London Racer - Destruction Madness Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: London Racer - Destruction Madness 
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 London Racer - Destruction Madness Cheats

London Racer - Destruction Madness

Cheat Codes:
Press [F1] during game play to display the console window. 

Code                           Result 	
debug                        - Activate debug commands
please_leveljump             - Advance to next career mode race
please_unlockeverything      - All tracks, cars, events in quick race mode
please_repair                - Car fully repaired
close                        - Close console display
list < filename >            - Display contents of indicated ASCII file
please_instantkill           - Instant kill enemy cars
please_invulnerability       - Invincibility
please_level < 0-95 >        - Jump to indicated race
help                         - List all console commands
please_lose                  - Lose current event
please_attack < -128 to 5 >  - Set attack
please_defence < -128 to 5 > - Set defense
please_grip < -128 to 5 >    - Set grip
please_power < -128 to 5 >   - Set power
please_shit                  - Shoot power-ups from back of car
please_attack                - Show current attack rating
please_defence               - Show current defense rating
please_grip                  - Show current grip rating
please_power                 - Show current power rating
please_level                 - Show current race
please_leveljump < number >  - Skip indicated number of races, can be negative
please_freezeai < 0 or 1 >   - Toggle AI
please_win                   - Win current event

Cheat Codes (case insensitive): 
Submitted by: Haspa

CLOSE Remove this console display 

HELP Lists all commands 
NOTE: there are many Game Parameter Settings listed. 
We will not list them, since they are not truly 
'Cheat Codes'. 

DEBUG Activates hidden debug commands 
(There may not actually be any hidden commands ATM) 

LIST [filename] Display the contents of the given file (in ASCII) 
Example: list davilex.url 

please_repair (your car is) Fully repaired 

please_instantkill Instant kill 
One hit kills an enemy car 

please_invulnerability Invulnerable 
Your car takes no damage 

please_grip Show current Grip Rating 

please_grip [#] Set grip 
# = -128 through 5 (5 is maximum strength) 

please_power Show current Power Rating 

please_power [#] Set power 
# = -128 through 5 (5 is maximum strength) 

please_defence Show current Defense Rating 

please_defence [#] Set defence 
# = -128 through 5 (5 is maximum strength) 

please_attack Show current Attack Rating 

please_attack [#] Set attack 
# = -128 through 5 (5 is maximum strength) 

please_unlockeverything Everything unlocked. 
All Tracks/Cars/Events unlocked for Quick Race Mode. 
All Cars unlocked for Career Mode. 
[Cheat Code only works at the Main Menu & in the Quick 
Race sub-menu. It can not be enable while racing or within the Career 
Mode sub-menu.] 

please_level Show current Level # 

please_level [#] Set level 
# = 0 through 95 
Jump to the Level (Race) # selected 
Example: please_level 5 

please_leveljump Skip levels 
Jumps to the next race in Career Mode 

please_leveljump [#] Skip levels 
Jumps forward or backward the # you select 
Example: please_leveljump -2 
will jump 2 Races before the current race. 

please_shit Shit out pickups. Consider your pickups shat, sir. 
Pickups, aka Power-Ups, will shoot out of the back of your car 

please_freezeai [0/1] Toggle freeze AI 
1 = Freeze the AI of the enemy drivers 
0 = Re-enable the enemy drivers' AI 

please_lose Race lost (well done...). Lose this event 

please_win Race won. Win this event 

Grip, Power, Defense, Attack. These effect your car's 4 abilities during 
a race. Each car has a set of default values for these settings, as shown 
on the car selection screen before you start a race. The applicable cheats 
above will override those settings. 

1. TNT suggests that you backup your Saved Game file first, as using cheats 
seems to result in the game resetting/deleting your saved progress. 

Save File Name: SavedGame.YAK 

2. Start the game. 

3. Open the game Console: 
Hit the key F1. 
A CONSOLE window should open with a cursor. 

4. Enter your codes. 

5. Hit F1 to leave the console. (or type CLOSE and hit the Enter key) 

You may type PART of a command (such as the first few letters) and then hit 
the TAB key to fill in the best matching command (ala 4DOS/4NT woot woot). 
Also, the Up/Down arrow keys cycle through previous commands.

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