast 
travel back and forth or keep an eye out while riding on roads outside of fast 
travel because they could appear this way too.

-=Do Hard Time=-
If Henry's reptutation sinks low enough, then townsmen will stop talking to Henry 
altogether. The fastest way to undo this severe damage is to assault a guard 
(unarmed of course, not aggravated assault) and go to jail. No matter whether or 
not you have enough coin, go to jail. Henry will have the imprisoned debuff, but 
this will reset Henry's reputation enough to undo your severe damage and let you 
play the game in this town again.

Saving Theresa (Hard Way):
Written by Aergistal

A guide for saving Theresa during the Run! quest by engaging and disposing of all 
the Cumans on hardcore mode.

This is an alternative solution for the first part of the Run! quest on hardcore mode. 
Instead of distracting the attention of the Cumans to save Theresa, Henry can put Sir 
Radzig Kobyla's sword to good use by actively engaging and disposing of all Cumans 
near the Mill.

-=How to Save Theresa=
* Henry is very weak and inexperienced in the beginning and taking on the Cumans 
  heads-on will get him killed. To stand a chance he has to gain the upper hand by 
  means of speed of maneuverability. The key is getting a horse and using the boom & 
  zoom tactic.
* Even if looks like there's an unlimited number of Cumans only a dozen or so will 
  be present and they will not respawn once you kill them.
* There are some invisible walls during this quest and getting out of bounds will 
  get Henry killed by a random Cuman arrow. To avoid this you should use the entire 
  stretch of road between the Woodcutter's Camp and the Mill.
* After the Run! quest starts instead of going straight-on immediately go to the
  right and down the side of the hill. There's a saddled horse near the Woodcutter's 
  Camp, steal it.
* Once you have the horse gallop towards the Mill and engage a group of Cumans 
  marching down the road. It takes a bit of practice to time your sword strikes 
  correctly. It doesn't matter if you miss as you'll get plenty of other chances, 
  whatever you do don't stop galloping or get stuck.
* Take on the three Cumans harassing Theresa but don't try to kill them yet as 
  they will try to catch you and run out of stamina quickly, making them easy 
  stationary targets.
* From here on it's rinse and repeat: attack Cumans on the road while galloping 
  and zig-zag afterwards to avoid the arrows. To regain stamina take cover behind 
  the Mill's barn near Theresa's garden on the east side and at the Woodcutter's 
  Camp to the west.
* In the beginning, when there's a lot of them, the Cumans might block the road. 
  In this case use the river's embankment to go around them until they disperse. 
  It's sloped and provides good cover from arrows.
* (optional) Once you take-down one of the three Cumans at Theresa's house lead 
  the others away then go back quickly and grab a full set of Cuman armor for 
  better protection against arrows. Henry can easily become encumbered, make sure 
  this doesn't happen as speed and easy turning are vital.
* (optional) Once you've cleared the map go to the window inside the Mill's shed 
  through which Theresa escapes for an additional spoken line.

Enjoy your hard-earned Cavalier achievement!

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