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  Hints and Tips for: KoboldKare 
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 KoboldKare Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tipps and tricks:
By 4-4 Mista 4-4

Here’s some random tricks that might be usefull.

* The best way to earn money early on is by selling the Kobolds and Sprayers 
  that are scattered inside the house and second floor.

* Hold multiple sprayers with right click and activate them all with left 
  click. This allows you to spray much greater volumes at the same time, usefull 
  when watering new Kobolds.

* When trying to create macro potions, turn the grinder off put all the 
  reagents inside and then turn it on to grind all things at once. If you put 
  the things in one at a time you might not get the right potion.

* When you grind things, you don’t have to catch it with a sprayer, you can 
  directly catch it with a Kobold. Just make sure you hold the Kobold tight 
  as the pressure of the output might push the Kobold away.

* When you collect Fruits in the upper forest you can bunnyhop and strafe 
  along side the left walls to reach the higher ground and come back to your 
  house much quicker.

Cheat Commands:
Written by Cale

You can use the following commands by pressing enter when you are in the first 
or third person view.

/cheats: Enable or Disable cheats
/help: Lists cheat, help, list, and give commands
/list: Lists all objects and reagents available for the give command
/give– Gives or places any object that is shown with the list command

-=Reagents and objects=-
These objects can be created with the following: /give [Object Name] Some objects 
may also accept an amount modifier. 
/give Water 15 will give you a bucket with 15 water instead of the default 20.

Items are case sensitive

Object         Description/Effect
Banana       - A Banana that can be juicened
BananaSeed   - For planting a Banana Plant, you will need a seed bag
Bomb         - Spawns a Bomb to clear dirt plots
Bucket       - Spawns an empty Bucket
Chest        - Spawns an immovable box (You probably shouldn’t use this)
Egg          - Spawn a Kobold egg
Eggplant     - You can juice an eggplant from Spawns
EggplantSeed - For planting an Eggplant, you will need a seed bag
EquineDick   - Spawns an Equine Toy
Gloves       - Spawns Gloves are available in a variety of colors.
Kobold       - Spawns a randomly selected Male or Female Kobold
Hardhat      - Wearable Hardhat
Heart        - Spawns a Heart That Can Be Juiced
HighHeels    - Spawns high heels that can be worn
Ice          - Spawns Ice can be juiced
KandiDick    - Spawns a two-tone Equine Toy complete with piercings
KnottedDick  - Spawns a dog toy
Melon        - Spawns a melon that can be juiced
MelonSeed    - For planting a Melon plant, you will need a seed bag
NipplePump   - A Nipple Pump is a good choice
Onahole      - Spawns a Sleeve Type Toy
Pineapple    - You can juice a Pineapple from Spawns
Plant        - Spawns a fertilized egg that can be watered as a normal egg
Scanner      - A scanner device is used to verify content amounts
SpikeCollar  - Wearable Spiked Collar
TaperedDick  - Spawns a Lizard-shaped Toy
Trough       - Spawns a Trough
WateringCan  - Spawns a Watering Bottle
MiniRadio    - Spawns the item playing music at the 99 Club
MoneyPile    - Spawns a Money stack with $0 value
StarDoor     - Spawns a Zero Star Door
Mushroom     - You can juice a mushroom (to make you skinnier, smaller, and more vibrant)
Wheat	Spawns - Wheat can be juiced (. No observable effects on)
WheatSeed    - A seed bag for planting wheat (2nd stage explodes into wheat)
Fish         - Spawns a Fish which explodes into Ground Beef if touched
Items are case sensitive

