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  Hints and Tips for: Little Shop - Road Trip 
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 Little Shop - Road Trip Cheats

Little Shop - Road Trip

Submitted by: David K.

In Blitz mode you will be able to search every single object that is
in a particular scene. In Blitz Mode the objects will be at the bottom
of the page, just like they are in the Regular Mode. As you find each 
object new ones will pop up until you've every item hidden in that room.

You can look on top of the page and you'll be able to see how many items
can be found in that scene. 

In order to get the highest score in Blitz Mode, it can sometimes help 
to replay the scene several times while the items are fresh in your mind. 

You have to look for objects in a scene; you will be given a list of 15
items to look for. Each item that you have to look for will appear at the
bottom of the scene, 5 at a time. 

Once you find one item, another one will appear in its place until all
15 are visible. 

Find 10 out of the 15 items to pass a level. Find all 15 items and you'll
get a gold star rating. 

If for some reason you did not find all 15 items at the end of the round,
you will be given a choice to continue to the next level or replay so you
can obtain the gold star. 

Each location contains 3 squirrels, 1 license plate, 4 or 5 question marks
and 2 thermometers. 

From the main map you can go to previous trips at any time by clicking on
the green arrow button in the lower left or right corner. 

From the map you can see how many locations you will visit in that round,
your trophies and the amount of special items to find in each location. 

Even though the scenes repeat often some of the objects are moved around.
Don't expect to find an item where you found it previously. 

If you click on too many incorrect items in a row your cursor will be 
disabled for a few seconds. 

In order to see how many magnets, question marks, thermometers and squirrels
are left to be found, you can look at the main map. 

If you look on top of the page, it will show you how many of each of those 
items are left to be found in a particular scene. It will only tell you the
information for the scene that you're about to play.

Hidden items:
Each location has three squirrels, a license plate, four or five question
marks and two thermometers.

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