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  Hints and Tips for: Kingdoms Reborn 
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 Kingdoms Reborn Cheats

Kingdoms Reborn

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

General Tips and Tricks:
Written by CremeCrimson

General tips and tricks to keep the proletariat content and restrained 
in your capitalist kingdom.

* Starting off, you're going to be wondering where the best place to settle is at.

* Make sure your world is at least medium sized. You're going to want as many good 
possible starting positions as possible, as well as expansion. Mountains and seas 
will block you from growing.

* You absolutely want coal in your first or adjacent (next to you) region. Burning 
wood to produce charcoal to keep your citizens warm is inefficient.

* The black face will help immerse you if you're running a cotton plantation.

* You should also aim towards having an easy luxury to produce. Dyes are one example. 
And with a trading port (which can be placed in the sea as well as any body of water) 
you can start selling your luxuries for fat stacks.

* As for beginning card, taking investments is great early game as long as you stay 
over 2k which is the hard cap. Early game, you can try and balance between 1-2k.

* You can also choose to take the trading port if you have easy access to a luxury 
which you can sell and buy whatever resource your city needs to stay breathing.

* Make sure to grab the influence points from the "upgrades tree" shortcut key "U." 
To expand your territory without expending cash money.

* Bridges can be built across some pretty vast distances.

-=Trading Companies=-
* Aim to get to the middle ages as fast as possible and snatch up trading companies.

* Trading companies are the core foundation of this game, without them you won't be 
able to progress without a lard bucket of luck. With trading companies you can auto-
sell whatever excess items you're producing and buy what you don't have through the 
trading companies with little micro. Meaning, you can buy four different level one 
luxuries to meet the requirements to upgrade your house tiers to get to the next age.

* Here, you'll become your own cash cow.

* Once the base needs of your proletariat are met, you'll want to start mass 
producing the most expensive and efficient trade goods.

* Vodka is an example, needing only potatoes and the vodka distillery. Set a 
target limit in your trade company, I like 500-1k, they'll sell down to your target 
limit, and stop if it goes below the limit. Sell enough and you'll have enough money 
to revive Nixon's leathery heart.

* Take the opportunity to buy wood to get rid of your foresters and whatever level 
luxury goods you need to advance your houses.

* There's going to be resources you won't have access to, sometimes it's brick, 
sometimes it's iron bars. In any case, as long as you're overproducing your luxuries, 
you'll have money to buy whatever you need.

How to Unlock Frame Rate/Vsync:
Written by velve666

Small guide on how to access Kingdoms Reborn “ini” settings

* In windows navigate to start -> run
* Enter: %LocalAppData%
* Navigate to folder: PunCity -> Saved -> Config -> WindowsNoEditor
* Open: "GameUserSettings.ini"

Search for : FrameRateLimit=60 and change the 60 to whatever you want, 
I just use 144 and have not had issues with the engine yet.

Make sure Vsync is off or bUseVsync=False in the same .ini file.

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