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  Hints and Tips for: Last Tide 
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 Last Tide Cheats

Last Tide

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Get Different Dive Pod Skins:
Written by Cryosis

This simple guide shows what the different Dive Pod skins are and 
how to unlock them.

-=Red Dive Pod=-
This Dive Pod is extremely easy to get as it is a freebie once you purchase the
game. It is the standard default Dive Pod that everybody will have.

-=Gold Dive Pod=-
The conditions to unlock the Gold Dive Pod are simple but to a general audience, 
challenging. To unlock this skin you must win at least 1 match of Last Tide and 
then it will automatically unlock.

-=Green Dive Pod=-
The hardest skin to unlock and the rarest, the unlock conditions for this Dive 
Pod are little bit more complicated. To unlock the Green Dive Pod, you must get 
a kill using a Megalodon Chumnade, which is a special variant of the Chumnade 
which has a 1% chance of appearing in a crate dropped by a plane around mid-game.
As the name implies, the Megalodon Chumnade will spawn a Megalodon to come and 
eat whichever unlucky soul got hit by the Chumnade, once this happens then the 
Green Dive Pod will unlock for you.

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