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  Hints and Tips for: Legacy 
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 Legacy Cheats


Initially I had a hard time finding my attributes 
because they aren't defined in numbers within the 
game, but I began to look around in the directories 
that the install program created. In a the sub-dir 
TEXT, there is another directory called CHARGEN, it 
contains the initial information used when creating 
the characters at the start of the game in an ASCII 
text file called CHARDATA. It seems to be of this 
general configuration:

START Mr. Charles Weiss It was announced yesterday that 
an heir to the Winthrop estate has been found. 
Mr. Charles Weiss of Bangor, Maine, who...

2 3 2 2 5
1 1 1 1
0 0 3 0
1 1 0 0
2 5
8 2
-1 -1
Lucy Weston

All I'm concerned with at the moment are the lines 
below STATS. The first line as your major characteristics, 
and WILLPOWER. So in this example, DEX = 2; KNOW = 3;STA 
= 2;STR = 2;WILL = 5. It's good to set those to at 
least 200, that will give you a large amount of magic 
as well as health.
The next three lines are the individual attributes that 
are under the DEXTERITY, KNOWLEDGE, AND STRENGTH headings. 
(such as ELECTRONICS, FIREARMS, MEDICINE, etc.) Generally 
if you set these to something above 10 (15 works
quite nice) you won't ever fail at the things that you try.

The next two lines represent the spells that you start 
with. They are represented in the form of:
I think those are pretty much self explanitory. One thing 
though, you can only have two spells at the start, so make 
it good ones (Wind of Destruction or Shards of Annihilation 
are good attack spells), and make sure to use Elixir of
Health) I've included the list of spells in the game along 
with this file.

If you don't want any spells... use -1 -1, -1 -1, -1 -1 
through the three lines You don't really need a powerful 
attack spell in the game after you hike your stats up, 
I was pretty much able to kill about anything with one hit 
from my briefcase, although Sword of the Shadow kills alot 
quicker for the nastier monsters.

If you're already in the middle of a game and don't 
want to start over then get out your hex editor 
(Norton's DE, PCTOOLS, or the like) for this next
part. A list of the hex offsets for the character's 
attributes follows:

STAMINA - 5,286
STRENGTH - 5,288
all breakdowns of those attributes are in even numbered 
hex locations 5,294 - 5,316

When your character gets low on health or magic
(and he/she will!) the hex
addresses for your health are here MAXIMUM PRESENT

Health 5,262 - 5,263 5,264 - 5,265
Magic 5,266 - 5,267 5,268 - 5,269

Mail them to me at:

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