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  Hints and Tips for: Lost Judgment 
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 Lost Judgment Cheats

Lost Judgment

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Get Infinite Cheat Items and Money:
Written by Mr. Mosquito Man

A guide for those who want to make completion a little easier.

This will be a quick guide on how to get infinite cheat items and money 
to make completion easier.

-=Step 1: Skills=-
First you need three skills, Lucky Gourmand, Auspicious Gourmet and Bottomless 

You have the Lucky Gourmand skill from the beginning of the game and it has 3 
different levels that cost 600, 2500, and 10000 SP. This skill makes lucky food 
bonuses appear in greater numbers when ordering from restaurants.

The Auspicious Gourmet will be unlocked through Side Case #31, it is tied to 
story progress so you can’t miss it. It costs 20000 SP and it shows you what 
restaurants have what lucky food bonuses.

The Bottomless Stomach skill can be purchased from Onodera’s Wares for 50000 
SP from “The Art of Gluttony” skill book at a later point in the game. This skill 
costs 40000 SP and allows you to eat food at restaurants without heath requirements.

Really, you only need the Lucky Gourmand and Bottomless Stomach skills, but getting 
Auspicious Gourmet helps cut down on running from restaurant to restaurant to find 
the food bonus you need.

-=Step 2: Item Drop+=-
Now that you got those skills, find a restaurant that has the Item Drop+ lucky food 
bonus. There are 4 different food bonuses, but the one we are looking for has a gift 
box icon.

When you find a eatery with the bonus, there may be 1-4 items on the menus with the 
bonus. Preferably, you want a restaurant with 4 lucky bonuses on the menu because if 
you eat them all, the bonuses effects stack, leading to more frequent drop rates.

After you eat, the eatery’s food bonus will change and you will have the Item Drop+ 
bonus for a limited time, this leads into the next step…

-=Step 3: Fight=-
Fight dudes in the street with the bonus active and more often than not, they will 
drop plates, divine water, and every cheat item in the game.

The bonus doesn’t last very long, so find a place where dudes keep spawning, like 
Restaurant Row, to maximize the effects of the bonus.

-=Step Last: Profit=-
Now that you have a way to get infinite cheat items, now its time to use them to 
make money.

While all the items are helpful, the one I recommend for fast profit is the 10-10-1 
charm, as it ends the game instantly while giving you a lot of points to spend on 
Platinum Plates.

Do it, it works.

Super Hang-On Starting Time:
Written by WheatyTruffles

A simple tip for this game so you don’t super hang yourself.

-=Play on Simple or Easy=-
The time you start with in the Super Hang-On minigame is tied to the difficulty 
you’re playing on — the difficulty of Lost Judgment, not the arcade port you’re playing. 
It’s stupid, I know.

You start with 45 seconds if you play on Normal or above. This makes it nearly impossible
to get the requisite six million points for completion unless you never crash and use 
your boost at every feasible moment. Don’t do this to yourself. Lower the difficulty to 
Easy or Simple and you’ll start with 50 seconds, making this goal a lot more reasonable.

If you’re a purist who doesn’t want to lower the difficulty, I actually have advice for 
you. Get your head out of your ass. But also, don’t pick the Beginner circuit (Africa). 
It’s designed for you to play with more time. I got eight million points on the Senior 
circuit (America), so try that.

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