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  Hints and Tips for: MementoMori: AFKRPG 
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 MementoMori: AFKRPG Cheats

MementoMori: AFKRPG

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Belle’s Profile:

* Height: 154
* Weight: 40
* Blood Type: B
* Birthday: 10/15
* Lament: Rage
* Song by: 96Neko
* CV: Yuu Asakawa

A tomboy with a rough way of speaking. After experiencing the highs and lows 
of society, she now sees life for what it is. When Belle was an orphan, she 
was taken in and raised by the director of an orphanage, who she looks up to 
like her own mother.

“When I was a little brat, I was tossed into a garbage dump, and have been 
surviving all alone ever since. I gotta have the worst luck in the world to 
have been born here… Sooner or later, I’ll kick the bucket and join the mountain 
of trash… That’s how life is for brats like us. I’d accepted my fate a long time 
ago… but then Miss Val came into my life. I was covered in food scraps, but not 
even that could dissuade her from bringin’ me home to her orphanage. Since then, 
I started livin’ there… along with Miss Val and other punks.In the beginning, 
everythin’ was confusing’ to me. I had an actual place to go home to, warm food… 
people who’d wait for me to come home… Nothin’ but firsts for me. They were all 
things I thought belonged to a world that was far beyond my reach…

The punks’d come to me, but I didn’t know how to deal with ’em… So, I stubbornly 
kept shuttin’ ’em out. But they didn’t give up. They kept talkin’ to me over and 
over again… and it was only a matter of time until I finally opened up. Next thing 
I knew, I was their big sister. The world’s messed up, but things might be a bit 
better now… At least, that’s what I thought. But in the end, the world’s just a 
pile of crap. A witch’s flames burned everythin’ down—the town, the waterways… and 
even the orphanage. I’ll never forgive ya, Witch of Flames! But, I wonder why…? 
Whenever I think that, I remember somethin’ Miss Val told me long ago. “Violence 
doesn’t solve anything… The true answer is forgiveness.” I’m sorry, Miss Val… but… 
I can’t… I can’t forgive this!

When I tried goin’ to the orphanage, I met a strange guy. He had a staff that 
snuffed out the cursed flames blockin’ my path in the blink of an eye. Thanks to 
him, I could keep goin’, but this guy says some weird stuff. You’ll save every 
single witch? Heh… Yeah, good luck with that one.T he Witch of Flames is 
everyone’s enemy. There’s nothin’ out there that’ll change my mind. Miss Val, 
you’d probably say, “The true answer is forgiveness…” But I just can’t forgive 
the witch who murdered ya. Refusin’ to let go of my hatred, we made our way to 
the orphanage… but I wasn’t ready for what was waitin’ for us.

Miss Val…? Wh-Why’s she here? She’s supposed to be… Wait, am I seein’ things? 
She’s the Witch of Flames?! Dammit, what the hell’s goin’ on?! Miss Val burned 
everythin’ down as if releasin’ her uncontainable anger… But it felt as if 
somewhere… she was cryin’… I dunno what happened to Miss Val… but I gotta do 
somethin’! I’m her family, so it’s up to me to stop her! Dammit! It’s no good. 
My voice can’t reach her. What should I do? Am I really that useless?! Then I 
remembered that lord’s words… and his goal to save every single witch. I denied 
ya once, and I know it ain’t my duty to say anythin’, but… if you’re really 
gonna save every witch out there… I beg ya… Save Miss Val…! Lord… please, lend 
me your power!

There’re so many things I wanna tell ya, Miss Val. I’d like to think I survived 
this far on my own, but in reality, I was saved by a lotta people. Without ’em, 
I wouldn’t have made it this far. And ever since I met ya, I’ve felt as if I can 
live life to the fullest, even in this crappy world. If there’s anyone like you, 
or the people that saved me out there, then this world ain’t that bad. This is 
our world, and I don’t wanna lose any of it! Then the flames died down… But before 
they could flare up again, the lord and I quickly headed towards Miss Val. She 
kept mutterin’ the word “hate,” but I definitely heard somethin’ else—“Someone, 
save me…” Miss Val, I knew it…

The lord readied his staff, but he started to collapse, still feelin’ the effects 
of the flames. Get a hold of yerself! I held the lord up with one hand, and reached 
for his staff with the other. If just one of us ain’t gonna cut it, then I’ll lend 
you my power too… Let’s do this, Lord…! Miss Val, come back to us! Return to the 
gentle person ya once were! In an instant, rays of light poured down around us.
 They gently put out the flames, and soothed Miss Val’s heart. I quickly rushed 
over to her… but she just shook off my hand. Her eyes were still ragin’ with dark 

“This world took my children away from me. I’ll have it pay… by burning everything 
to ashes.” Miss Val’s words… They’re the same as mineback when I lived in the 
garbage dump… I thought there was nothing for me in this piece of crap world. But… 
didn’t ya teach me differently, Miss Val? Ya once spoke of hope, so don’t you deny 
this world… Don’t you deny yerself! If you can’t let go of yer grudge, then leave 
it be… Let me be the one to take that weight off your shoulders… I’m yer family, 
after all. That’s what family’s for, right? “Belle, I knew you were a kind girl.” 
The dark flames were gone from her eyes. She felt warm… just like the time she 
found me in the garbage dump… Miss Val has come back to us. Miss Val, no matter 
where ya go, I’ll be sure to find ya. So, let’s go together and see if this world 
really is a pile of crap or not… And if yer grudge ever takes hold of you again…
I’ll be there to stop ya.

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