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  Hints and Tips for: Konung 2 - Blood of Titans 
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 Konung 2 - Blood of Titans Cheats

Konung 2 - Blood of Titans

Submitted by: Haspa

First you should start the game and then save it (if you already haven't
done it of course...) With your favorite HEX Editor open the file 
"KONUNG2.SA0" (don't forget to create a backup of the file!). After that
go to the offsets 04b314-04b315-04b316-04b317, then change them with a 
hexadecimal value of your choise smaller than FFFF, but close to it (for
example DFFF) then save the file - this will give you a large amount of 
free expirience points so you can spend them on your hero's stats and 
attributes. Also you can change the amount of money in your hero's 
inventory by doing the same operation you did for the expirience pints
but now in offsets:  04b2f2-04b2f3-04b2f4-04b2f5.

Fleesville: Freeing Beloon:
* Talk to Beloon. Talk to the elder. Talk to Taragatay (Beloon's uncle).
* Talk to the elder again. Go to wizard in Pinesville and talk to him.
* Talk to elder one more time. Talk to Beloon and free him.

Lower Camp: Freeing Helga:
* Talk to Earl. 
* Talk to Helga's friend. (Note: There is only one girl with armor in the
  camp besides Helga (which is her). 
* Talk to Earl again. Then, go back to free Helga.

Pinesville: Ragnar's curse:
When your hero reaches the town of Pinesville he will encounter a villager
named Ragnar. To reverse Ragnar's curse he bestowed upon himself, the 
following is the correct order the counter spells are to be entered: 

* Stone Belt
* Crystal Dome
* Curse of Oblivion
* Cliff Spell
* Sun Ray Spell

After your hero successfully uncurses Ragnar, he will offer to join your 
party. If your hero has enough Charisma to allow him into your party, 
accept his offer. He will fight by your side as a token of gratitude.

Hacking money, points:
Those who have trouble getting money, free exp, etc. This will greatly help. 
Firstly,download cheat engine(from Then, start konung 2. 
Load up your saved game or create a new character. Afterwards, scan your 
money(4 bytes), free exp, etc. (example. If you have 3000 money, search 3000.)
(do not times anything)(see tutorial if needed). Spend/Use some or your
 money, free exp, etc. Then, scan the next value (example. If you have 0 money 
left, search 0 and click next scan). You should get 1 address, change it to 
whatever you want (don't be too greedy). Finally,you can do whatever you want. 
You also can do other hacks in the game like free exp, experience, level,and 
many other variables. However, if i'm right you cannot do a health hack.

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