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  Hints and Tips for: The Last Stand 
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 The Last Stand Cheats

The Last Stand

Auto shotgun:
Submitted by: RM

If you use a machine gun, hold [Shoot] and switch weapons.
You will now have a machine shotgun. This is useful when 
you are in trouble.

When you got no more ammunition for the shotgun, reload (R) then 
press [Esc]. Your character will still be reloading the gun while 
the zombies are paused. Press [Esc] to resume the game when he is 
done reloading.

100 ammo shotgun:
Submitted by: sean

Equpe chanesaw and shotgun then fire the saw and press space finish the clip and 
press space twice after reloading and your shotgun will have 100 bullets.

Submitted by: wes

The 100 bullet cheat works for every gun not just the shotgun so just use the 
cainsaw with any gun.

Submitted by: collin

Heres how the cheat works first you have to get the berreta witch is a kick ass 
gun first you need a smg of sorts then click the fire butten on you smg then 
switch to you berreta and you have a full auto berreta!

Submitted by: bob

Continue searching for weapons after you get AK. You will find a supergun- the 
beretta. It has ten bullets and they're one shot one kill.

Submitted by: Michael Morgan

If you download last stand through Flash Get. You can zoom out 
with the arrow keys and then all of the weapons will be at the bottom 
including a nuke. Click on the one you want. 

Submitted by: Michael Smith

if you press the spacebar 400 times while holding down the letters d-t-e-p then you 
will get an automatic rocket launcher which is reusable as many times as you want

While in the game enter "cold zero" to activate cheat mode. 
After that enter: 

Code      Effect
god     - invincibility
money   - get $10000
tne end - win mission

Submitted by: Ryu

Use any machine gun with any other gun at any time you want and that will be like 
the machine gun plus the shotgun cheat and it excludes the chainsaw.

Submitted by: hydra

whenever the game gets messed up:no one coming out and you keep on shooting just 
leave or refresh the game you dont have a chance of fixing it i spent two hours on 
it tryin to.

Submitted by: ROSS

If you press ect twise very quickly the game will bring up the menu but with no border 
and when you have fount the ak-47 keep looking and you will find a barret 12 sniper aka 
1hit kill.

Submitted by: nick

if you make a line to start with then get the strate line up then do another line up 
and put lines in the two lines and you have a ladder

Submitted by: jesus villalobos

First While in the game enter "cold zero" to activate cheat mode. After that enter: 
Code  Effect  money $10000
Then pik the chainsaw and shot gun in the menu then get the chainsaw and hold fire
go down and pik the big owl rifle there and you will shoot the big owl rifle like 
if it was a uzi.

Submitted by: Zoey Taylor.(Dude)

1. Equip Chainsaw and Uzi.
2. Hold fire on uzi.
3. Swutch to chainsaw while holding fire.
4. Now you have a super chainsaw, but you have redo this over and over 
   again when you run out of ammo.

Submitted by: jordan

When you have a shotgun and it is empty press esc and the undead will stop and your 
shotgun is full then clik resom and play the game and when its empty do it agin.

Submitted by: random guy

If you get a high amunition gun such as the chain saw for the secon weapon get the 
hunting rifle get the saw out and use it or what ever button you fire with and swith 
back and forth repeatedly and when you get the rifle it should have 99 shots.

Submitted by: juan

Equip shotgun and machinegun, shoot machinegun,stop cange to shot gun then you'll 
have 20 bullets or more

Submitted by: Sebastin

When you found the UMP 45, choose it to battle.When you start firing at the first 
bullet with the UMP,reload with "R" repeatly while firing.This is like infinite 
if you don't stop reloading.

Submitted by: The Last Stand

if your facing with a fat old zombie,use the machine gun and hit them at the 
feet and the fat old zombie will try to moonwalk

Submitted by: tuan nhan

While you are in the games,pause the games and do the following step.
step 1) click the right mouse 
step 2) click on back
then something weird will happend

Submitted by: wendell

Follow these steps to gain more ammo. 
1.first use chainsaw as a primary wepon and any gun as secondary wepon. 
2.Next press acept and when the screen turns into black press space.
3.Now you have a wepon that have more ammo.

Submitted by: akira

Hold the chain saw while firing and press space and your shot gun fires very fast 
thank you.

Submitted by: gilgamesh

When you pause the game right click and select back something weird does happen, it
will go back to the jorunal and the game will still be paused but the screen will 
be bloody and you see the zombies walking in place and when you continue the game 
the zombies will walk in place and they preety much die on they're own and all you
have to do is kill the rest of the zombies and you'll be done with that level.

Submitted by: Traze3

A really goood wep. is when you get the minimi and the RPG, place the Minimi as 
the primary weapon and the RPG as the secondary, when the screen turns black (after
you press accept) press spacebar and you will have 200 RPG ammo!
BUT do NOT reload, that will cause you to get only 1 shot for the RPG.
Have fun! I did!

Submitted by: jordan

When you have equiped an uzi if you are reloading keep firing and it still shoots.

Auto Rifle:
Submitted by: random dude

First equip a high ammo gun like the chainsaw or uzi the equip the huntin rifle. While
using the rifle (shooting it)press space bar twice and your rifle will have 20 or more

Frozon but still squirting blood:
Submitted by: shadow claw

Pause the game and double click resume really fast and it will be frozon but with the 
zombies still squirting blood.

How to find the Berret in last stand!!:
Submitted by: jj

This might not be useful if you like to play last stand 2 more like me, but if you want to 
find the berret( a really powerful sniper rifle) then just search around for about 6 hours 
or more for weapons and when you find all the weapons on the self then just search the full 
12 hours(not reccomended if your barracade isnt' fixed to 100%) and you should usually find 
it, this does not work all the time because the find a weapon meter is not always full.

1 Hit 1 Kill With Revolver:
Submitted by: Joshua

When you get the revolver Shoot the Zombies in the head this will imedeatly kill them 
[note:this only works on regular Zombies not fat ones or green head ones!] 

Shorter reload:
Submitted by: last stand master

This only works for the pistol and the 357 revolver. keep on firing you weapon when your 
reloading and then you reach into your poket and keep fireing and then you will have a 
shorter reload!

Quick reload:
Submitted by: Ibrahim ali 12333

When your reloading your shotgun press pause (Esc) and your still reloading, and when the
zombies or zombie dogs attack(which they don't in pause)you'll get a head start.

Automatic revolver:
Submitted by: Brandon

When you have found the ump-45 keep fireing it and then switch to your revolver really quick.

Submitted by: Bobjobob

first get into game mode, then right click and push back repeatedly and then stop when it 
says play there should be sombies and they will walk when the amour games logo shows up lol!

99 sniper rifle bullets!:
Submitted by: cam dog!

to do this you use all of the ammo in your chainsaw up then click on the sniper rifle and you 
will have 99 bullets and guess what? you dont need to reload if you want the glitch again then 
redo it and then you will have another 99 bullets!

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