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  Hints and Tips for: LMA Manager 2006 
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 LMA Manager 2006 Cheats

LMA Manager 2006

Submitted by: RM

1. Cheaper players:
During January, big named teams such as Birmingham City, Aberdeen, 
Manchester City and more will lose their manager. This means that 
the players wages are very low, and that the players will actually
go for the money they are worth or maybe slightly more. At about 
the January 20th, go to "Jobs Available" and choose a club. 
Go to the club's details and put all the players on your short list.
Then, go the short list, and if their rating is good enough, buy them.
Note: You can only see the rating on normal.

2. Cheaper players:
You can buy players very cheaply if you give them a 10% sell on clause.
If the player is good enough, you will not sell him on. For example, 
Fernando Torres cannot be bought for £17 million, but can be bought for 
£12 million with the 10% sell on clause. Andreas Isaksson can be bought 
for £6.8 million, but £4.5 million with the 10% sell on clause. 

3. Cheaper players:
Players with one year left on their contract at the start of a season 
can be approached by other clubs when they have six months or less on 
their contract. 
Most players will certainly go so renew their contracts before January.
Also, check the transfer window in January for players with six months 
or less on their contracts. If you find a player you want, select "Offer 
Contract" and if they accept it, you will get them at the start of the 
next season for a fraction of the price. 

Fantasy team squad:
If you start a file on Fantasy mode in the Premiership, here are some 
tips. First, enable the "No more money worries" code. When the screen 
of empty players appears, you should buy Abbiati of AC Milan. 
Then, select the option for a random team. Buy the following players: 

M. Petrov
David Villa
F. Morientes (loan)
vanden Borre and Kompany (if possible) 

If you start a normal season as Arsenal, the players that should be sold
are Jens Lehmann, Manual Almunia, Lauren, Ryan Garry and Arturo Lupoli. 
Alexandre Song and Mart Poom who are on loan at Arsenal can be sent back
to their club. Accept any offers for the players you are trying to sell.
Players that should be bought are Andreas Isaksson (Goalkeeper) from 
Rennes (£4.2 million with 10% sell on clause), Fernando Torres (Striker)
from A Madrid (£12 million with 10% sell on clause), and Anthony Vanden 
Borre (Defender) from Anderlecht (£3.2 Million with 10% sell on clause).
The trick with these is that you will not sell them on.

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