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  Hints and Tips for: Kudos 
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 Kudos Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Go to your Kudos files on your "C:/" (or wherever its located) and click
on "DATA" file. From there click on the TEXT document "Config". A word/
text document should come up, and you can input as many options as you 
like. Change the numbers to your liking. 

EX. GV_startingcash = 120.00
change the to whatever you want. 
Save the file...and play the game!

Alone time:
Spending time alone in Kudos can be anything from staring at the walls to
shopping for a pet to cleaning your house. You donít need to worry about 
eating and sleeping, those things are done automatically. 
Of course so is going to work! 

Moving up the corporate ladder:
Getting a better job means more money, but you will need to acquire better 
skills first. Take classes so you can find a better paying job. If you donít
build up money, your social events will be lame.

Earning kudos:
In order to gain kudos you need to be social. Make sure you pay attention 
to the summaries after social events. There may be suggestions for activities 
your friends would like to do. Also, take advantage of friends who can 
introduce to someone new. A new friend is a new chance to earn kudos!

Unintended Consequences:
Keep an eye on your stats. Certain activities can have surprising effects. 
For instance, going jogging every day may make you too tired for socializing.
Never cleaning your house may make you sick and unable to go out.

Can you have it all?:
From the start, Kudos is a balancing act. You have to juggle work and friends 
and taking care of yourself. You gain kudos by being social, but in order to 
be social you need money (and more money and more money). Each day in Kudos 
you will have to choose between advancing on your career path or moving up 
the social ladder. Success in Kudos depends on balance.

Tips and Tricks:
* If you can't afford evening classes, you can learn some of the same skills by
  buying books on the topic and reading them. Then you can sell the books and 
  get some of your money back!
* Take an odd job first. Learn Kickboxing or Kungfu asap, and finally buy a 
  burgular alarm asap, and you won't be mugged and burgularized repeatedly.
* If you have a job that pays well, instead of buying an alarm, you can always
  buy a dog. While you may have to buy dog food every week, it prevents burglaries
  and lowers loneliness.
* While inviting lots of friends out at one time sounds like a good idea, it 
  may actually prove to be a bad one. If a friend doesn't enjoy the event, you
  lose kudos and brownie points w/ that pal. Instead, pay attention to your 
  "friends" interests and try to hold events that more than one friend will 
  like. Usually, if an event includes two of a friends interests, you'll gain
  kudos and a good score!

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