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  Hints and Tips for: Knight Rider - The Game 
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 Knight Rider - The Game Cheats

Knight Rider - The Game

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: conner54

In the Campaign mode type the following: 

Code        Result
ROAM01    - All levels access.
ROAM00    - Turns the level cheat off.
POWER01   - Enables SPM in all levels.
POWER00   - Disables the SPM cheat.

Defeating KARR:
When you reach "Last Knight Standing," where you have to shut down KARR, 
use the following trick to defeat him easier. After the dialogue between 
Michael and KITT ends and KARR starts coming towards you, immediately 
turn right. You will see a electric box with a poll sticking out of it.
Either drive through that or Turbo Boost through. This will set off the
electric static, like from the previous mission. Turn around and wait 
for KARR to drive through the static. This will damage KARR greatly. If
timed correctly, you can Turbo Boost over KARR and the static. After you
turn around, KARR will most likely turn and go back though. Keep doing 
this and you will defeat the Knight Automated Roving Robot will little,
if no, damage to KITT.

Better turbo boost:
Use a text editor to edit the "kitt_data" file in the "\davilex\knight 
rider\data\vehicle" folder. Edit the value of "DirectionRatio" line under
the "TURBO BOOST" heading. The default value is "55". Changing it to "65"
should enable you to jump most walls or obstacles without having to use 
the crates. 
Changing it to "70" to "75" will get you to the rooftops without a problem.

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