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  Hints and Tips for: Lords of the Realm 2 
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 Lords of the Realm 2 Cheats

Lords of the Realm 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Tread Well

Use an Editor such as AXE 2.0 to change the following codes:

Address 14B80 thru 14B82 enter ffff0f
creates 1048575 Crowns.

Address 14BAC thru 14BAD enter ffff
creates 65535 Maces

Address 14BB0 thru 14BB1 enter ffff
creates 65535 Swords

Address 14BB4 thru 14BB5 enter ffff
creates 65535 Pikes

Address 14BB8 thru 14BB9 enter ffff
creates 65535 of Bows

Address 14BBC thru 14BBD enter ffff
creates 65535 of Knights

I just change the value of money and allow the game to play.
That way, I get the advantage but still enjoy the gameplay.

* You should have plenty of archers when attacking any fortress or on the
  open-range fights. And whether you are defending or attacking, keep your
  archers bunched together and let them knock out the other troops.

* Don't try to start off with the largest castle or fort. You'd be surprised
  at just how many attackers you can kill with 150 archers stationed inside.

* My favorite structure to fight against is the second-largest wooden 
  structure. Take about 100 archers or more and pull them around to the 
  right side of the fort. There is a little notch where the land protrudes
  into the water. Have all of your archers march to that notch. You can take
  out all enemy archers or other troops that attempt to shoot back at you 
  when they get around the one o'clock position of the fort. Then, after you
  have reduced most of the troops there, use one battering ram to knock down
  the door.

* Let the other nobles fight among themselves when you get into the country 
  scenarios. Build your defenses (forts and castles) and add about 50 troops
  each year.

* A little ale each time the cart comes around will keep your population 
  happier. You don't have to keep them drunk, just happy.

* In battle, flank, flank, flank. Always have a least two groups of melee 
  troops, one to engage and protect your archers from the front, and one fast
  group to go around and get the opposition's ranged troops.

* Always have your blacksmith working in all your territories: even a trickle
  of weapons per turn can save you when you eventually need to whip up an 
  army in a hurry. There's nothing worse than facing a surprise invasion with
  nothing but pitchforks.

* Always hire mercenaries when you can afford it. They are more effective, 
  and you don't suffer morale or manpower problems, unlike an army raised 
  from the peasant stock you've won.

Integer rollover for happiness:
If a province is losing around 160 happiness per season from taxes, the -160 
happiness will rollover to about +120 happiness. This will be shown directly 
in the tax box. Additional taxes lower the 120. 
The only way to get -160 happiness for taxes is to have about 7 provinces all 
at 50% tax becuse of the -15 happiness to all counties for each one and the -50
for itself. Then, not only will you have an almost unlimited income, you will 
have a huge happiness bonus for all provinces. Not immensely useful- you need 7
procinces for it to work, but it's fun to do at the end of a game. 
Also, watch out for happiness itself's rollover. Once I had a province with 100
happiness and getting 30 happiness/turn, and the next turn it went to 0- another
rollover. Don't worry, when at 0, the happiness will start to go up again, but 
it is unsettling for a turn or two. 

Receive Faster Letter Replies:
After you have sent a message to any one of the nobles, save your game then 
reload. You will get the reply in the same season you sent them.

Hex Editor Cheats:
In order to complete these cheats, you will need to have a hex editor installed 
on your computer. You will need to find your saved Lords of the Realm 2 game. 
Should be somewhere in Program Files. C://Program Files/Sierra/Lords 2/save1 
"save1" will be whatever you put in the save game field when saving your game.
Once opened there will be a long list of numbers and letters. 
Find the following numbers and change the values to FF in order to gain the 
correlating cheat.

Effect              Code
16.7 Million Gold - 14B80, 14B81, 14B82
65K Bows          - 14BB8, 14BB9
65k Crossbows     - 14BA8, 14BA9
65K Iron          - 14B88, 14B89
65K Knights Armor - 14BBC, 14BBD
65K Maces         - 14BAC, 14BAD
65K Pikes         - 14BB4, 14BB5
65K Stone         - 14B90, 14B91
65K Swords        - 14BB0, 14BB1
65K Wood          - 14B98, 14B99


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