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  Hints and Tips for: Mechs V Kaijus 
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 Mechs V Kaijus Cheats

Mechs V Kaijus

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tips for New Players:
-=Core Tips=
* Grind, grind, grind.
* Some mechs are 100% better than the rest expecilly the AA mech 
  on Air missions and the healer mech for keeping walls alive.
* The Slowmo of building mode. Use it to take breaks.
* Upgrading towers heal them to full. So wait until the last second 
  to upgrade almost dead tower using slowmo.
* Replay the horde missions the most they give income the fastest 
  for grinding.

-=Missions Tips=-
* Mission 1: Do it normally.
* Mission 2: While you can beat it normally its better to grind mission 
  1 first to unlock the flame towers. the will melt the spiderlings. M2 
  teaches you to ABUSE the slow down of dropping towers HARD, don’t worry
  about upgrading your towers. wait until the LAST second till it has a 
  sliver of hp left to sell it for 142 and immediately buy a new tower 
  to replace it. by time the AI starts moving forward a new wall would’ve
  fell and blocked them off.
* Mission 3: Do not go into 3 and 4 without AA towers or some of their 
  upgrades. Doing so will make the mission 100% harder. Unless you got 
  the PD drones that shoot down ranged attacks the mission dam well 
  impossible to beat without the AA towers.
* For mission 2 first side mission: Flame towers, grinders and PD drones. 
  line of grinders first to slow everything bug air and to kill the chaft,
  flames to AOE everything that makes it threw, and PD to stop shooter bugs.
* Titan side missions REALLY shouldn’t be done until way later unless you’re
  a crazy person like myself.

You can switch diff anytime you want and it doesn’t change income at all 
only stops you from getting the beat on X diff achievement but you can go
after those when the game doesn’t pisses you off playing it.

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