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  Hints and Tips for: Last Chaos 
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 Last Chaos Cheats

Last Chaos

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Wear armor or weapons without their requirements:
To wear armor that you do not have requirements for (for example, the level), 
drag it as you would do to a normal armor or weapon. You must have at least 
level 1 with at least .01% exp.

Armor and weapon selections:
When you are a certain level, you can only wear a particular armor without it
decreasing your attack or defense. Usually the weapons you can equip are five
levels lower than the said required level. For example, a level 21 weapon can
be used at level 16 without it decreasing your attack/ defense; or a level 22
armor piece (boots, gloves, chestplate, leggings, helmet/hat) can be equipped
at level 16 or 17. While you level up, it is easier to get better weapons and
armor as you go (more defense and attack), also making it easier to level.

Fast pet Training:
* Just get a pet (dragon/horse).
* Do the quest ... (with pan flute/drake egg).
* Get some food for the pet (herbs for life , mining stones for 
  starving and energy for sympathy).
* Go battle a monster with a white/yellow name.
* Without any weapons.
* See your pets xp.
* Every time you hit the xp goes up.

Submitted by: mike

If your level 2 or 3 or 4 u cant kill sasquaches very fast so just try to 
kill it and all double lvl if your lucky.

Easy Money:
Submitted by: mike

1.Go to dratan.
2.Go to prokion temple only people that are lvl 15 and above and there
  will be money evry were people either drop it or kill ghouls and mumies.
3.Pick it up and if u pick up a lot ucan get about 600000k.
  ive tried it i had about 9000000000k.

Easy level for 40+:
Submitted by: bee

Go to the boku deamons with a party and fight them this is in egahe they give
600k-700k without exb.

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