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  Hints and Tips for: Kingdom Of Loathing 
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 Kingdom Of Loathing Cheats

Kingdom Of Loathing

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM 

Look at the item on the mantelpiece in the house, which will vary in every game.
Then, enter the corresponding password in the Strange Leaflet to get meat and 

Mantelpiece item                    Password 	
Carved driftwood bird             - plover
Ceramic model of a brick building - plugh
Ceramic model of a white house    - xyzzy
Ship in a bottle                  - yoho

Unlockables - Boss rewards:
Defeat the indicated Boss with The Super-Secret Canadian Mind-Control
Device set to the indicated setting to get the corresponding reward. 

Baron Von Ratsworth's top hat  - Defeat Baron Von Ratsworth with a setting of "9".
Boss Bat bling                 - Defeat the Boss Bat with a setting of "8".
Boss Bat britches              - Defeat the Boss Bat with a setting of "4".
Cape of the Goblin King        - Defeat The Knob Goblin King with a setting of "7".
Glass Balls of the Goblin King - Defeat The Knob Goblin King with a setting of "3".
Rib of the Bonerdagon          - Defeat The Bonerdagon with a setting of "5".
Vertebra of the Bonerdagon     - Defeat The Bonerdagon with a setting of "10".

Easter Egg Balloon:
Go to the door with a shifting lock in the Lair of the Naughty Sorceress with
a Balloon Monkey in your inventory. You will get a new option to use the Balloon
Monkey on the door. Do so to get the Easter Egg Balloon that gives you +5 to all

New names:
Enter the following names at the "Familiar Rename" screen to have the game 
automatically give you a new name. 

* Leave the name of any familiar blank to have it renamed to "No Name McGee". 
* Name your Ragamuffin Imp familiar "Tatter" to have it renamed to "Spoiler". 
* Name your Exotic Parrot familiar "Polly" to have it renamed to "Unoriginality". 
* Name your Blood-Faced Volleyball familiar "Wilson" to have it renamed.

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