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  Hints and Tips for: My Hero Ultra Rumble 
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 My Hero Ultra Rumble Cheats

My Hero Ultra Rumble

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K 

Beginners Tips and Tricks:
Youíre gonna have to get good and that just happens by trial and error. 
Recognize what mistakes you made when you die and what you did right when 
you win a fight (or even a match). If you die without learning anything new, 
then itís a pointless death.

Even learning that something infuriates you and is bs is better then not 
learning anything at all.

Now, before I go on, know that what Iím about to say is completely subjective: 
I might say something you disagree with.

Change your characters

* Iím gonna be honest with you, Kendo and Shiozaki are heavily reliant on 
  you communicating with your teammates because of their utility in their 
* Kendo has her barrier and Shiozaki has a nasty grab. Those skills alone 
  are fine, but with teamwork is when they really shine, like getting your
  team closer to the enemy safely with Kendo or confirming a kill as you 
  shred whoever you grab as Shiozaki.
* It doesnít sound like youíre running games with a friend or two and just 
  going with randoms.
* Uraraka is trash. Sheís squishy (250 health, the lowest in the game tied 
  with Tsuyu), her special is nothing to write home about except the 
  occasional long jump, 2 of her 3 abilities can be interrupted and her M1, 
  despite being nice on paper, has a shortish range and is kinda inconsistent
  from my experience.
* If you want to play a character like Uraraka, but isnít completely trash, 
  just play Tsuyu. Sheís infinitely safer, more mobile, and her special is 
  a fantastic revive. You might not have her atm, but she is free if you 
  play enough.

-=Play the Meta=-
Currently, the Meta is Midoriya, Bakugo, Todoroki, and Tsuyu.

Midoriya, Bakugo, and Todoroki have M1 abilities that have significant range 
and damage that cannot be underestimated. The rest of their kits are really 
good too. Midoriya and Bakugo are hyper mobile and Todoroki has CC built into 
his kit.

Tsuyu not only is hyper mobile, but she has some strong damage. While her 
damage numbers donít exactly match a consistent MBT (see the above sentence) 
choice pick, sheís exceptionally safe and an excellent scouter. She provides 
all the safety these hyper aggressive characters need while still being 
notorious to deal with due to how fast and mobile she can be.

Iím not saying other characters CANíT be good. Mr. Compress and All Might are 
fantastic in their own rights and can certainly hold their ground with similar 
tricks, but other characters either lack the range or the damage to deal with 

-=Focus on a single skill to lv9=-
When youíre leveling up skills with the rainbow cards that allow you to choose 
whatever you want to upgrade, itís best to focus on the main damage ability for 
the character.

For MBT and many others in the cast, itís their M1

Why rush a single skill to level 9? To simply put, itís a massive damage buff. 
Midoriya goes from 70 all the way to 100 per shot at max level. Thatís not even 
detailing the other things that change too!

To put it more in depth:
* Skills typically have 2 major boosts in power: Lv 4 and Lv 9. Sometimes Lv 7, 
  but not always.
* You need 8 levels to get to level 9, which is a fair investment to make, but 
  one that will reward you substantially with more cards as your damage will be
  far higher then your opponents, who, in this scenario, decided to spread out 
  their levels.
* 9, 1, 1 hits much harder then 4, 4, 3. Itís the same logic MOBA players use 
  when they level up their skills: Itís much better to max out one as soon as 
  possible rather then trying to level them all up evenly.

-=Finish the Fight=-
This game doesnít have a bleedout timer, like other BR games. Instead, after 20 
straight seconds of no violence, any enemy that was downed, will get back up.

So if you fight a Bakugo and down him, then his team gets caught up fighting you 
and you leave that Bakugo alone, heís gonna crawl away and wait. When he does 
get up, youíll have to deal with him all over again.

Even if itís not a Finishing Blow to restore your Shield, itís still best to kill 
downed enemies immediately because you donít want to fight them again: 
They wonít do the same mistake you do.

Down enemies donít have I-frames from being comboíd and they always have 400 

Melt them as fast as you can UNLESS you have to address the elephant in the room.

-=Card Colors=-
Youíve probably seen colored cards with characters on them.

If you have the same color, they usually upgrade your skill relating to what 
letter they have (a, b, and y).

Now, if you donít have the matching color (or are maxed out on one of your 
skills) the card will become one of your two new abilities.

* Yellow gives you Defense.
* Red gives you Attack.
* Purple increases your Reload Speed.
* Green periodically heals you.
* Blue gives you a movement speed buff.

Obviously, if you have a certain color that matches an ally: give it to them.

Green is fantastic, but your support should get the levels that they could be 
missing out on.

Breaking it down based on what Iíve seen:

* Assaults (Yellow) really love Green and Red. Green gives them healing to handle 
  the damage theyíll be taking and Red allows them to dish out even more.
* Rapids (Blue) usually go for Purple and Red. Rapids reload often, so having 
  that reduced wait between skills is always great. Red for more damage cause 
  damage is great.
* Strike (Red) usually go for Yellow and Green. Yellow and Green both help Strikes 
  battle other Strikes who usually are outputting A LOT of damage. Strikes are the 
  ones typically focused in a fight, so having extra survivability helps.
* Techniques (Purple) usually wantÖ I donít honestly know. A safe bet would be 
  to say Red and Blue? Red for damage and Blue to supplement their relatively 
  low Movement.
* Supports (Green) want Yellow and Blue. To survive and get out if they need to 
  as they typically have high amount of health, but little to no movement options.

* You need 3 Grey Revive Cards to make a full one. You can see how many each of 
  your teammates have. If you have less, try to give them the pieces to make a full 
* Also, give the revive to your safest and most mobile teammate; typically a Rapid.
* Finishing Blows restore all your shield, so if you know your allies are tangoing 
  with the other two enemies, get your shield back up and jump back into the fight.
* Map spawning matters. You can zoom in to make your spawn more precise so you can 
  spawn in better parts of the area, like on top of the water slide or on top of a 
  dome (instead of inside it)
* Rubble, when destroyed, can spawn civilians. Civilians, depending on the color, 
  will usually drop 1 Grey  Revive Card and either a Team Heal for Health or Shield. 
  Never turn them down.
* A special child civilian can spawn in trees and bushes, be on the look out for the 
  rare spawn as theyíll provide multiple team skill level ups when saved.
* Pick your fights. If you see two teams fighting, donít just rush in midfight. Wait 
  for them to get low and clean up.
* Donít be afraid to go into the death zone if it means you get a better position. 
  Usually you can heal up the damage done.
* Stick with your team. Even in dumb decisions. If you truly have no faith, try to 
  stay nearby, but with an escape plan ready. Winning solo is hard enough.
* High Ground is best ground. Height advantage is always a must have.

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