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  Hints and Tips for: Lego Racers 
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 Lego Racers Cheats

Lego Racers

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Guy Brown

Create or edit a driver in build mode. Enter one of the following driver names
at the make a license screen to activate the cheat function.
The cheats are only available in test drive mode and are not available when 
playing a circuit. 

Cheat                               Name
Rocket car                        - FLYSKYHGH  
No wheels                         - NWHLS 
No chassis                        - NCHSSS  
No driver                         - NDRVR  
Maintain speed off track          - NSLWJ  
Reversed Rocket Racer Run track   - LNFRRRM  
Shooter attacking power-ups only  - PGLLRD  
Mine power-ups only               - PGLLYLL  
Turbo power-ups only              - PGLLGRN  
Grapple power-ups only            - RPCRNLY  
Power-ups always at maximum       - MXPMX  
Turbo mode                        - FSTFRWRD  
Disable all cheats                - NMRCHTS  
All hidden characters             - HIDDNKARACTERS

Turbo Boost At Rocket Racer Run:
Submitteed by: john

When you do the first turn left get a red powerup and shoot the door where you could
turn either left or right.It will open and you could see like a portal. Go in and 
you will get a turbo boos.

Imperial Grand Prix shortcut:
At the beginning of the race, get a bomb, but do not use it. Enter the tunnel, and 
when you see the barrels, drive up to them and fire the bomb at them. This will open
up a new road. Drive on it, and you will ride it for a short time before you fall 
back onto the normal road, ahead of many racers. 
Note: Only the bomb or the wand will work on the barrels. 

Submitted by: nathan breakwell

* On desert adventure dragway shoot the phinx between the feet and proceed through
  the passage which will be thier if done correctly.

* on amazon adventure alley at the start drive through the waterfall you will come
  out into a cave go through the cave and you l be back on the track.

Submitted by: kinsat159753

My cheat is for lego racers. on magma moon marathon. get a blue and start it when 
you are about to go through the first gate. on the first lap near the dome look at
the pannel. then on the second run go through thoes collered gates in that order 
to open the dome. also on the second run look at the pannel for the next set so 
you can do it again.

2 white blocks 1 green in this order gives you a super boost and takes you to 
first place.

Submitted by: Evilme 247

In Desert adventure dragway shoot the entrance of the piramyd to find a secret.

Bonus items:
Defeat Rocket Racer with anyone with the name of TRUCK DRIVER. Note: You can delete
this name after this is done. 
This will unlock the following: Items: 
Cannon, Tank Wheels (on the car you choose), 1 Piece Brick, Hydroplane Fan; People 
Brick Pieces: Robbery Hat, Swat Hat; Also without the writing, Skeleton Chest, Armor
Chest Plate in black or gold. 

Captain Redbeard:
In the first circuit, Captain Redbeard will always use red Legos. Knowing this, when
in first place, try to keep a blue Lego available at all times.

Amazon Adventure Alley: shortcut:
Go through the waterfall that you can see from the starting line. Note that a tree 
motions towards it. You will be slowed down by the water and then be on a road with
a white brick in it. The shortcut ends in the building directly after the corner. 

Adventure Temple Trail shortcut: 
Immediately after the beginning of the start/finish line, but after the big idols,
turn right. There is a small tunnel from the top of the track to the right side of
the track. As soon as you enter the tunnel, turn left. Follow the green lights all
around to the end. After you exit the tunnel, turn right. 

Desert Adventure Dragway shortcuts: 
At the large building that is very close to the road, use a non-homing projectile 
such as a cannon or laser gun at what seems to be a door to blow it open. This will
also reveal at least two power-ups and a red and green weapon.

Magma Moon Marathon shortcut:
Begin the race and get to the point right after the flaming objects shoot up in the 
air. Drive all the way over to the right side to find a blue power-up. Use this 
power-up and look at the strangely shaped, flashing wall. Go through it to the other
side. You will end up at the clear dome. This shortcut can be used only when the 
blue power-up is active.

