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  Hints and Tips for: Legends of Pegasus 
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 Legends of Pegasus Cheats

Legends of Pegasus

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: BoneK

Unlock ALL Missions:
Legends of Pegasus is considered to be an unfinishable game due to it's 
serious game ending bugs. However this cheat should allow you to get 
past the worst ones.

Here is the cheat to unlock all campaign missions in the game...

First go into the following folder:
x:\Users\%userprofile%\Documents\my games\Novacore Studios\Legends of Pegasus\profiles\

Then go into your profile folder and open User.xml with notepad or another text editor. 

Change the following lines to:

You have now unlocked all missions in the campaign. :)

The [actualCampaign] field will support 3 values: human / xor / arthrox
The [actualEpisode] field will support 4 values: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4

This cheat definitely works as I recently used it to get around an unavoidable 
black screen bug in the Xor campaign and finish the first ever complete Legends
of Pegasus 'Let's Play' series walkthrough on youtube! 
Cheat discovered by Wolfbane

Steam achievements:
Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding achievement. To
view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", then "My 
profile", then "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

Achievement                    How to Unlock
Advancing Backwards          - Flee from a battle!
Advancing Backwards II       - Flee from 10 battles!
Advancing Backwards III      - Flee from 100 battles!
Against All Odds             - Complete the Arthrox campaign!
Archeologist                 - Investigate 10 Xenon ruins!
Archeologist II              - Investigate 100 Xenon ruins!
Avenger Breeder              - Build 25 Arthrox Avengers!
Avenger Breeder II           - Build 125 Arthrox Avengers!
Avenger Breeder III          - Build 600 Arthrox Avengers!
Battleship Constructor       - Build 10 Xor Battleships!
Battleship Constructor II    - Build 50 Xor Battleships!
Battleship Constructor III   - Build 250 Xor Battleships!
Battleship Shipbuilder       - Build 10 Human Battleships!
Battleship Shipbuilder II    - Build 50 Human Battleships!
Battleship Shipbuilder III   - Build 250 Human Battleships!
Berserker Breeder            - Build 10 Arthrox Berserkers!
Berserker Breeder II         - Build 50 Arthrox Berserkers!
Berserker Breeder III        - Build 250 Arthrox Berserkers!
Colonizer                    - Establish a colony!
Colonizer II                 - Establish 15 colonies!
Colonizer III                - Establish 150 colonies!
Colonizer IV                 - Establish 1500 colonies
Corvette Constructor         - Build 100 Xor Corvettes!
Corvette Constructor II      - Build 500 Xor Corvettes!
Corvette Constructor III     - Build 2500 Xor Corvettes!
Corvette Shipbuilder         - Build 100 Human Corvettes!
Corvette Shipbuilder II      - Build 500 Human Corvettes!
Corvette Shipbuilder III     - Build 2500 Human Corvettes!
Cruiser Constructor          - Build 25 Xor Cruisers!
Cruiser Constructor II       - Build 125 Xor Cruisers!
Cruiser Constructor III      - Build 600 Xor Cruisers!
Cruiser Shipbuilder          - Build 25 Human Cruisers!
Cruiser Shipbuilder II       - Build 125 Human Cruisers!
Cruiser Shipbuilder III      - Build 600 Human Cruisers!
Destroyer Constructor        - Build 50 Xor Destroyers!
Destroyer Constructor II     - Build 250 Xor Destroyers!
Destroyer Constructor III    - Build 1250 Xor Destroyers!
Destroyer Shipbuilder        - Build 50 Human Destroyers!
Destroyer Shipbuilder II     - Build 250 Human Destroyers!
Destroyer Shipbuilder III    - Build 1250 Human Destroyers!
Expand                       - Colonize 3 star systems!
Expand II                    - Colonize 50 star systems!
Expand III                   - Colonize 350 star systems!
Explorer                     - Explore 10 star systems!
Explorer II                  - Explore 100 star systems!
Explorer III                 - Explore 1000 star systems!
Failsafe                     - Complete the Xor campaign!
Frigate Constructor          - Build 75 Xor Frigates!
Frigate Constructor II       - Build 400 Xor Frigates!
Frigate Constructor III      - Build 2000 Xor Frigates!
Frigate Shipbuilder          - Build 75 Human Frigates!
Frigate Shipbuilder II       - Build 400 Human Frigates!
Frigate Shipbuilder III      - Build 2000 Human Frigates!
Galaxy Dominator             - Hold two thirds of all star systems in a tiny galaxy!
Galaxy Dominator II          - Hold two thirds of all star systems in a small galaxy!
Galaxy Dominator III         - Hold two thirds of all star systems in a medium sized galaxy!
Galaxy Dominator IV          - Hold two thirds of all star systems in a large sized galaxy!
Galaxy Dominator V           - Hold two thirds of all star systems in a giant sized galaxy!
Geneticist                   - Create your own race!
Heavy Defender               - Repell 50 invasions!
Heavy Weapons Specialist     - Destroy a Battleship!
Heavy Weapons Specialist II  - Destroy 15 Battleships!
Heavy Weapons Specialist III - Destroy 150 Battleships!
Heavy Weapons Specialist IV  - Destroy 1500 Battleships!
Just One More Turn II        - You have complete 10000 turns!
Just One More Turn III       - You have completed 50000 (!) turns!
Just One More Turn!          - You have completed 500 turns!
Lone Wolf                    - Complete the Human campaign!
Multi Battle                 - Fight in a battle with two or more other factions!
Operator                     - Play one game as Xor!
Operator II                  - Play 10 games as Xor!
Operator III                 - Play 100 games as Xor!
Planet Invasor I             - Invade a planet!
Planet Invasor II            - Invade 15 planets!
Planet Invasor III           - Invade 150 planets!
Planet Invasor IV            - Invade 1500 planets!
Populator                    - Achieve an overall population of 10 billions!
Populator II                 - Achieve an overall population of 100 billions!
Populator III                - Achieve an overall population of 500 billions!
Raider Breeder               - Build 75 Arthrox Raiders!
Raider Breeder II            - Build 400 Arthrox Raiders!
Raider Breeder III           - Build 2000 Arthrox Raiders!
Rule of Five                 - Fight in a battle with 4 or more other factions!
Scout Breeder                - Build 100 Arthrox Scouts!
Scout Breeder II             - Build 500 Arthrox Scouts!
Scout Breeder III            - Build 2500 Arthrox Scouts!
Still Human                  - Play one game as Human!
Still Human II               - Play 10 games as Human!
Still Human III              - Play 100 games as Human!
Too Much to Handle           - Fight in a battle with 7 other factions!
Turtle                       - Build 5 weapon platforms!
Turtle II                    - Build 25 weapon platforms!
Turtle III                   - Build 125 weapon platforms!
Virus                        - Colonize five planets in one turn!
Voices In My Head            - Play one game as Arthrox!
Voices In My Head II         - Play 100 games as Arthrox!
Voices In My Head II         - Play 10 games as Arthrox!

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