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  Hints and Tips for: Magic Rampage 
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 Magic Rampage Cheats

Magic Rampage

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Fun from the beginning:
Writen by life style - psychokilla
There will be various cool things that you might not know about.

-=Which class to take?=-
I personally looked at their abilities and took a warlock for myself, because.
the magic in the game is very strong, and the warlock has a doppelgänger, which 
helps to erase bosses and mobs in seconds (+ in competitive mode, for killing 
with a copy of the ability, you will receive a huge number of points) . And in 
fact, you should not follow someone's recommendations if you like to play for 
any of the cool, because you need to play for fun)

-=The so-called base (BASE)=-
* At the very first level, you will be able to find boxes, vases, but you are 
  interested in the box closest to the spawn.
* It will contain armor on 0 armara, but don't be afraid, it's all about what's 
  inside, not outside. Look at his jump height… WHOLE 28 ONE FUCK, thanks to him
  you can loot almost any cache and thanks to the power of the wind will not let
  you get hurt on the thorns. Do not sell useful armor.

-=Bonus levels=-
* After passing some levels, bonus levels will be waiting for you, that follow 
  right behind them, be CAREFUL! After all, they CANNOT be replayed again.
* Facilitate the game
* If you want to make it 1000000e9 times easier to complete pve content at the
  beginning of the game, then do not hesitate to spend time on the first pawns 
  of the competitive mode, after all, not so bad gear falls from the chest.
* Do not rush to buy everything!
* Do not rush to buy everything in a store! Not sure if it will work for you, 
  because as you progress, you find clothes in the caches in which you already 
  get high.
* Carry a couple of keys with you, so that when you find the chest on the bonus 
  level, then he could open it or passing the usual, you didn't have to go 
  through it again to open it 1 chest (who knows, suddenly there is garbage, 
  and you wasted a couple more minutes of your life)

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