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  Hints and Tips for: Legend of Grimrock 
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 Legend of Grimrock Cheats

Legend of Grimrock
Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: BoneK

To enable the console, go to My Documents\Almost Human\Legend Of Grimrock. Open 
the "grimrock.CFG." file and look for the line that says "console = false". 
Change "false" to "true". The next line should read "consolekey = 200". Change 
the number to "192". Then save the changes. When you start the game, the tilde 
key will bring up the console. It will be small and at the top of the screen. 
Type the codes just like you see them here. Note that, if you look up the names
of items in the dungeon can enter their names between the quotation
marks...and spawn just about any item in the game. 

For example: spawn "rock" will spawn a rock, spawn "compass" will spawn a compass,
etc. Be sure to press "enter" after typing in the codes. also note, that names 
are case sensitive. "Tome_Wisdom" will not work, but "tome_wisdom" does.

Effect                               Code	
Spawns a Broadhead Arrow           - spawn("arrow")
Spawns a Crookhorn Longbow         - spawn("longbow")
Spawns a Throwing Knife            - spawn("throwing_knife")
Spawns a Tome of Wisdom            - spawn("tome_wisdom")
Spawns a Torch that never runs out - spawn("torch_everburning")
Spawns an Assassin's Dagger        - spawn("assassin_dagger")
Spawns and Icefall Hammer          - spawn("icefall_hammer")
Spawns and Iron Key                - spawn("iron_key")
Spawns and Ogre in front of you    - spawn("ogre")
Spawns the Dismantler              - spawn("dismantler")
Spawns The Shield of Elements      - spawn("shield_elements")
Spawns Zhandul's Orb               - spawn("zhandul_orb")
Spawns [Editor ID name]            - spawn("[editor ID Name]")
Spawns a poison arrow              - spawn("poison_arrow")
Spawns a quarrel                   - spawn("quarrel")
Spawns a rock                      - spawn("rock")
Spawns a serpent bracer            - spawn("serpent_bracer")
Spawns a shuriken                  - spawn("shuriken")
Spawns a Venom edge                - spawn("venom_edge")
Spawns a wooden box                - spawn("wooden_box")
Restores all party members         - party:heal()

Reviving Toorum:
Throughout the first 10 levels of the game, you will find several notes from 
a deceased prisoner called Toorum. Find all 16 (before advancing to Level 11)
then locate Toorum's remains on Level 10. Use his remains on the Crystal of 
Life to revive him, unlocking the "Buddies With Toorum" achievement. 
This also allows you to play as him in a solo adventure on a new playthrough.

Play as Toorum:
After obtaining the "Buddies with Toorum" achievement, start a new game, choose
the "create characters" option, and name your first hero "Toorum", then press 
Enter. You will hear a chime and be able to play Toorum! 
Note: If you choose to create a Toorum character in this way, you cannot have 
any other adventurers in your party. On the other hand, Toorum can become strong
enough to be the equal of a full party!

Steam achievements:
While playing the game you can unlock the following Achievements:

Achievement                 How to unlock
Apprentice Alchemist      - Mix 10 potions.
Apprentice Wizard         - Cast 25 spells.
Archmage                  - Cast 500 spells.
Backstabber               - Backstab a monster.
Buddies With Toorum       - Give Toorum a hand.
Checkered Room            - Solve the Checkered room puzzle.
Dismantler                - Find Dismantler.
Doiní It Old School       - Complete the game with old school mode.
Dungeon Hero              - Survive the invasion of white blobs.
Dungeon Runner            - Finish first level in under 4 minutes.
Enter The Prison          - Get into the Prison.
Enter The Vault           -  Find entrance to the Vault of Dismantler.
Go the Extra Mile         - Travel 10000 tiles.
Hard Boiled               - Complete the game with hard difficulty setting.
Hereís Johnny             - Open all iron doors.
I Use Gravity As a Weapon - Kill a monster by dropping or teleporting on it.
Iím the Bugman!           - Collect and wear full set of chitin armor (4 pieces).
Knight in a Shining Armor - Collect and wear full set of Valor armor (6pieces).
Like a Sardine In a Can   - Collect and wear full set of plate mail (5 pieces).
Marksman                  - Perform 500 ranged weapon attacks.
Master Alchemist          - Mix 50 potions.
Master of the Dungeon     - Complete the game.
Master Wizard             - Cast 250 Spells.
Monster Killer            - Kill 250 monsters.
Ninja Style               - Collect and wear lurkerís wardrobe (4 pieces).
Ogre Slayer               - Kill your first ogre.
Piece of the Pie          - Find the pie.
Pitfall                   - Jump 25 times into a pit.
Secret Searcher           - Find 50 secrets.
Secret Sniffer            - Find 25 secrets.
Secret Spotter            - Find 10 secrets.
Seeker of Secrets         - Find all secrets.
Skill Mastery             - Obtain level 50 in any skill.
Skull Snatcher            - Find 5 skulls.
Slimed                    - Survive the slimes.
Stoner                    - Throw a rock 100 times.
Swordsman                 - Perform 500 melee weapon attacks.
Tavern Brawler            - Perform 250 unarmed attacks.
Treasure Hunter           - Find all treasures.
Zhandulís Orb             - Find Zhandulís Orb.

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