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  Hints and Tips for: Lego Island 2 
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 Lego Island 2 Cheats

Lego Island 2

Submitted by: Lori Larson

To make Pepper cry for his life or make him do an arm dance: Get out his
skateboard; (LCTRL); hold down Shift key for three seconds and he will 
turn in a circle. Then let go of Shift key and press the comma key; Pepper
will then either cry for his mother, or do an arm dance.

Submitted by : rickHH

Go up to Space Mountain. Press [Left Ctrl] to get on your skateboard. Then,
while on the skateboard ride off the side of the mountain at the space port
(not the rocket ship, but where the building is located). Do not turn until
you are on a brown piece of land. Once there, turn left and go upwards to 
the side of the railroad tracks. If you are in the corrected position, you 
will grind the tracks. Note: Several attempts may be needed.

Walk on water:
Get on your skateboard. Hold [Left Alt] to jump while you are riding towards
the water. The grassy area near the Res-Q HQ would be a good place to try 
this trick. Just before you fall in, release [Left Alt]. If done correctly,
you will see Pepper put away his skateboard just as if he were on land. Press
the cursor keys to walk on water. : When you are ready to return to land, you
will see Pepper fall into the water and get back out.

Submitted by: mr.zerg

Having trouble on what to do or where the pages are???  Well, you're in luck.
Hold the SHIFT key for 3 seconds, then the infomaniac will appear. If you 
notice, he has his hand pointing somewhere, so follow that direction to get

Make the Rabbits jump and butterflies folow you:
In the area with rabbit holes and rabbits on Lego Island press Shift and they
will jump. Do the same near butterflies and one of them will follow you.

Unlimited Gems:
When you are at Adventure Island and you are getting chased by the snake's 
you always lose the gems. To have umlimited gems hold down Shift+Left 
Control+Space and release after five seconds.

Unlimited Health:
On space mountain, jump off the highest point and you will end up on the train
tracks. The station master will pick you up, and at that moment, press and hold
down space bar until he puts you down. You will now have unlimited health!

Game developers:
After completing the game, go to the rocket ship. Run around and find a hole nearby.
After you find it, type sdreams. A portal should appear at the hole. Go in and you 
will see the game's developers as Lego people. Talk to them to find out some 
interesting things.

Followed by butterfly:
Press [Talk] near a field of butterflies repeatedly to have one follow you
around the island.

Make bunnies flip:
In your home land, find the bunnies and press [Left Shift] to make them flip.

Avoid getting lost:
if you are lost in the desert or just do not know where to go, hold [Left Shift]
+ 2. Release the keys and the master will point where to go.

See underground:
Go to the first town (where you start). Walk under the bridge up into the top
until you cannot move any more. Jump and you will now be swimming underground.
Watch out for the ledges, because you will come back up.

Station Master bug fix:
Sometimes when you are rescued by the Station Master beacause you were trespassing
on the tracks, he sometimes goes in cirles mostly when he takes you to the landing
pad near the hospital. To do this, simply go to your house if it's finished. But 
if you are just starting, I'm afraid your going to have to erase the game and 
start a new one. Or, if this works, DO NOT SAVE YOUR GAME when he goes in cirles.

In Adventure Island after you've catched a big fish named "Big Bertha", you are then
guided by the Informaniac to go to the mini airport. There you will see Johnny Thunder,
Pippin, and the professor, who has an expousure.

Your mission is to follow them in their Seaplane while you fly in a biplane. At the
start, you will see a Monkey in the tree about to throw watermellons at you. Shoot 
it and after you've passed the first tree, quickly dive down and stay near the river
as the following things will happen:

1.Monkeys will always miss when they try to throw water mellons at you.
2.Fuel Cans always stay in the river. The most important item in the minigame.
3.You can bump on walls to make you go faster (if you feel you are low on fuel.)

Then as you approach the bridge, you need to go fast by bumping on walls beacause 
this is a Mega Monkey zone.

Jumping on buildings:
Note: Only works at Lego island. Get on your skateboard but no graffiti hold the left
Alt and go in circles or something until pepper bends his knees go near a building 
then, when you know you should jump let go of the alt button.

Secret cave:
Submitted by: thomas

go to the space mountain(the mountain where you can go to ogel).if you walk down to 
the water, you see a cave. stand at the cave and write on your keyboard: sdreams. 
you see a portal, go in there and you see all the makers of the game as lego figure.

Helicopter train:
Submitted by: gamer

get in the train at the housing side of the island then stop in front of the station 
master then talk to him and when the train moves press right ctrl and you can see your 
self driving the train as if you were in a helicopter

NOTE:if you press left and right repetivly the station master will stop your train and 
pull you to the nearsest "H" landing

Flynig skateboard:
Submitted by: rafo66

It's very easy. Take skateboard (left ctrl) and go to a helicopter. 
Then when you are close to helicopter press left ctrl to and then again when the 
skateboard is fliping. You will enter the helicopter and the skateboard will seem 
to be frozen in time virtually flying.

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