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  Hints and Tips for: Lego City: Undercover 
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 Lego City: Undercover Cheats

Lego City: Undercover

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Enter one of the following codes at the "Extras" menu to activate 
the corresponding cheat function:

Result                       Code
Baseball Player            - YCMWKP
Chan's Drakonas            - DWJVCT
Classic Alien              - CQSZBJ
Disguised Natalia Kowalski - HVGTPG
Gorilla Suit Guy           - XKGZVJ
Karate Guy                 - MRPHVQ
Minotaur                   - SSVKCT
Ninja                      - FHSZYG
Pharaoh                    - NRRXYM
Pop Star                   - CNCNRH
Racecar Driver             - MHHRHM
Roman Soldier              - WRSKVC
Samurai Warrior            - RJYZHC
Soccer Player              - SYFMWJ
Werewolf                   - GYSTQP
Drakonas vehicle           - DWJVCT
Relocator vehicle          - VZHHDM

Bonus missions:
Enter "3D74QF9", "3GCC7XR", or "N7NN4F9" as a code at the terminal 
between two garages in front of the police station, and the two garage
doors will open. The one on the left is a Robbery Arrest mission, where
you take the Justice car and chase a hoodlum. The one on the right is 
a Vehicle Stealing mission, where you use the Spirit red sports car. 
Successfully complete the bonus missions to unlock the vehicles that 
were used in the missions.

Play as Super Wrestler:
Collect the five hidden blocks throughout the city to unlock Super Wrestler.
The five blocks can be found at the following locations:

1.On Apollo Island: The block can be found behind the garages along the runway.
2.On Auburn Bay Bridge: The block can be found on the support beams of the 
3.Bluebell National Park: You first need to beam up to the top of the dam. 
  Then, chop through the boarded door, and climb the ladder to find the block.
4.Lego City Airport: The block can be found underneath the freeway near the 
5.Pagoda: Search the walkways along the ocean to find the final block.

Chase statue:
Collect 400,000,000 studs to unlock a statue of Chase in King's Court, 
surrounded by unlimited blue studs.

Driving Tips and Tricks:
Written by Walle10-0

Here are some tips and tricks when driving in LEGO City Undercover that you may 
not have known about, and will help you master the game.

By the way, this guide assumes are already know how to drive.
But in case you forgot, hereís how to drive on a PC :

* hold "j" (the jump key) to move
* use left and right keys to turn left and right
* press/hold "h" (the boost and attack key) to boost (if your vehicle has a boost)
* press/hold "k" (the ability key) to brake
* press "u" to enter/exit a vehicle (which is useful when driving off a cliff)

-=Special Features=-
To start off, here are a few things you can do with every car in LEGO City 
Undercover that you may not have known about, and Iím not talking about the brick 
multiplier that makes your car rainbow or the fact that there are tow trucks.

-=Beep Beep=-
Every car has some sort of horn or siren you can sound.

To honk your horn, press ďLeft ControlĒ 
(the button to cycle backwards through disguises)

Emergency vehicles such as firetrucks and basically all police cars have sirens 
that can be toggled on and off by honking. All other cars have some sort of horn 
you can rapidly beep. Some like the Pizza Truck (the most glitchy car in the game 
btw) have a little jingle. To my knowledge, this has no impact on citizens, itís 
just fun.

Yes, every car in LEGO City Undercover can jump. Itís very useful in urban areas 
where there is a small brick wall blocking your way, or you just feel like jumping 
over somebody elseís car for fun.
To jump, press "space" (the button to cycle forward through disguises)

Different cars have different jump heights. Some can clear fences while others 
barely leave the ground. (basically giving them no jump) Most cars will be somewhere 
in between.

-=Flipping Your Car=-
Have you ever gotten your car stuck upside down and found there was nothing you can 
do except helplessly watch your $30,000 police car slowly disintegrate. What if I 
told you there was something you can do about it? (and Iím not talking about blasting 
it with a ray gun)

There is a feature, that if you press the boost key (on my PC itís ďhĒ) when your 
car is flipped over, the game will lift your car up and and drop it back down right 
side up. If you press boost quickly enough, you can avoid even damaging your car! 
Note that if the game flips your car right side up, your car may flip over again 
if the terrain isnít flat.

-=Boost Works in Air=-
As the title says, your boost actually will give you momentum while you are in the 
air. Although this may seem like a pointless feature, it comes in handy because 
your tires do not work in air, so if you get your car stuck on a wall, and both 
wheels are off the ground, flooring the gas wonít do anything.

Also, if you are able to jump, sometimes jumping and boosting can get you unstuck.

If you push on the gas and your car does not move, it will begin to turn red. When 
it reaches a certain point, your car will explode. (and launch your friend in the 
air if he/sheís on top)

Cars are not boats. Iím sorry to tell you this, but your car will not float. 
So try to avoid driving into the ocean.

Yes, drifting is a thing. But itís not what youíd expect.

Drifting allows you to make very sharp turns and turn around relatively quickly.
Itís great if you are cruising down the road and need to make a sharp 90 (or 180) 
into an alleyway.
However, it costs a good amount of speed so it can slow you down.

-=How to drift :
* Gain some momentum. Drifting relies on momentum, so more momentum = more drifting
* Make turn and slam on the breaks
* You should have started turning quickly. Congratulations, youíre drifting!
* Stop drifting. If you stay drifting for too long, youíll stop or turn too much.
* To stop drifting, stop holding the breaks and steer.
* You will likely need to turn in the other direction to stop turning or correct 

Personally, I like to immediately go from drifting to boosting to regain my speed.
Not all vehicles drift the same. Some will turn a lot and lose control when you 
drift, others will turn barely at all. Also, itís a lot less exciting when you 
canít boost out of a drift.

First try drifting with a high speed vehicle such as the Drakonas. Simply gain a 
decent amount of speed, and start turning while slamming on the breaks. Then start 
boosting when you have turned to the direction you want to go. (I donít suggest 
practicing in the alleyway for the first time like in the picture as that is a 
hard turn to get on the first try)

-=Car Damage=-
If you have a boost, you can also use the damage rules control when your vehicle 
takes damage, which is very useful as there is no way to repair cars.
Rules about taking damage :

* If you run straight into a wall, and are not boosting, you might take damage 
  depending on your speed.
* If you run straight into a wall, and are boosting, you will take damage 
  regardless of speed.
* Youíre less likely to take damage if you hit the wall from the side and are 
  not boosting.
* If your car is flipped it will take 1 heart of damage every few seconds if 
  not immediately turned right side up.
* If any car that is boosting runs into a car that is not boosting, the car 
  that is not boosting will take damage, not the car that is boosting.
* If a player runs into an regular car NPC, (not in a chase) the NPC will take 
  damage, not the player, even if not boosting.
* If 2 players run into each other, both will take damage.
* Unless, only one is boosting, in which case, the boosting player avoids damage.
* The Relocator will destroy any car when boosting
* Trains are unable to be damaged and will instantly destroy any vehicle they ram.
* Horse canít give or take damage. (even from trains) I guess theyíre not vehicles.

In short :
*  When running into wall, donít boost and turn away. 
   (unless turning will make you hit the wall)
*  When flipped over, spam ďhĒ (or whatever boost key you have)
*  When running into cars, boost.
*  Donít get run over by a train.

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