Magma Moon Marathon: Easy win:
Before you go through the tunnel, get a blue brick. When exiting the tunnel, get 
the white brick. Turn left, and when you see the jutting out wall off the track, 
activate the blue brick. The wall will flash and you should go through it. Get both
white bricks and the green, but do not activate them until you see the sequence that
is on the panel by the large blue dome. It has three colored squares. The next time 
you come around, do not activate the flashing wall shortcut. Instead, go under the 
lights in the sequence that you got during the last lap. The blue dome will open 
and you can get three white bricks. Do this for your third lap and you will almost 
always win.

Basil's car set:
If you cannot defeat Basil, finish in second place. Race the much easier Johnny 
Thunder and get his car set. In build mode, select Johnny Thunder and quick build.
When there is a crossbow on the back of the car, select "Build". Take off the bricks
until the crossbow is removed. You will now have Basil's car set.

Eighth car set:
Sign into Lego Racers. Instead of going to circuit race, go to time race. Win all 
the races against the ghost (Veronica Voltage) on the Redbeard, Kahuna and Basil 
tracks to unlock the eighth and fastest (better then Rocket Racer) car set.

Fire six missiles at once:
Enable the mxpmx code then go into Test Drive. Stay at a location where there is a
projectile block (red block). Save your ammunition until there is another red block
there, then quickly press [Fire] twice. You should fire six missiles. 

Double warp:
When you upgrade to a warp on green, do not use it immediately. Use it just when you
are about to get another green to pick it up. Then, use the green power-up you just 
picked up during the warp to "double warp". This will allow you to go twice the 
distance of single warp. This is very effective when facing Basil The Batlord and 
Rocket Racer.

Submitted by: Shield after Warp

Enable the MXPMX Code. go to test drive, OR If you really want a challenge, Single
Race. Get a green. DON'T use it until you find a blue. use Warp Drive, then press
enter as soon as you get the blue. (You have to be moving to do this! 
It's like double warp, but the second green is a blue.) when you come out of Warp 
Drive, you will be using the Red forcefield.

Leave track:
Enable the mxpmx code then in Test Drive, get a turbo (green brick). Just before 
you hit the wall, use the turbo. You should be outside the track for a short time.

Unlockable car sets and characters:
Beating a champion unlocks their car set, as well as a new set of character parts.
You can also unlock the time trial queen by beating all of her ghosts in time trial

Unlockable       How to Unlock	
Baron von Barron, Achu, Jungle car set    - Come in first place on circuit 5.
Gypsy Moth, Alpha Dragonis, Alien car set - Come in first place on circuit 6.
King Kahuka, The Islander, Tribal car set - Come in first place on circuit 2.
Rocket Racer, Rocket car set              - Come in first place on circuit 7.
Veronica Voltage, Lightning car set       - Beat all of the time trial ghosts.

Just press enter with no power up and you have a horn to annoy opponents when you 
pass them XD.

Magma Moon Marathon shortcut:
Look at the colored tiles next to the clear blue dome. Next time around, go through
those colored lasers. While going through that next time around, listen carefully 
to hear a strange "blip" sound that plays three times. There are only two types of 
blips. One is of higher pitch than the other. If it is a high blip, it means red. 
If it is a lower blip, it means blue. By listening, you do not have to go backwards
to find out what the color will be the next time. Also before actually racing go 
backwards to find out the colors then restart. They will be the same for that race. 
By doing this you can take the dome shortcut for every lap.

Dark Forest Rush:
Submitted by: Ash Masud

just in the start,but before the waterfall,there is a lone white block,cross it and 
there is a gap between the trees where u can climb in.u wil also find a white block 
here.its a shortcut and wil save u from da trouble of taking the turn!

Cheats List:
Submitted by: legoracermaster

Here is a list for all tips and shortcuts on Lego Racers: 

1. Captian Redbeard

Race 1: In the tunnels before the three white bricks there is a group of barrels. 
Shoot this with the cannon or the wand to reveal a shortcut to the four bricks. 
If you dont want this there is a faster way. Be second and collect the three white 
bricks and the green brick then warp and grab any green and leave the scene.

Race 2. Before the waterfall there is a dark passage containing a white brick. 
Then quick turn to the green or catch the next and flee beacuse the captian will 
shoot your white brick away. After this you are safe.Grab any green.

