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  Hints and Tips for: Labyronia Elements 
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 Labyronia Elements Cheats

Labyronia Elements

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Earning Reputation Signets in the Wind World:
Written by Essen

This guide should help you if you can't figure out how to get that last reputation 
signet you need to progress further. There are no story spoilers but it will spoil 
the fun from figuring this out by yourself so use with caution.

-=Reputation Signets=-
There are two city maps: West and East. They both have 3 rows of houses. In this 
section houses are numbered from left to right. Many signets require Thief rank 
progression to obtain. I believe you need 7 to leave the city and do the final 
tasks. After you leave the city you can get a Griffin from the house at the East 
end of the island but you'll need money and a Fly permit which can be stolen at 

* West, Top row left house: 
You need to bring a plant to the guy. The plant can be found in the East area of 
the city, on the top left corner. There is a secret passage nearby leading to the 
plant. (You can get a hint at night.) 

* West, Top row right house in the corner: The lady is lonely. Bring her the dog 
that's running around in the city (East block I believe). Easy. 

* West, Middle row 2nd house: The woman send you on an errand to the shopping 
district to get a sausage and bring it back to her. Easy. 

* West, Middle row 3rd house: The mom is missing her two children, they are playing 
hide and seek in the city, there should be one each block and they are both outside. 

* West, Middle row 5th house: The girl wants a silk dress which is in the Temple of 
Thousand Evils. Check the next section. 

* West, Bottom row 1st house: Man gives you a book to return to the library. 
The library sends you to a bookworm guy who lives alone in another island. You'll 
need to go back to the writer for your signet. 

* West, Bottom row blacksmith's house: He gives you a signet for free when he asks 
you to get his hammer back which is somewhere in the Blue Rock Cave west of the city.
He gives you a second signet when you complete the quest. 

* East, Top row 3rd house: Wine master asks for 11 cherry flower which can be found 
in the Flower Labyrinth in another island. 

* East, Middle row Church: The cross of Ely has been stolen and is in the Temple of 
Thousand Evils. Return it. 

* East, Middle row 3rd house: A man and a woman live here. Talk to them. 
Then at night, talk to the woman and her friend in the library and talk to the man 
in the house. Tell him everything and grab some popcorn. 

-=Temple of Thousand Evils=-
Reaching this area is easy, entering it and completing it require two separate 
items in total.

The first item is a ring which can be obtained after beating the guy who's vandalizing 
the Church in the East block at night. Be careful if you're not prepared or you'll 
get a Game Over. Make sure to have good equipment from the shop and one or two Apples. 
You can get extra money by doing the Pentacle game in the hideout if you don't have 
access to the World map yet.

The second item is pendant which can be stolen at night in the West block, 
Bottom row 2nd house.

The Temple of Thousand Evils has the Cross of Ely at the end which you can bring 
back to the Church, but it also has a Silk Dress in one of the side rooms 
(left room I think?) that a girl in town would love to have.

-=Bonus Quest=-
I'm not sure if this quest can get you a reputation signet if you do it before 
you obtain 12 of them. It's possible there are 13 ways to get reputation. I'd love 
to get confirmation on this. In my case I obtained 250 pentacles when completing it.

In the West block, Middle row 4th house a man has insomnia. The plant guy we helped 
earlier hints that a purple herb can help. The plant can be found in a small island 
northeast from the bookworm guy's. 
There's also an Ancient Chest hidden in that same screen.

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