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  Hints and Tips for: Medieval Dynasty 
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 Medieval Dynasty Cheats

Medieval Dynasty

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Useful Tips for Beginners:
Written by Vahn

Things what you need to know when you first started Medieval Dynasty.

-=Early Days=-
You won't have much income early on, and everything seems more expensive than 
it should (note: this is written as of the Early Access launch). Immediately follow 
the first quest to get the ball rolling, claim your land and start to build a home, 
which will provide you storage. Once you add some tools and a few logs to the mix, 
you can't carry much without storing other things first.

There are a couple of quests to be had in the town you spawn near. Namely a man 
named Alwyn - following his chain will eventually lead you to your first Bow, and 
following it further, is perhaps the easiest way to get your first Longbow which 
works much better.

Dynasty points will be very important a bit further in the game, so completing any 
"!" quest you come across that awards them is recommended.

Pick up Morels for quick-fix food, or sell them in bunches for early cash-flow.

Unripe berries can serve as cash-flow as wekk, but don't eat them as they're 
poisonous. Unless you desperately need the cash, leave them until summer.

Pick berries for on-the-go quick-fix food to both hunger and thirst. 
They don't provide much, but a single minute spent picking all in the vicinity can 
fill you up well.

Mushrooms abound during fall. Pay close attention to the details when viewing them 
in your inventory, as it'll tell you if they're poisonous or not. Hopefully by fall 
you'll have done some hunting and cooked some meat, so you can treat all mushrooms 
as cash-flow.

There's really no gathering to be had in Winter. Hunting will be your only food source 
during this time, if you don't wish to pay at various taverns for food.

There is a Hunting skill about half-way through the tree that will highlight animals in 
Green (passive) or Red (aggressive) within a certain radius of you (It is similar to 
the Survival skill that highlights forage-able plants on the ground in yellow).

It is worth investing in both of these skills.

Other than the rabbits which can be one-shot with arrows, other animals can generally 
survive the first arrow. If you can land a spear (this can work with arrows too, the 
spear is just visually larger), it makes them easier to track as they flee since you 
can hold [Alt] and see the spear. Just ensure that you throw a spear that is at least
66% durability, so it doesn't break on contact.

Carry a knife with you, so that you can skin the animal afterwards and acquire the 
meat. if you do not have a knife in your inventory, you will not be able to harvest 
the carcass.

Rabbits are most easily hunted with a bow. Because they're low to the ground, they 
can be hard to notice in spring and summer when the vegetation is lush. Until you 
land a bow, you can get lots of practice in throwing your spears. Use Ctrl (default) 
to sneak, but be aware you'll still need to stop some distance away or be noticed, 
and the rabbit will flee.

Similar to rabbits, but easier to spot due to both their color, and the squeaky sounds 
they make. They can be very erratic with their movements, making throwing the spear 
difficult sometimes as they dart to and fro.

A headshot with a spear from cover is the easiest way to take the deer down, as they'll 
flee with erratic movements if you land your throw anywhere else on the body.

-=Boar, Wisent, & Bear=-
Aggressive. Early game focus on headshots with your spears . Carry plenty of spears.

There is another guide as of this writing that highlights areas on the map to find 
these animals.

You heal when you sleep at night.

You can also heal with plantains, a green-leaf, brown-flowered plant found close to 
the ground. It can be hard to see. Keep a stock on hand, and the rest you come across 
can be used for early-game cash-flow.

Don't eat raw meat, or poisonous mushrooms. They will give you food poisoning. If you 
contract food poisoning, St. John's Wart can be consumed to help cure it. St.John's Wart 
are small yellow flowers found all over. Keep a stock on hand, and the rest you come 
across can be used for early-game cash-flow.

Once you've hunted and have some raw meat, you'll need to cook it. You can cook meat at 
a campfire, your cooking fire inside your home, or the always-on fire in a Tavern, once 
you've advanced far enough to build one.

To light your campfire or cooking fire, first craft a torch. You will only be able to 
light a fire if you've got a torch in your inventory.

-=Skills & Tech Trees=-
Both Skills and Tech are advanced by doing things associated with them. Highlighting 
various areas of the trees will show you on the right what you need to do in order to 

The easiest way to increase farming early on, is to craft a hoe, plot some farmland, 
and cultivate it. Over and over, until you unlock the Barn building. After that, hoeing 
is a bit slow.

As of this writing (Early Access launch), farming is not yet well-balanced. A lot of 
farming requires manure, which cannot be easily acquired as early in the game as you 
start your farming, and need to level the tech tree for. I imagine this will be 
addressed as the game continues to be developed.

The main character is male and one of the gameplay mechanics is to marry and create an 
heir that can continue running the village when the main character is too old. It can 
take a significant amount of time to court a prospective woman and your dialog choices 
will determine their affection level toward you. You will want that affection level to 
be as close to 100 as possible before asking for their hand in marriage. Some dialog 
options will increase affection level, others will decrease it.

If you choose a dialog option that increases affection, you can continue the conversation 
up to two more times, at which point you will need to wait until the next day to pursue 

If you choose a dialog option that decreases affection, no further courtship dialog is 
possible until the next day.

Because it can take an entire year (or more, depending on whether you choose poorly d
uring dialog), it is worthwhile to start the process early and devote a little bit of 
each day to courtship dialog.

Once married, your wife can provide healing as well as help you reset your skill points.

Once your village has enough Dynasty points and buildings, you'll want to invite villagers 
to move there. Villagers require a house, a constant supply of wood via the Resource 
Storage building, and food via the Food Storage building.