Race 3.Take your time for this. There are two shortcuts. The first is after the magma 
rocks. There is a passage that will blink if you activate a shield. Go through it and 
grab the whites and greens in the path. The second is the blue gate. Listen to it and 
there is a pattern. A higher pitch is a red gate and the other is the blue gate. 
Follow this pattern on your next lap and it will open. The gates are after the first 
shortcut. Also grab a green so that you can warp after going through the blue gate.

Race 4. Two shortcuts. The first is a door between the sphinx legs. Shoot it and there 
will be a passage containing three white bricks and two more bricks. A later shortcut 
at the pyramid after it gives the same result. Shoot for the second shortcut. The first 
one shortcut actually makes it easier to get the green brick and warp.

King Kahuna

Race 1. Before the crocs there is a passage in front of a statue with a white brick. 
The second is at the cave. Choose between a green brick at the side or the three white 
bricks in the water. I suggest the green because there are no more others other than the 
one in the sand before the finish line.

Race 2. After the waterfall there is a passage containing a white and green brick. 
For this race, Royal King can dominate. So grab all whites and greens before he does.

Race 3.OMG this race is so damn easy.The shortcut is very clear as an ice passageway 
before the second cave. It contains three white bricks and a choice of two bricks. 
If all goes well you could be riding in between the third to sixth racers and still 
be first LOL.

Race 4. At the start of the race go into the waterfall and you go into a secret tunnel 
with a white brick and a choice of two bricks.I suggest use warp ONLY.

Basil The Batlord(showoff)

Race 1.Unfortunately there is no shortcut here. You have to win through skill here. 
At least get second by warping when you have the chance.

Race 2. After the skull sign and the three bricks there is a passage leading to two 
bircks leading away from a green brick(T_T).Surprise Basil with as many flying 
turbos as possible.

Race 3. This is really the granddaddy of all courses. At the start of the race hidden 
in front of a tiki of the two is a passage leading to a blue brick. Use it immediately 
because Basil will try to hit you with his wand. Ignore him. Grab another blue brick 
for charging and grab the green next and the three whites and warp out of there. 
You still have to keep searching for greens because Basil will find you with a warp. 
Just use a flying turbo at the three passages where one of them will contain a Mummy 
Curse. See if the middle on contains a curse. If no go through it. If yes go through 
the other ones. Do NOT get caught in a curse in this situation. Basil will surely 
overtake you unless he also gets a curse. With the curse your turbo is useless.

Race 4. This is definitely easy. Get a blue brick at the starting to avoid the UFO 
beam. After the zapper,get a red brick and shoot. A door will open. Go through it 
and you will find a cool passage. Make sure you warp after exiting because you may 
never know where to go after exiting. Use warps all the time.

For Johnny Thunder, Baron Von Barron and Gypsy Moth, they are just the same circuits 
mirrored, although harder to beat.


I capitalized this because he is super hard.

Rocket Racer Run

Just into the second tunnel get a red and shoot at the weird door in front of you. 
It will open. Go through it and you will warp. This is still not good enough because 
you nedd lots of skill to beat him.


She is more hard than Rocket Racer. Beat her in allthe time trial levels and you 
will get her cawesome car set. You will get the host's car set after beating them 
in first place.


At the start of every race, practise hitting the accelerate button just when the 
"GO!" word appears. An exact timing gives you a big boost while a nearlyexact timimg 
gives you a small boost. This is very helpful as you will be in first place at the 
start of the race and get the bricks first. For the Rocket Rcaer Run, Boost and get 
the green brick to help you get a head start so that defeating Rocket Racer will be 
easier. If Rocket Racer boosts first, you are pretty much a goner.

Heres what the hosts like to use:

Captian Redbeard Cannonballs
King Kahuna Blue shields
Basil The Batlord Wands
Johnny Thunder Grapple hooks
Baron Von Barron Orange shields
Gypsy Moth Projectile Rockets
Rocket Racer Warps
Veronica Voltage Anything to get her in first place

I hope you find these tips useful and hopes to see gamers win.

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