Leisure Suit Larry 7 - Love For Sail Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Leisure Suit Larry 7 - Love For Sail 
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 Leisure Suit Larry 7 - Love For Sail Cheats

Leisure Suit Larry 7 - Love For Sail
Easter Eggs 
These tips will add a little spice to the game. After you turn Victoria 
Principles into a sex craved maniac. And I mean right after. Click on 
the bathing man on the left on the computer screen and at the same time
hold down CTRL on your keyboard. Then ask Victiria about the weather. 
Then you will get a little treat. 

Go to the Boning Cabin, and click on the buldge of the third statue on 
the left (counting from the top). Go to other, then type "unzip". Kill 
the old man, and when you return the next day, ring the doorbell, and 
you get to see Annette Boning doing a little celebration. 

In the Captain's Ballroom, where you meet Jamie Lee, go to the right 
side of the room, click on yourself, and go to other. Type in "dream".
You're in for a treat! 

When you visit Drew, click on the leaf branch, and at other, type in 
"push". You will get to see them. 

Go into the library, click on the beaver, and under other, type in "milk".
Then sneak into the Juggs dressing room, and get a little surprise. 

Put orgasmic powder on Drew's drink when you're talking to her. Then 
click OTHER on her drink. When you mention her suitcase and she gets 
up, Larry will not block your view. 

After the Juggs have left the stage, go to the back section of the stage,
and click on the console and go to other. Type in "feel". Then go to Drew
and talk about Fokker. Suddenly she won't seem to mind your wondering 

After viewing the seven easter eggs above, finding all the dildoes and 
getting all the points, you'll get see a brief shot of Captain Thye nude
before the aliens come down. 

Liar's Dice 
While playing Strip Liar's Dice with Dewmi, press Control-C to take a 
peak at Dewmi's dice.

Winning the craps contest:
If you cannot get close enough to the craps table, eat the bean dip in
the restaurant. Return to the casino and stand near the dapper men 
playing craps. Click on Larry, select "Fart" and watch the room clear. 
You can now reach the table, but you will never win with those dice that
the croupier gives you. Use your shaved dice on the craps table to win. 
If you do not have shaved dice, go back to your cabin and pick up the 
industrial-grade toilet paper. Then, take the dice from the foot of 
Venus in the sculpture garden. In your inventory, use the toilet paper
on the dice. Now they cannot lose.

Psychedelic mode:
Press [Ctrl] + P two times during game play. 
Alternately, press [Ctrl] + P after winning Strip Lair's Poker. 

Reveal Drew:
-Go to the swimming pools, and go to Drew. 
-Click on the leaf blocking her chest, select "Other" and type push.
-Use the Orgasmic Powder on Drew's drink. Then, 
-click on the drink, select "Other" and type drink. 
-When she gets up to go to your room, Larry will not block your view. 
-After the Juggs' concert, return to the lounge. 
-Click on the mixer, select "Other" and type feel. 
-You will get a set of earplugs. 
-The next time you talk to Drew about "Fokker or My Place?" 
 you will not hear her ask you to look her in the eyes. 

Reveal Victorian/Vicki:
When you have changed Victorian to Vicki, hold [Ctrl] and click the left man 
on her computer screen. When you talk to her about the weather you will see 
significantly more skin than usual. 

Getting Drew out of the shower:
Take the fire hose from the promenade deck. Return to your cabin. Remove the 
spray can from the toilet pipe. Attach the fire hose to the red water pipe 
and the toilet, then flush the toilet. She will be out of there in no time.

Running the game on Windows XP:
Follow these instructions to install the game successfully under Windows XP:
Go to "Display Properties", click on the "Appearance" tab and select "windows
Classic Style" from the list captioned "Windows and Buttons". 
Now run Setup.exe directly from your Larry 7 CD-ROM. After installing the game
you may restore your favorite Appearance settings. Also, if you want to run 
the game in full screen you must change the screen resolution to 640x480. 
If there is no such option under "Display Properties", enter the folder where
Larry 7 is installed (probably C:\Sierra\LSL7) and select "Properties" by 
right-clicking on SIERW5.EXE. Then go to "Compatibility" options and select 
"Run in 640x480 screen resolution". Now run SIERW5.EXE. Everything should be
fine now.

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