Object           Description / Effect
Blood          - Gives a bucket full of blood (. No observable effect on)
Egg            - Give a Kobold egg
EggplantJuice  - Gives you a bucket of eggplant juice
Explosium      - Gives (a bucket of liquid explosive) No observable effect
Fat            - Gives you a bucket of fat (.) is very slow to digest
GrowthSerum    - Gives you a bucket of Growth Serum
Ice            - Gives Ice
Love           - Give a bucket of love
MelonJuice     - Gives a bucket full of melon juice
Milk	Gives    - one bucket of milk
MilkShake      - Makes a milkshake (. Makes you thicker by)
PineappleJuice - Gives Pineapple juice
Potassium      - Gives banana juice
ScrambledEgg   - Gives you a bucket of scrambled eggs (.) gives you energy slowly
Water          - Gives a bucket water
MushroomJuice  - Gives you a bucket of mushroom juice
Flour          - Gives a bucket (to restore a small amount) of energy.
Dough          - Gives a ball (of dough.) slowly restores a small amount) of energy.
Burger         - Gives you a burger (Gets you a lot of energy quickly with)
GroundBeef     - Gives a bucket (of ground beef) restores a small amount energy very slowly
BananaSplit    - Gives you a banana split (.) slowly restores energy slowly
Cake           - Makes a cake (quickly restores energy and makes you fat)
EggNog         - Eggnog (slowly restores energy)
Yogurt         - Gives Yogurt (slows down the release of energy and increases metabolism bar)
Pie            - Gives a pie (and restores a decent amount) of energy slowly
EggDinner      - Gives a bucket (of Egg Dinner). Restores a decent amount energy slowly)

Items are case sensitive

Object         Description/Effect
Money Amount - Gives the specified amount of money
Stars Amount - Gives the indicated number stars

Because of the current nature and complexity of the game, effects and commands 
can change between patches. As I learn of any changes or additions within the game.

Guide to Economic Bombs (AKA Pineapple Surprise):
Written by Otr

Want to clear all those rocks on your farm quickly and easily without hunting 
down tons of bananas or buying thousands of dollars worth of bombs? Here’s how!

-=A Few Mechanics to Be Aware of=-
Almost every ‘object’ in this game can be filled with various fluids. Not just kobolds, 
buckets, basins, or the mighty watering can. Nope. You can fill eggplants, too! Watermelon, 
pineapple, and even a banana can be absolutely stuffed full of whatever you want to splash 
upon them. So, now that you understand this very important mechanic of the game, let’s 
get onto the meat of the guide.

-=The Pineapple Surprise!=-
This is super simple and you can use any fruit you want… Except for bananas because that’s 
expensive. Alright, here we go.

Step the First: Blend or grind down a banana and put it in a bucket, basin, or (preferably) 
watering can. You’ll need this later to make things explode!

Step duos: You know all those fruits and random odds and ends you have lying around? They 
could have more potassium in them. Why not gather them all up together and just splash the 
big heap of tree candy with that banana juice you just made. Cool? Cool. You only need a 
‘drop’ of the ole’ banana slamma to prime these, so a watering can lets you really milk just 
how many splodies you can make with a single mynana. You can make em’ individually this way 
and a little spritz will do ya.

The step where things explode!: Now these primed fruities are full of vitamin K. Any ole’ 
splash of water will make them go nuclear! Go ahead and plant them around the farm where 
you might want some bang for your buck and then give em’ a little splish splash with your 
water bucket.

What part of the step where things explode did you not understand?: You shouldn’t be reading 
this. Back away before your newly made bomb explodes, ya horny lizard! I tried to make this 
amusing so you’d remember the guide after reading it, not follow along with it when there is 
a time sensitive explosion about to go off in your face!

That’s it. You’re done and hopefully not ragdolled on the floor because you stood right on 
top of the Pineapple Surprise.

How to Complete Chubby Kolbold Quest Fast and Easy:
Written by DarkLeopard

My method for quickly completing one of the more time consuming tasks in this game with pie!

-=You are going to need=-
* A kolbold with big boobs, the bigger the better (you need to be this kolbold).
* How ever many kolbolds you wish to fatten up.
* A big melon pie (the one made in a through not bucket).
* The inflation machine.
* Bring all of this to the machine’s location and you are ready to get started.

-=The Procedure=-
OK so you got your pie, your big tits, and the kolbolds who you need to fatten up? 
Here is what you need to do.

* Place the pie on top of the fluid tank.
* Stand near, the goal is to have one stream of milk hit the tank and the other stream 
  hit the stand so that it ends up in the tank as well.
* Look up a bit and take one bite of the pie, if your kolbold’s tits are big enough this 
  should be enough to fill the tank to the top with milk.
* Pump that good stuff into one of the kolbolds you are plumping up, one tank is about 
  enough for the quest.
* Repeat for as many kolbolds as you need.

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