Much like courtship dialog, villagers seeking a new home will require their opinion of you 
be at least 70% Approval (default upon meeting them is usually 50%). You will want to 
begin talking to them early on, even before you're ready to invite them, as like courtship
dialog, you can at most have 3 successful dialog attempts with a person before having to 
wait until the next day.

Once you meet or exceed 70% in their opinion of you, you can invite them to your village. 
Provided you have enough Dynasty points, they'll agree. Then on the Management tab, you 
can assign them a House and a Profession.

The chest in whatever building you assign them to will need to have the proper tools 
for them to do their job. For instance, the lumberjack needs axes. The farmer needs a 
hoe, a scythe, and a sack for seed (they seem to magically manifest their own seeds at 
this time). The hunter needs a bow, arrows, and a knife.

Enable Fast Crafting in Old Saves Tutorial:
Written by Mortio

I noticed some not so helpful Reddit posts alluding to being able to insert what Fast 
Crafting enabled adds into a save file after creating it. After spending a few hours 
Iíve been able to replicate this repeatedly in my own save files and new ones that I 
have created. No idea if this will carry forward with patches though. The instructions
 are pretty simple but you do need to know how to edit your save file via some sort of 
hex editor. I personally use Notepad++ with the HEX-Editor plugin but feel free to use 
what you like.
Warning: Make sure you create a backup of your .sav file prior to trying this out!
Insert the following hex values immediately before the í00 11 00 00 00' preceding the 
XPGainMultiplier entry (search for string value to find it as it only exists in a single place)
0d 00 00 00 46 61 73 74 43 72 61 66 74 69 6e 67 00 0d 00 00 00 42 6f 6f 6c 50 72 6f 70 
65 72 74 79 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 01
So for example my save file in this location looks like this
50 6c 61 6e 6b 00 0d 00 00 00 46 61 73 74 43 72 61 66 74 69 6e 67 00 0d 00 00 00 42 6f 
6f 6c 50 72 6f 70 65 72 74 79 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 01 00 11 00 00 00 58 50 47 61 
69 6e 4d 75 6c 74 69 70 6c 69 65 72

Tips to Management:
-=Housing for farmers=-
Iíve named my houses that are closest to my farms like this Ė Simple Small House 
(Farmer) Ė to keep track of where my farmers live, and to keep them close to the 
fields as proximity to the fields affects their work efficiency. This has cut literal
days off of the time it takes them to complete seasonal work.

-=Farm fields=-
Iíve also named my fields in respect to the farm shed theyíre nearest to so I can 
concentrate work on certain fields simply by assigning another worker from one farm
shed to another that needs help.

Iíve named my mines and corresponding houses to keep track of the miners and where they 
live and work. Mostly for RP purposes, but also to prevent assigning a farmer to a 
distant mine.

I know most of you probably already have a system like this in effect, but hopefully 
this will help some new players.

Tips for Medieval Dynasty:
Written by DrJake5

* When encumbered, move in a diagonal direction to move full speed

* Picking reeds in the river is a great way to earn early Survival 
  (0.3xp each, like all gathering)

* Bandits have a set boundary distance. When walking away from them, they will 
  eventually stop and turn back. this can be cheesed by attacking once they stopped.

* Swim in the river if you need to clean yourself. it only decreases when you move 
  in deep water.

* Walking on trails, you will encounter flipped over carts. Loot will be scattered 
  next to it that can vary from wheat to copper axes and so forth.

* Herbs donít seem to expire, ill change this if i find it does.

* When hunting with a box, grab your arrows from the body before skinning the animal. 
  this will despawn the arrows.

* Animals take more damage from headshots

* Rabbits can be outrun and die to one punch

* During your first winter, a torch can keep you warm during the day along with a hat 
  (easy to get)

* Wooden spears autoswitch after throwing them with RMB+LMB, craft several.

Tips for Making Money:
Written by brown29knight

Early game I explore and clear bandits. Nothing like finding a cart with 3 full wine 
bottles and a perfume. Thatís a thousand coin right there. (and there is about 4 
places on the current map that cart can spawn) Or killing 2 bandits and finding 3 
dried figs in a barrel, and a coverlet on the ground.

Iíll make 2-3k coin, plus food for me, each season doing this, while I go from town 
to town flirting with all the women to level my diplomacy skill and look for a good 

I continue to do that while it is just me and my chosen wife, while I do all the story 
quests. (I wait until I have 3 levels of diplomacy to do the story quests, because 
they can give hundreds or thousands of dynasty points, and 60% more of that is pretty 

That usually takes me around 2 years, and Iíll have about 20k coin when Iím ready to 
start building up my city. During this time Iíll plant an orchard, and after 2 years 
to grow, it will provide steady cash each summer for no work other than picking the 

Iíll use that money to get a self-sufficient homestead going, with hunters bringing 
in meat, a well for water, and woodcutters getting logs.

Iíll make/buy wooden bowls, and buy cabbage, and make potage with the meat+cabbage. 
This both feeds my people, and sells very well for the time it takes to make. (Note, 
I make the potage, not villagers)

From there, My village will vary depending on my goals for it. My latest city has no 
farm at all, but 60 Apiaries. (and needs more now that the children are growing up) 
We got rid of the well, and provide all food and drink via honeycomb. We also sell 
honeycomb at food stalls. We produce about 20k honeycomb per year beyond what we eat 
and sell, and we make about 80k coin per year at the food stalls.

* Before that, I had a meadery, making and selling mead.
* Before that, a sprawling orchard town, with a couple thousand trees.
* Before that, a mixed-farm, growing every possible crop,
* Before that, a mining town with all the mines being worked, and 6 smithies going 
  full time making iron tools.
* Before that, a dairy farm with lots of cattle, growing the grains needed for 
  animal feed, while making cheese for the whole valley.

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