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  Hints and Tips for: Lego - Mars Mission 
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 Lego - Mars Mission Cheats

Lego - Mars Mission

Cheat Codes:
Update by: charlie
Update by: Elliot
Submitted by: stuart

Enter cheat codes in the Conflict Mode or Special Ops.

Password      Result
fatwallet   - 50,000 credits
nightfall   - Crystalien Conflict mission
moonlight   - Unknown
fullscreen  - Unknown
santa       - Unknown
299792458   - build faster 
n00b        - 3x armor 
1337        - Reset all codes 
Theylive    - is alien ops
newbie      - tripple defence
moneypenny  - 50,000 credits, rapid fire, remove shroud,
              build faster, triple health.

Alien level passwords:

Level Password 	
1     earth
2     zapper
3     extra
4     retreat
5     doctor
6     scramble
7     flow
8     redalert
9     5050
10    nightfall

Human level passwords:
Level Password
1     mars
2     powerup
3     niceman
4     buggy
5     flyboy
6     range
7     stomp
8     ufo
9     elton
10    eclipse

Bonus level passwords:
Level Password
1     temple
2     checkmate
3     t2000
4     manic
5     pizza
6     santa
7     match
8     amaze
9     theylive

Submitted  by: ethan

Bonus level with alian hive as alians
ailan hive level the code is "azs8t"

Conflict mode:
Successfully complete all nine Astro story levels.

Special Ops mode:
Successfully complete the Astro training levels.

Crystailen Conflict:
Submitted by: austin

For conflict mode on alien side you enter "hurricane".

More credits:
Enable the fatwallet code. Enter the pizza level and kill all aliens in the
area. Do not get the pizza. Build two or three Crystal Miners then mine the
crystals. Wait until you get 100,000 credits.

Rapid fire on every level:
Submitted by: Nethan

The cheat code is "awesome" and gives rapid fire on every level.

Mars Mission Crystal Conflict:
Submitted by: Chris

Cheattitle: Can`t touch this - Invisibility for all structures and units

Lego Mars Mission: - Shroud removed on every level:
Submitted by: JOEL

The code is clearskies and removes shroud on every level.

Extra unit:
Submitted by: Danny

Get into any level and ASAP,keep on clicking on the same unit (After it's made as 
fast as you can.)You'll get an extra unit.

Submitted by: Akilan Mohana

-=For lego mars mission=-
moneypenny - I know this seems like a cheat code that gives you money, but it is
more. This code gives you $50,000,rapid fire, removes shroud, makes things build 
faster, gives tripple health.

beeblebrox - When you start a level press the 4 and 2 buttons at the same time. You
might hear someone say "cheater". From now on if you press 4 and + (at the same time)
you skip forward a level. If you press 4 and -(at the same time)you skip back. 
Note: When you do this by starting on the human side and you skip past the last level
you go to play the alien levels as the humans!

Lego mars mission crystalien game:
Submitted by: Giomar

the cheat "seek" will allow you to open up your radar in the beginnig of a level.

Lego mars crystallien conflict - Hints:
Submitted by: Benjamin

Enable the rapid fire, Build faster cheats then do the mission where you have to repair 
the speeder the cheats rapid fire, and build faster should be activated by now fix the 
speeder get the max number of subituors sell the energy thingy and the breeding pit for 
two drones move the speeder and two drones first attack the first two astros command one 
of the subituors towards the speeder to fix repeat.

Building place (evrywhere):
Submitted by: Mars-Mission

Building u:place: there is no cheat code for what i am telling you : the only thing you 
need to do is to build somting and after its made, take it but befor placing it, to place 
it where you want ( on lake or orock too!) you need to click it to place it (on a green 
zone) and move it at the same timee so it will appeare where you want. (this is super hard 
to do and the only whey to understand my words is to have tryied because its undescripteble.)

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