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  Hints and Tips for: Kitchen Crisis 
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 Kitchen Crisis Cheats

Kitchen Crisis

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Useful Tips and Tricks:
Here is a bunch of tips that may help you to play better.

-=How to Solve the Problem (How to Be Able to Assign Clones)=-
* Seeing a lot of complaints about not being able to assign clones etc. 
  I had similar issues at first.
* The solution is to only use your best recipes, and for each one.
* Just lock your clones into the area of the recipe by making sure they’re
  blocked in and can’t wander off.
* That way, they’ll just focus on working on that recipe and won’t walk to 
  the other side of the country to use a cutting board they already have.
* When you upgrade the chopping board to its maximum level, most ingredients 
  go inside the chopping board.

-=How to Deal with Gelator=-
I used these upgrades and set up my level like this, got perfect score:
* The range upgrade in Cooking Effects is powerful here because it allows 
  the food to cover a large area at the top where the aliens are looping 
  around the top, which is helpful during early levels. Then when you buy 
  higher level foods you can build along the bottom.
* The two free upgrades in “Secondary Effects” is good for getting some 
  free clones/upgrades, especially when they start to get expensive.

-=Alpha Plus Strategy=-
* If you have fans unlocked, fans is the best item for them (at least on 
  levels with enough space for fans).
* Having 2 fans face each other with all appliances and ingredients on the 
  sides makes Alpha pretty OP.
* Its also best to just get a bunch of low difficulty recipes with the same 
  ingredients and stack them all in one kitchen at the end, since alpha can 
  easily fill most of them by the time the enemies get there (high difficulty
  recipes require too many appliances and Ingredients simultaneously causing 
  frequently taking too much space and/or not having enough appliances).

-=Other thing to note=-
* Countertop upgrade does nothing for Alpha plus since the speed boost is 
  given when finished with cooking, and Alpha does not cook.

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