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  Hints and Tips for: Lambda Wars 
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 Lambda Wars Cheats

Lambda Wars

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Written by Offlcer_Sam

* Getting Started
* Make sure you have the Console enabled by looking in.
* Settings ] Keyboard and mouse then click enable dev console and then done.

Then use ~ to open it

Then you need to start a map of some kind using:
map [map name]

Then enable cheats via:
sv_cheats 1

-=Gameplay related=-
wars_giveresources [ResourceName] [Amount] [Player|optional]
Give resources

build units instantly (ignoring build times)

Show a panel for spawning units

Create an unit from the console.

Show a panel to execute abilities.

Execute an ability from the console.

Show a panel to modify some player instance data like the color.

Show a panel for modifying attributes of units.

Load a game package.

Change your owner number. 
Is used to indentify which units you can control.

Controls the maximum population per player.

 Change the gamerules.

-=Map related=-
Open tools for the flora editor and navigation mesh

sv_fogofwar 0
Disable fog of war

Free fly mode

-=CPU/AI Player related=-
Enable CPU Player for specific player

Disable CPU Player for specific player

Prints debug information about a CPU player

-=Nav Mesh related=-
Builds the navigation mesh

Visualizes the navigation mesh

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