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  Hints and Tips for: Luna Online 
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 Luna Online Cheats

Luna Online

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Cure Poison:
When you are a mage don't buy the Cure Poison skill and waste your SP. By the 
time there are monsters that actually can poison you you'll be around level 35.

The Better Mage:
Elves are better mages because they have more INT and WIS.

Get Enchant Scrolls:
You can get them from:

* Dating Instances
* Monster Drops(Lava Golems, Basilisks)
* Farming

PK Mode Advice:
PK mode lasts for 20 minutes. And during PK mode you can't leave the 
field or log out.
If you die while in PK mode your time is lowered by 10 minutes.
If you PK someone you get out of PK mode.

Are You Stuck?:
If no one is giving you quests try doing the repeatable quests or kill 
monsters. Somestimes you have to be a certain level to go on. 

Job Change:
When you get to level 20 you can go back to Alker Harbor and talk to your
Class Master. They will give you a quest to go to the next job class. 

Lv.50 White Wings:
To make Lv.50 White Wings you need:

* Angel Wing Feather x3
* Wool Cloth x40
* Fairy's Five Colored Skein of Thread x4
* High Quality Sapphire x3

Lv.50 Black Wings:
To make Lv.50 Black Wings you need:

* Angel Wing Feather x3
* Wool Cloth x40
* Fairy's Five Colored Skein of Thread x4
* High Quality Opal x3

Change Residence Data:
If you want to change the data on your Certificate of Residence there is a cash
shop item called "Residence Card Information Reset Scroll" you can buy and use.

At level 24 you can get a quest from Farouk to find some floating stone. After 
you finish it he will give you four options for wings.

In Moon Blind Swamp the NPCs will give you quests to kill Cursed Lizardmen. But 
there's one problem: there are no Cursed Lizardmen in Moon Blind Swamp! They 
actually mean the Furious lizardmen but for some reason they ask for Cursed Lizardmen.

At level 24 Farouk (Mage Class Master in Alker Harbor) will give you a quest. After
completing it you will have the choice of going to 4 different people. After completing
their quest you get your wings! 

Wings                            NPC
Balloon Triplets            	- Piellanshar (Warhouse Manager)
Little Black Angel Wings      - Tierre (Rouge Union)
Airship                       - Tastartia (Materials Merchant)
Angel Wings                   - Clerian (Family Manager).

Holyove is a rare wand for level 51+. It's worth 2,000,000 gold at least. Basilisks 
have a 0.1% chance of dropping it.

Stand and Walk:
When you're walking, running, or flying open up your inventory. If you have a blessed
crystal (Crystal of Blessed Time or Crystal of Blessed Pro), which are gotten from 
playing the game for a certain amount of time or killing a certain amount of monsters,
double click it to open it. You'll be standing and gliding across the area. This will 
also work if you have a shop. If you open a crystal you will be standing up while 
selling stuff.

Glowing Weapon:
Ever seen those people with glowing weapons and you want one too?
The glow of the weapon is determined on how much you enchant it.

+3:Faint Glow
+4:A Bit Brighter
+6:Glowing Good
+7:Super Glow

Jewels upgrade your equipment's stats. 

Jewel                      Stats
Fairy's Wing             - Movement Speed
Lightning Strike Crystal - Strike
Wind Crystal             - Evasion
Litheon                  - Critical
Moonstone                - Magic Attack
Argentum                 - Magic Defence
Orichulum                - Physical Attack
Durelin                  - Physical Defence
Ruby                     - STR
Opal                     - VIT
Emerald                  - DEX
Aquamarine               - INT
Sapphire                 - WIS
Mana Stone               - Max MP
Heart Stone              - Max HP
Mind Stone               - MP Regeneration
Stone of Life            - HP Regeneration

Event Items:
Event Items are one of a kind items that are only obtainable during their event. 

Unlockable              How to unlock
PB&J                  - Peanut buttter and jelly sandwich. It refills 300hp instantly. 
                        From the Back To School Event.
Thermos               - Refills 300mp instantly. From the Back to School Event.
Homework              - Get a 20% experience boost. From the Back to School Event.
Detention Slip        - If you die, you don't lose exp. Three time use. 
                        From the Back to School Event.
Tardee Slip           - Teleport to any map. One time use. From the Back to School Event.
Backpack              - Double-click to get one of four things: Homework, Detention Slip,
                        Tardee Slip, or Report Card. From the Back to School Event.	
Lunch Box             - Double-click to get one of two things: PB&J or Thermos. 
                        From the Back to School Event.
Report Card           - Protects enchanting from destroying the item. Non-tradable. 
                        From the Back to School Event.
Magic Candy-Kiwi      - Use to construct Jack O' Lantern Mask or eat for 50hp and 50mp. 
                        From the Halloween Scream Event.
Magic Candy-Cherry    - Use to construct Frankenstein Mask or eat for 50hp and 50mp.
                        From the Halloween Scream Event.	
Magic Candy-Blueberry - Use to construct masks or eat for 50hp and 50mp. 
                        From the Halloween Scream Event.	
Magic Candy-Orange    - Use to construct Skelly Mask or eat for 50hp and 50mp. 
                        From the Halloween Scream Event.	
Magic Candy-Grape     - Use to construct masks or eat for 50hp and 50mp. 
                        From the Halloween Scream Event.

In Alker Harbor, the puppies that follow and chase people are actually monsters! Try 
pressing "tab" next to one and you will target it. Too bad you can't attack it.

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